Fraxel Restore: So Far I've Had 4 of 6 Treatments for Acne Scars

I bought a package of 6 fraxel laser restore...

I bought a package of 6 fraxel laser restore treatments and had my first one last Tuesday.

It hurts a little in some places, but it's not as bad as some people are claiming it to be, maybe they had restore.  Make sure the freezing gel is applied an hour before they start the procedure!  I have acne scars and have tried dermabrasion (not micro-dermabrasion) in the past and was not pleased with the results.  I am here to help other people in my journey.  I will be honest about my results and will answer any questions you make have.

My first treatment was done at a level 15 because she didn't want to scare me with the pain.  A few minutes in to it she increased it to over 30 in my bad areas because she new I would be okay.  Driving home I was really hot and even turned on the air conditioning to cool down my face.  As stated in all the reviews it feels like a really bad sunburn, almost to the point of you questioning why you did this to yourself.  Don't worry it calms down.  I didn't have much swelling the next day so I went out and looked fine, but had to put makeup on to hide the redness.  It was the 3rd and 4th day that was hard for me because your skin flakes and you can't really put makeup on to cover it for it would look like a mess!  So far I'm happy and I do see a little improvement in some of my scars, which I did not expect on my first treatment.  The lady doing my laser is claiming that I will see 80% improvement, which I'm not holding her to, but she is adament!  The place I go to is one of the first to carry the new fraxel machine in Toronto, I've seen articles on it.

I know the feeling of wanting nice skin, so please don't be discouraged by the bad reviews on here.  Some of the reviews are very old and Fraxel has since been revised.  Some people are talking about discolouration, which I think is due to not enough sun screen being used.  This needs to be applied every 2 hours if you're in the direct sunlight...VERY IMPORTANT!

So good luck and I will keep you posted on my progress.


Just FYI to anyone looking to having fraxel restore. I am one of the individuals posting horror stories on here about my fraxel restore treatment. I am 4 months out from 1 treatment by what real self calls a "top doctor" in my area. He did the treatment himself, I went to 2 doctors before chosing him and I follwed his aftercare instructions explicitly. I have had not hypo or hyperpigmentation or fat loss, but my pores are super enlarged and my skin texture is pitted with grooves and weird bumps and lines. It is only getting worse with time. I really wish I had weighed the risks and benefits more. If you have baddly scarred skin focus only on that area and don't let the doctor treat good skin. There is too much risk!
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Hi, I had my 3rd fraxel re-store a week ago today. The redness has finally subsided, I thought that I was going to have a blister a mark under my eye from the laser because the settings were higher this time for my acne scars but with the use of the Obagi Clear and Neova for redness and a little Vit. E. oil, my skin looks great now! I'm thinking about purchasin an addition 2 treatments! Good luck and much success! I do have some scarring along my temples that are really deep, they are improving in appearance but my need some additional treatment post fraxel!
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Glow Medi Spa

I'm going to wait on recommending my provider. Until I get another session done and see more concrete results.

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