Fraxel Dual Restore- HUGE MISTAKE!!!

I went to the best doctor I could find. He is one...

I went to the best doctor I could find. He is one of the first to use and helped develop the Fraxel Dual. He perscribed me antibiotics so I did not break out in Acne. He gave me the Clinique Medical line to use before and after the procedure. I too researched the procedure online. I did not find any information regarding the risks. Unless you know to specifically look for this information, you are risking your face totally blind of the consequences. I had a Fraxel Dual Restore on March 1, 2010 and at first I was happy with my results. It did clear up my pigmentation issues and help with my old acne scars.

My overall textue was and still is improved. And I did not break out in acne or have complications immediately after the procedure like some. BUT, and this is a huge but, my face is now sagging. My skin tone is totally destroyed. I traded one problem (pigmentation/scars)for another (saggy/loose skin). I aged 5 years overnight. I stated to see the "weirdness" about 3 months after the procedure- jowls which I never had before, loss of fat around my eyes, sagging cheeks. I caught my reflection in my rearview mirror one day and realized I look COMPLETELY different. I look much older.

My cheeks have sagged down about 1/4 of an inch causing the entirety of my face to sag. I have nasolabial folds which I never had before. I have since spent a bundle on Juvederm (eyes, nasolabial folds, and jowls) to try and correct the damage. It has helped some, but I still look much older. It has caused me a great deal of anxiety and depression.

The bottom line is this procedure is a HUGE risk. Really look in the mirror again and assess if the issues you are trying to resolve are worth risking the tone of your skin. I am only 28 years old. I have more or less accepted how I look now, but I am really afraid of how my skin will fair in the future. If I look in a mirror, put my thumbs on my temples and pull up 1/2 an inch I can see my old face. But I will never get that face back. I would NEVER have gotten this procedure if I knew facial sagging (not to mention the many other horrific effects others on this site have experienced)was a possible outcome.

I fault the FDA for not looking out for our health and livelyhood like they are supposed. I fault every executive of Solta and I think they should be forced to have a full series of Fraxel treatments. I fault my doctor for not making me aware of the risks. In researching this procedure after seeing my own negative results I realize every doctor out there must be away of Awalk and others who have suffered so unnecessarily. This procedure without a doubt has catastrophic consequences. Do no do it. You will regret it.


Hi everyone. I'll share with you my experience of recovering from huge post-fraxel damage, that I got three years ago. I thought it was the end of my life. I was 30 by that time and aged 10 years within 4 months. Trying to remove minor post acne scars, I got hyper pigmentation, redness, saggy skin, loss of fat around my eyes and on the right cheek. My life turned into nightmare. I underwent most expensive treatments and visited most famous docs, who did not give any hope, until I found one dermatologist, who turned out to be a real genius. She prescribed me a year course of roaccutane combined with vitamin therapy. And then a year later a course of biorevitalisation. Now I have such a dramatic change to my look, that most of my friends think that I've undergone plastic surgery. Roaccutane is usually prescribed for acne treatment, but it has also powerful capacity of restructuring inner skin tissues that give permanent skin lift. DO NOT BELIEVE to those who say that roaccutane is dangerous and harmful. I passed one year course and stay healthy and beautiful. They spread this fake information, because iroaccutane is cheap and helps to solve so many skin problems, that if people start taking it, most beauty clinics will go bankrupt. BUT YOU SHOULD TAKE ROACCUTANE ONLY UNDER DOCTOR'S CONTROL!!!!! Regarding hyper pigmentation, I had two 15% TSA pilings 4 months prior to roaccutane treatment (you can take after the treatment). And Spongilla lacustris L masks during the treatment. If you need more detailed description please write to my email I will be happy to share with you my experience. I know what nightmare you are passing through. PLEASE DO NOT FALL INTO DESPAIR, as I did one day. This problem is solvable.
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Hi everyone, I have damage too. Trying to understand if i was actually treated with the same laser or did my doc have bogus machine he used on me, or was the treatment too strong? Can you please tell me 1. how much did it hurt 2. What were the settings 3. Did you experience extreme swelling
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Seriously, what are you doing about the loose skin and larger looking pores?
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He did not explain any of the risks to me. He did not follow up post procedure to see how I was doing. He damaged my face beyond repair and I will have to live with if forever.

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