Destroyed my Skin!

My first Fraxel must have been set at a low...

My first Fraxel must have been set at a low setting, and I was happy with the results. The second Fraxel must've been set quite a bit higher, was VERY painful and I swelled up immediately causing me much concern. I thought my skin was going to burst! The second Fraxel destroyed the surface texture and muscle tone under my skin, and I look older than when I went in! When I brought pictures back to prove it, the Dr. questioned when the photo were taken (they were taken one week before.) The second Fraxel created a nasolabial fold I didn't have before, created new wrinkles and crepiness around my mouth (especially on my upper lip,) and drooped my cheeks creating jowls (a friend told me it looked like I had a stroke!) I think even my pores looked worse--the crepiness making them look like little "slits." I have no idea how I can repair this damage. Another dermatologist suggested another Fraxel (NO!) Has anyone else had this happen? Suggestions for repair much appreciated!


dinadd don't do fraxel please! I am 34 too and had great skin except for minor barely noticeable scaring. I am now 8 weeks post procedure and my skin has the orange peel texture and fine lines lines a lot of people are noticing. I am devastated...I only had one procedure and went to the top laser specialist in the country, nevertheless I have had bad results...not worth the risk.... if someone who has suffered similar damage could give me advice on what to do...supplements to take, products to use? I saw my Dr who told me that things will improve with time...I am doubtful...please help I am desperate and cry all the time...I keep blaming myself for my vanity and for ruining my great skin....
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I too got the orange peel holes in my face where it used to be pristine and smooth!
Katerina, when did you have your fraxel? how is your skin now? what products are you using? I am so upset about this bad outcome :(
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