Smartlipo of the Flanks & Thighs - Franklin Lakes, NJ

All my friends think I'm crazy for doing this but...

All my friends think I'm crazy for doing this but I've wanted it for so long. I actually saw a groupon for the smartlipo & I just had to do it. It only covered one area but all I really wanted done was my love handles until I got to the doctors office & started talking about maybe getting a fat transfer to my breast.

I didn't have enough fat in my waist but he said my thighs would be perfect for it. Before I left the office I had decided against it but within a week I wanted the lipo done on my thighs without the fat transfer so I called up & for another $3500 I'm getting my inner & outer thighs done too.

My compression garment came in the mail today & I was super excited to try it on. The woman I had spoke to in the doctors office told me I should get whatever size I am now because there would be swelling right after I had it done but I put it on & I feel like it should be tighter. I almost want to exchange it for something smaller but I want to make sure I'll be able to get it on after surgery. I'll probably try it on again tonight & see how I feel.

I decided not to try & exchange my compression...

I decided not to try & exchange my compression garment but also to stop trying it on so I didn't stretch it out. I have two weeks until my surgery & now Im starting to become impatient & just want it done already.

It is now the morning of my procedure & I'm a...

It is now the morning of my procedure & I'm a little nervous but super excited. I'm going to go to the gym now because I'm not going to get to go for the next 2 weeks & then I have to shower & get ready to go get this done... Yay Lipo!!!!!

Just got home from my surgery & I'm just a little...

Just got home from my surgery & I'm just a little sore & very swollen. I just had local anesthesia so I'm not really that out of it but they gave me some stuff before the surgery & I'm a little woosey & nauseous. I ate a muffin & took some Tylenol & I'm just gonna lay down & try & sleep. Once I take my shower tomorrow I'll post some pics

So its 3 in the morning & I've been up for about 2...

So its 3 in the morning & I've been up for about 2 hours. I'm not really in that much pain but its enough to keep me awake but I also passed out by like 7:30 last night. The only thing I have for pain is extra strength Tylenol because the doctor didn't think I'd need much more. If it gets too bad later I can call him & he'll get me something stronger but I think this should be fine. I've already leaked through my dressings & the back of my compression garment looks like is covered in blood but I'm going to have to wait until someone else wakes up & can help me with it. I think I can get it on & off by myself but I don't want to risk hurting myself. He gave me what looks like a wee wee pad to sleep on & I'm so glad he did or my bed would be ruined. I'm not sure if I'll need more but I'm going to go to the store & pick some up just in case.

I had the surgery Saturday afternoon & now its...

I had the surgery Saturday afternoon & now its Monday morning & I'm up & getting ready for work. There is still a little discomfort but not really enough to stay home from work.

So it's been 2 weeks now & I'm still a little...

So it's been 2 weeks now & I'm still a little bruised & swollen but no pain. I've had to wear the compression garment 24/7 until today & now for the next week I only have to wear it at night but I kind of feel naked without it. I've been trying to do cardio but with the compression garment on after about 15 minutes I get too hot & have to stop so at least now I'll be able to work out without it. They said no strenuous exercise for 2 weeks but I'm still going to take it easy for about another week & just stick to cardio for now
Dr. Paul Fondacaro

The doctor is fantastic & made me feel incredibly comfortable as did his staff.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Its a year later now, how does your thighs look now? I am thinking about having my inner & outer thighs done in October 2014. Can please give some updates about your status now
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I'm less happy now than I was a year ago. I was dieting & at an ideal weight when I had them done & now that I've put a couple lbs back on I feel that they look uneven. I'm debating going back for a touch up but not sure I should be spending the money. I wasn't ever 100% happy with the inner thighs & with more weight on they just don't look good. My saddle bags are not nearly as bad as they were so I'm still pretty happy with them & the love handles. If I could go back & do it again I'd probably just save the money & not have the thighs done.
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I am so sorry to hear that you are less unhappy about your thighs. I thought you can not gained the weight back in that area were you had the procedure done. That's the same problem I have the saddle bags on my thighs I hate, I will not were skinny jean because it does not look good on my legs. I am very active workout six days a week and lift weights. I have to work hard and I mean hard to really to get my legs the way I want them. I have been mostly on and off diets all my life. I had never have been over weight but I can be if I did not watch what I eat. The first doctor (plastic surgeon) told me my right thigh are bigger than the left thigh. I am excited about having it done but God knows I do not want issues later in life. You do look good...Do you workout
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I've also been on & off diets most of my life & although I'm not fat now I could easily be fat & when I had it done I was working out 6 days a week twice a day & I cut sugar out of my diet & my weight dropped & I was pretty happy after the swelling went down but I probably would have still been happy without the lipo on my thighs. Now I've gonna back to sugar & within the past couple months I had a mini tummy tuck so I haven't been able to work out as much. After they take out the fat cells those cells are gone forever but you can still gain the weight back its just getting stored in different cells so it can go back to the same area & I've always carried most of my weight in my hips & thighs so that's where it goes.
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You look great now, I can tell a difference!
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Thanks, I'm probably 15lbs heavier now cuz I went on a crazy diet after but I Couldn't maintain it & my love handles still look good but I'm not as happy with the thighs. My saddle bags aren't bad but my inner thighs have a strange shape. I got an email from them offering 35% off smart lipo so it made me want my thighs done again but its not valid for touch ups. I'm hoping because they're so much cheaper so I might just give him a call after the summer cuz the compression garment is not something you wanna wear all summer
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How many cc's did They remove?!
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only 1000 from my thighs & love handles
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they removed 1300 from my love handles, abdomen, arms, inner thigh, front thigh/knee area. I was upset it wasn't more!
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I just looked at your pics & you just had a little bit of a tummy so I could see them only getting that from you. Your thighs looked great before but I understand thinking ahead & wanting your thighs to look as good as your stomach after they did it.
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Hi Jessie! I'm going to Dr. Fondacaro in 8 days for upper and lower abs. How was your surgical experience. Anything you can tell a nervous newbie?
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My surgury went so smoothly & now I'm debating getting more. Dr. Fondacaro is great & makes you feel very comfortable. I was nervous & excited when I went for my surgery but they give you a little something to relax & the procedure is pretty painless. Good luck & definitely post before & after pics.
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Hey, so how are you doing now it's been a few more weeks? Are you seeing your results come through?

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I'm loving how the love handles came out so far & my thighs are starting to take shape. I cant wait for all the swelling to go down
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Awesome! Once your swelling goes down it would be great to see an update photo, if you didn't mind!

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I wish I'd gotten your comment last week because I already ordered a smaller one. I wasn't going to but now that the swelling is going down & it probably got stretched when I was swollen its too big
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Hi there, welcome and thanks so much for your detailed review!

Are you seeing nay results yet, or will it be a few months before those come through?

Would love to see some photos, if you have any you feel comfortable sharing.

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I've taken before photos & then a few after but I'm still pretty swollen so you can't see much of a difference
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I can definitely see a difference at your 2 weeks post-op photo. There's more of a defined shape to your waist. Hopefully with more time your results will get even better!

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I think a lot of the difference is from the panties but I have to look at it everyday so I probably just cant tell but thanks I hope it just gets better with time. I'll post another pic at 4 weeks & maybe that one will be a major difference.
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The panties may be helping the difference a little, as they are wider and can hold more in, but I do see slight changes.

I'll keep an eye out for you updates and how you're progressing!

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