Excruciatingly Painful

I researched Fraxel for over a year & got as...

I researched Fraxel for over a year & got as much info as I could. I saw this Dr. on a news program talking about Fraxel so I made an appt. I didn't get to see him but the tech sounded knowledgeable. Another tech did the procedure tho.

The first treatment was so excruciatingly painful that I've not only never had the following 4-5 treatments done, I'm terrified of having any other procedure done. I was told it would feel like a rubber band snap but it felt like a hot poker ripping thru my skin. I can't believe the tech even kept going as I was in tears & shaking the whole time. I had little swelling but was bright red for a couple of days. Even w/ ice packs & topical pain cream it felt like I had the worst sunburn I could ever have imagined. My skin felt like it was on fire for two days.

I'd never suggest anyone getting fraxel done. Well, maybe if they knock you out first then it might be tolerable. The pain afterwards was more tolerable but they tell you there will be no pain or redness afterward. They've apparently never had it done.


My doctor was qualified to give me an IV with anesthesia that put me asleep during the treatment. And he gave me pain meds for after. I am sorry you didn't have any numbing during the procedure. I can't imagine doing it without it.
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Thank you for your reply. The (young, I might add) tech was new & no one was watching her. Yet no one would help me. She didn't stop & ask anyone what to do & wouldn't lower the temp on the laser because ( "wouldn't get the full benefit". The burns hurt for many days & I kept having flashbacks of the zapping. Why did she continue? Her whole focus was on finishing - like it was normal for it to hurt that much & it was all in my head, I guess.
People have different pain thresholds thus they handle pain differently. It could be that you have a very low tolerance for pain(maybe especially for pain caused by high temperatures)?
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