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I went to have Fractional laser performed on my...

I went to have Fractional laser performed on my entire full face. The Master Esthetician performed the procedure. My face was numbed with topical numbing cream. I orginally was going to have 3 full passes over the entire face, but after only two passes - the second pass was even lower settings then the first - I could not finish a third pass or the forehead.

I found the procedure to be pretty uncomfortable, but I tolerated the zaps. I had some minor cheek scars and wanted to tighten up the lower skin some. Please view my videos to see my experience.

(The first video is the consultation, prep and beginning of the procedure. The second video is the whole procedure.)

Updated May 26, 2009

I've added a third video. This one shows my second treatment. My provider talks about the treatment, numbing cream and then she does the procedure. You can see my before and after pics in the video too.


A word of wasting about the Palomer emerge non ablative laser .. It literally ruined my face and life . I don't go out and pretty much a depressed recluse and I'm a Caucasian that was treated by one of the best most successful cosmetic doctor in syd . Be carful this brand of laser ruined my life . I feel a compelling need to post lots of comments and warn people about this CHEAP laser witch is marketed to doctors as MONEY MAKERS .. Be carful . I hear light skin needling and fillers are much more safe with rarer more fixable complications . God bless all . Good luck with any treatments .
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Word of warning * spelling error
I had laser resurfacing a few years ago and it was painful but well worth it . I recommend laser before opting for fillers or lifts for sure....AND it's much less money.

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Kathleen Gorman, Southwest Virginia Center

Kathleen Gorman is a very well trained Master Estheticain. She listens to her clients needs. While performing the Fraxel Laser, she takes great strides to make sure you are doing well and if the settings are to slow or too high or the pain is too much, she will adjust to the clients needs. I told her I could not finish a third pass, so she ended the procedure, after 2 passes. She listens to the clients needs.

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