Bad Rash After Procedure

I had my first treatment 2 1/2 weeks ago. I don't...

I had my first treatment 2 1/2 weeks ago. I don't see any difference yet, but my biggest concern is the rash that developed afterwards. I had swelling and redness for two days, then peeling started and by the 5th day most of the peeling had subsided, but I had a horrible red bumpy rash on both cheeks, from my jawline up to the top of my cheekbones, and it itched like crazy. With make-up most of it was covered up, but the itching was horrible. Now most of the rash is gone and my face is breaking out. Have any of you had this rash and what did you do about it? I am suppose to get my second treatment next week and am very leary about going and starting all over with this itchy mess. ANY suggestions?


I had fraxel restore over 12 months ago and I'm from Australia. My skin has deteriorated over this time. I am now permanently red, irritated and have strange lines down my neck which can only be described like a cat has scratched me but deeper. They are all very close together everywhere the laser has been. I regret this procedure enormously and no dermatologist can seem to help me. I've had a couple of vbeams since to try and help with the redness but to no avail. My skin texture has also changed for the worse. I am now very self conscious.
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Dear Little one.
I had a very similar 'rash' that cleared up in about 6 days. I too had swelling that went away by the 3rd day, I had scabs on my chin and a bronzed look that went away after 6 days. After that, my skin looked great. I had my fraxel done about one year ago and I am still very pleased with the results. However, i did think the treatments had more down time then advertised. They suggested I could go out in public right after the procedure but I felt the first three days, I looked too strange to be in public.
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hi, I had Fraxel done 4 days ago. My skin did have that red sunburned look for about 2 days and a little bit of swelling but the swelling went down by the third day. What I have now is a bronzed look but my skin has what I can call a 'scab' on it! it's dry skin with a little bit of those white heads (filled w/pus). Is this normal? I put lotion on my skin and its getting better I just want to see if anyone can tell me when the "scab" will go's flaking so i'm assuming it's the skin getting rid of the old stuff and making way for the new stuff...
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