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Remarkable... I would do it again in a heartbeat....

Remarkable... I would do it again in a heartbeat. The Staff was very well educated, Dr was awesome, no pain, slight discomfort and recovery period was quick and easy.

I feel so much better about myself. I did it for me, because every time I looked into the mirror I was depressed with the sagging skin, the turkey neck and the droopy eyes. Now my skin is smooth, I have had so many people say, "You Look Different"

Thank you LIfestyle Lift.

Dr. Bogess

I could not find fault. They were all very knowledgeable, patient, professional, courteous, and Dr B was fantastic. Spent a lot of time answering all my crazy questions and I never felt rushed. I really felt they cared about me.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Gvac, one year post op are you still happy with results?
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very happy
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Good to know. Mine is scheduled in a couple of weeks and I'm getting nervous. Thanks for sharing your experience
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good luck...I am very happy with the results and so glad I did it. You will too.
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Why do your eyes look stretched? Is that the result of surgery?
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kfd from Reston, VA. I live in Vienna, VA. Who was your doctor? and how much was your cost? I am looking and thinking about this. thanks,
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Dr. Ravi Dahiya @ 703.391.9060. he was great and his staff is excellent. good luck!
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Thank you so very much. That means a lot to me.
I would recommend it to anyone who feels subconscious about their appearance due to age and
sagging skin setting in as I did. Good Luck
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i just had the LSL done in Reston, VA. Dr. very nice and it took 1 hour. i'm a little freaked because my face is so swollen, as well as my eyes. I did the Upper and lower lids as well. Done on Saturday and this is Wednesday. Will it get better? I know it's still early, but so anxious about the swelling and numbness!!
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OMG it is so soon. My swelling went down in about a
week, two weeks I went back to work. Give it time
you will be soooooo happy with the results. If you
could have seen my face....I told my sister I spent
all this money to look like CHUCKY CHEESE...but that
only lasted a short time. I'm so happy with my results. gvac
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who was your doctor, I live in Vienna and I'm trying to decide on who & if this is for me. How was the experience and how much did it cost you?
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I had Dr Bogess in Franklin TN. He was wonderful
I had a great experience, took a little over one hour
and back to work in two weeks. I'm so happy I had it
done. I had a lot of work done. Face Lift, Turkey neck removed, lower and upper eyes done and full face
lazer. Total cost was $12,000.00.
I have so much more confidence and feel so good about
myself. I would do it again in a heartbeat.
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sorry my comment/questions were posted under kfd's reply who lives in Reston, VA about 10 miles from me. I did read about you & your Dr. in Franklin. Thanks.
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kfd from Reston, VA. I live in Vienna, VA. Who was your doctor? and how much was your cost? I am looking and thinking about this. thanks,
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thanks for your help - i too thought they had pushed all the junk hanging around my neck to my face - i was so swollen i could barely open my eyes - but it's 8 days out and i'm really happy with the results. saw my dr. on sa friday and he said i'm doing great and now i'm doing the hot/cold compresses and massaging. i went out last night for the first time and with a little eye makeup on - i felt great!
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well, touche' u look really good, I'm so used to ppl on RS only showing bad results which do happen and that is very sad but you musta had a good doctor cause your results are spectacular!! "-)
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Yes, I did have a LSL. I just didn't put LSL initials together with the Lifestyle Lift. Sorry.
I had a great Doctor and a great experience and I
am very satisfied with the results. My sister and her husband had it done in Fort Lauderdale, and my sisterinlaw had it done in Tampa FL and I had it done in Franklin TN and we are all so very happy
with our results. I have so much more confidence in
myself due to the results and that alone is well worth it to me. I'm sure some people may have had bad results but the percentage is very low and my doctor told me anything that may go wrong CAN and WILL be corrected. That was good enough for me. If you have any other questions feel
free to let me know. Good Luck gvac
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Hi again. I had mine done on the 17th, so just two weeks. How long did you eyes need to heal? Like you I had the upper and lower eyes done. My eyes are a little numb, just like my ears. On one of my eyes there are bumps on the lower eyes BENEATH the incision. Not where the stitches were, but in the tissue. Feels more like hard knots. My other eye is fine, which puzzles me.

My turkey is gone and I'm very happy with that! But wondering realistically how long it takes the eyes to look healed.
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The little bumps will go away. The eyes were tender to the touch for quite a while. I only felt it when I removed my eye makeup with the nutragena cloths. Don't pull or wipe harshly. They took a while to get
better. My ears took a little longer. Sometimes I still feel a slight numbness behind my ears but I know the nerves were cut and it takes a long time for them to heal. I love the tight feeling. No more flabby skin. You will love it. Put your pics on line so I can see how beautiful you are. gvac
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I don't know what a LSL is but yes, I do have a
small incicsion under my chin.
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LSL is LifeStyle Lift; you know, the one so highly advertised on TV. I thought that was the type you had done because somehow your post came up under that search. LifeStyle Lift is very controversial because some people get great results but others are in misery. I think it's supposed to be a lot less expensive and less surgical time than a conventional lift. Whatever you did was a good choice! If I'm ever in Tennessee I'll look up your doc for a consultation!
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Your LSL looks as good as the photos they show on TV! Did you have a submental (under the chin) incision, too?
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Yes I did and I am so pleased with the results.
My hanging turkey neck is gone and I love it.
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Sorry I have another question. Do you have any discomfort at all around your ears? Some women said they had numbness, others say they have pain around their ears and can't sleep on their side any longer. I'm wondering if it's the type of procedure, or the individual doctor doing the work.
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Yes I do, however it is just that,.."discomfort".
Dr. said the nerves are healing and will pass in
time. Even if it doesn't pass, It is so minimal
I could live with it because the results are worth
it for me. I still sleep on my side, however, at
times I do feel discomfort. My sisterinlaw said
it will go away. She had it done three years ago.
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