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I had had laser work done for spider veins and...

I had had laser work done for spider veins and rosacea. I have had botox also. Always good results. At 47 my face aged dramatically due to stress in my life. I purchased a set of 4 fraxel's.

My treatment went smooth, my faced burned like a really bad sunburn, but i expected this. Next morning when I awoke, my face was extremely swollen..by nighttime I was so swollen I was unrecognizable and by the next morning my eyes were swollen shut that I could not drive my kids to school. I went back to the clinic and they said I was in 10% that had an allergic reaction to the fraxel. I had to take a steroid (prednisone)for three weeks and my face did not return to normal for 6 weeks.

I looked like a freak and because of the swollen and stretched appearance, my wrinkles were worse then when I went in. This is a dangerous laser, and there is no guarentee that it will not damage your skin. I would NEVER get it.


I do not know SB1 but there are risks with any procedure. SB1 is unfairly blaming the Fraxel laser for her results. I have had great sucess with the Fraxel laser. The patient SB1 had an unfortunate side effect most likely related to a combination of risk factors such as photo sensitizing medications and/or other allergies. She should Certainly avoid laser procedures in the future unless these risk factors are identified. Again, I have never seen this response in my practice and recommend Fraxel and other laser treatments as a safe alternative to surgery and I do not know SB1. Your physician will explain the risks and test you for photo sensitivity. The safety of laser treatments is well established by millions of treatments by qualified physicians. Events as described by SB1 are extremely rare.
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