It Works - I have gotten compliments on my face - Ventura, CA

I have 2 treatments- and I have had a lot of...

I have 2 treatments- and I have had a lot of swelling- but the last time she gave me a cortisone rx, which helped bring the swelling down, I also took the anti viral drug both times. It took 7 days for my face to be alot less red and swollen, peeling has not been alot. But, I have gotten compliments on my face, it shows improvement up to the day I had the 2nd one and now up to my 3rd, one which I am getting today. The pain was very intense for the last one, she turned it up alot, I also had some pimples develop, which she said were from the oil glands getting blocked. they disapeared in a day or so. I think the eye area and temples are the worse for pain and swelling. Overall, it has been worth every penny!


Hi Jan, I live in Thousand Oaks. Can you tell me who your doctor is? Also, did you have a doctor, nurse or technician perform the procedure? Thank you.
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