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I had a laser genesis procedure done last week. I...

I had a laser genesis procedure done last week. I had a bad reaction. Looked like a red, raised, bumpy rash everywhere on my face. The rash came after 24 hours. It got worse for two days. Some turned into pimples. I was told it could be folliculitus.

The pros - I really felt my skin looked five years younger after. Tighter. Smoother.

Cons - terrible, ugly, bumpy rash all over my face. I don't think this is common. A lot of my friends did this procedure and had NO problems.

Is anyone ever allergic to laser? It seems like an allergic reaction. I have had the same reaction when I have done laser hair removal. However, with the hair removal, it can be avoided if a very low heat is used. I want to do the procedure again -because truth is, after the terrible rash cleared up 5 days later, my skin looked amazing. Any thoughts? Can I pretreat? Benadryl did not seem to help.
Hi ellymae, do you remember how long it took them to go away(tiny rash bumps)? And did you do anything to treat them? I still have them and it's been almost two years now.
I have foliculitus, I get it on my legs. It is not an allergic reaction, benedryl will not help. It's an irritation of the hair follicle, and you need to be careful to not irritate it/touch it any further & keep it clean or it can get infected - basically, zits. It's hard because it can become itchy. Over the counter hydrocortisone cream can help a little, and there are prescriptive creams but they aren't good for the face (at least the ones I know - I'm not a doctor). Any sufferers of folliculitus should speak with your dermatologist prior to your next session and ask about possible symptom relief as well as any possible negative effects from the creams; you need to be super-careful about what you put on your face when you're that sensitive.

I had a reaction too but it goes away after a few days. I get it everytime I do the laser genesis treatment. And I've only done two. They mostly appear on some parts of my forehead. I believe the genesis is a good procedure but it takes about 4 weeks to see results after each treatment. Also depends on age.

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