Fraxel for Pitted Acne Scars - Columbus, OH

I paid to have 4 Fraxel treatments done on my face...

I paid to have 4 Fraxel treatments done on my face to lessen my pitted acne scars that I've had for about 10 years now because that's what the doctor recommended. She said the 4 treatments would diminish my scarring about 25-30%. You have no idea how excited I was about this procedure because the scars have severely lowered my self esteem.

After the first treatment I noticed that my face was swollen and red (like a sunburn) for approximately 5 days. On the 6th day I noticed that the texture of my skin was quite a bit better. My pores looked smaller and some discoloration from acne and sun damage had diminished. However, the scars still looked the same.

After my 2nd and 3rd treatment I honestly didn't notice much of a change at all. The swelling and redness still lasted about 5 days, but other than that I still noticed no change in my scars. To be honest, it's almost as if my pore size and clarity of my skin went back to the way it was before my first treatment.

I recently had my 4th and final treatment, and I still can't tell a difference in the appearance of my scars. Even my friends have told me they had no idea I had anything done. The final treatment was extremely painful due to the fact that they turned the laser up to the highest setting, which I believe was "70". The previous times I believe they used settings "63" and "67". All I know is that it hurt, and after the 4th treatment was done my face was throbbing.

From my experience I can't suggest getting this procedure done if you have pitted acne scars. To me, it was a huge waste of money. However, I would probably recommend 1 or 2 treatments if you have small discoloration spots.

I had laser resurfacing done also by two different doctors and two different Lasers. I had CO2 done about 13 years ago which was a total waste of money both times and spent a total of $8,000.00 combined. The second time I flew all the way out to California to South West Medspa and they were a huge scam,I spoke to a guy named Damian and he totally lied to me to get me out there with his sales pitch. I explained to this idiot that I had already done the C02laser and it ruined the pigmintation in the treated areas. This moron insisted that this new Active FX laser would completely fix the pigmintation loss and give me about a 90% better appearance....A BIG NEGATIVE!! I wasted another $4,000.00 for the laser and about $500.00 for the flight and $200.00 for the hotel. I am giving you a fair warning, these lasers are overhyped and if you do enough research like I have done in the last 2 years, you will see many reviews stating the same complaints I have,these lasers are a waste of time and money!!!
the problem with the higher settings is that the total coverage area goes WAY down. your scars hardly receive any coverage at 60-70 mj. like less than 5 percent per treatment. so you need a lot more treatments to see results. your doctor must be inexperienced.
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