Re:pair Thus Far Not Worth It (Three Months Have Passed)

I too have tried all of the Fraxels.  None of...

I too have tried all of the Fraxels.  None of offered much improvement.

Thus far, three months have passed since I have done the latest Fraxel -- Fraxel Re:Pair.  I have seen little to no improvement in acne scars, wrinkles and tightening.  I have been told that it can take three to six months to see improvement, but I really doubt it at this time.

I have been taken, but others should pay attention to this review and not waste their money too.  I'm still hoping for a Genie to hop out of the bottle, but there was no Genie here.

Gina, Which doctor did you go to?
My fraxel was almost two years ago
"Fraxel first hit the press, I read that only one Re:Pair treatment is needed. Now, I read that patients might need up to three treatments to see improvement on acne scars. My doctor charges $2,500 for the second treatment of Re:Pair. That's a lot to add after wasting $5,000..." It seems the manuf. of the laser are really good at marketing this new tech....You really have to be informed with open boards such as this to balance the decision. Thanks for your comment...
Name not provided

Famous NY laser surgeon. Professional and kind. Re:Pair nevertheless worthless.

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