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I have been thinking about doing the fraxel laser...

I have been thinking about doing the fraxel laser for years. Finally, after much thought and a price drop, I decided to go for it. I am 43 with slight melasma from the sun and wrinkles starting to form around and under my eyes.

My first treatment was a week ago. I was really scared after reading the reviews on this website. My procedure was a piece of cake. The numbing cream really did its job. I was a little swollen and red right afterwards and the second day it started to subside. Now my face just has a sandpaper feel.

My results so far have been fabulous. I could not be more pleased. The wrinkles around my eyes are better and the blotches are getting lighter. Now I am going to schedule my second appointment for three weeks from now.

Updated on Nov 30, 2008
After reading all the reviews about fraxel laser, I was concerned about recieving the treatment. The price was always an issue with me, but I found a reasonable deal and decided to go for it. I am 43 with a few wrinkles developing around my eyes and blotchy skin. It has been a week after my first treatment. After I was numbed for an hour in the office, I hardly felt a thing. My eyes were really puffy right afterwards and my skin was red and puffy for about two days. Then it kind of turned like sandpaper. With makeup on, I still looked good enough that no one really noticed.

So far, the wrinkles around my eyes are better and the blotches are lighter. I will go for another treatment in a month and see what happens. To me the fraxel restore laser was worth it. I will write again after my next session in a month.

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She was very informative and professional.

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So who's your provider?
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where did you get the treatment done?
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where did you get your treatment done?
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I had my second treatment a couple of weeks ago. Pretty much the same experience as the first. I am very happy with the results on my blotches. They have pretty much disappeared. The fine lines around my eyes have improved slightly. I would definitely recommend fraxel restore for melasma and brown spots.
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Sorry about the repeated review. I thought I had deleted the first one by accident.
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