Fraxelis Worth It but You Have to Wait to See Results

In all my reading i have not found any photos that...

in all my reading i have not found any photos that show you the "real healing" that must take place.i had bruising swelling redness that lasted seven days i am still hoping that what i am seeing nowthe result of some swelling and will subside.i'm still praying the result will be better than what i am seeing.i won't be able to tell for sure if the new weird wrinkle sag of skin that developled under my eyes is from botoxing my crows feet and there fore not allowing my skin movement or if the fraxel damaged the area and thus made it more lax.i am living with regret and wake up each morning hoping to see that it has gone away and the old me back.


Hi, Profractional is NOT Fraxel. Profractional is a laser made by Sciton lasers. Fraxel is by Solta medical. They are completely different technologies. Unfortunately, because Fraxel was the first "fractionated" laser technology, it has been clumped with all other subsequent fractional lasers. Be well. Dr. P
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Just wondering if you had botox at the same time as fraxel as that is a big no no. I had botox on crows feet today and fraxel but she made sure not to go near the area that was injected.
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I am so shocked to see your photo. I have just had my 3rd fraxel and it is nothing like yours. I can go shopping and hour later with a touch of mineral make-up on. I would go to another doctor and get a second opinion plus your wounds look like they could get infected. Please seek assistance. I feel for you.
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It has been serval months now since i had my...

it has been serval months now since i had my treatmeant i like the results and as always i need to learn be paitient


Hello, I had retore fraxel done yesterday, It was my third one. The first two were not so bad, redness, swelling, for a few days and dry scaly skin..After a few weeks for my skin being in shock of the treatment, it healed very nicely and smooth, but the third treatment, was little deeper and I was in alot of pain during procedure, I had to tell myself to breath! But it is worth it, my friends and family have noticed a smoother face, and have made comments on how good it looks, I did it for acne scars on my cheeks,I have one more to go and I know it will hurt badly, I think this time I want to take something more for pain... I gave birth to two daughters all natural, and I would rate the pain right up there...But wow they and my new face are worth it! LOL.. one thing I would like to recomend to other fraxel patients, I buy from an asian market, a huge long stem on Aloe plant its wonderful... Put it in refrigerator, keep cold, slice a piece off and cut the plant skin off and rinse the gel off before putting on your skin, its cool and very refreshing.. But remember to rinse before you use it.Its all natural and so soothing, let dry and rinse off real well, then mosturize...Goodluck..
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I had the CO2 Laser treatment on my face on Monday for acne scars. Afer 3 pain pills and numbing cream on my face for an hour before the procedure, I was still in extreme pain. It felt like someone was sticking hot matches to my face. It has only been two days so I cannot say if the results are worth it yet. But "uncomfortable" is not an adjective I would use for this procedure. The Dr. and staff were very kind and professional. But be prepared for your skin to smell like burned flesh. Also, for your eyes to look like you went a couple of rounds in a boxing ring and lost. My cost was $1,500.
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