From G to B, 36 Y/ Mother of 2 Boys - Frankfurt Am Main, DE

First of all thank you all of you who posted your...

First of all thank you all of you who posted your history it has being a big help to me. I had my reduction and an unbilical hernie surgery on Friday (21/3). Not feeling too bad but I am taking lots of pain meds ... belly is
bothering more tha the boobs but I thi
more than the breasts. I can say too much yet.

sorry for the above my phone didnt help

3rd day after procedures.
Pain: ist totally ok and because I am still at the hospital, they give me pain medicine all the time :)
Still have one drenage on the left side and if they can remove it tomorrow I will be going home. Very worried about that cause of my 15 months old he cant understabd that I cant take hin on my lap and jump on me :( and I feel so bad...we hold hands, I kiss him and so on but its not enough! Anybody with the same experience? How did you do with your small kids?
So far I am really happy with the two surgeries. Will keep posting.
Good luck to everyone.

picture 2. day

Cant believe they belong to me :)

11 Days after

Feeling great. No painkillers anymore...but still can only sleep on my back and that makes me go crazy besides back pain :( but apary of that all good. With the kids its all manageable...I will try to post pictures. And again: Its a new world...I feel free. :)

7 days after

here my little girls ;)

I now wear white tops...

9 days after

5 weeks after

Hello everyone hope everyone doing fine and enjoying the "new" you! I am now a litrle over 5 weeks...healing process is really good! I am very surprised and very happy with the way my body is doing it! A bit swollen but nothing major. I STARTED light walk but noticed that my breastes swollen more after a day where I do a lot.
Here is the thing...I was suuuper happy with the size right after OP right now I have the feeling they are getting bigger???? Its not size B for sure...more like a full C or D :( and even if ppl and specially my husby are saying that the size is perfect I kind of feel like the doctor didnt do what he said he would! How come the get bigger!??? I thought after the swelling it would get smaller!!! Anyways Iam happy but I am sooo afraid of too much breast! I guess I had this dream of very small breasts...weird. I hope this feeling goes away cause I even feel guilty/ungreatful since the process went so good I just want to be totally happy about it! Anyone else went to something similar?


I need to take side pictures...front they do look small but a side picture shows the reality ;) will post soon! Thank you all for any feedback.
Dr. Holle

He is very professional. But he doesnt talk too much and I ask a lot :( But so far I think he did a great job.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
1 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Welcome to the B club!!! Awesome we were about the same size, before and after reduction
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I wish or Hope that mine will Grow a Bit ! LOL ! I'm a little too small now - for my Liking - But BETTER than having those TUCK THEM IN YOUR SOCKS Models that I DID HAVE ! Your Results look very good on you !
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Hey! You look good. Do you know how much was taken out?
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Hi Aa1992 430 and 480....doc was talking about 600-700 prior surgery...but looks like he changed his mind ;)
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So natural! You must be very happy!
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Thank you!!!! I am happy for sure...will get over the size issue soon :)
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Thank you Marisol...yes they look very nstural and I am super happy with the way they look...tryinv to get over the size issue ;) thanks again
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You look great, a lovely result and suits your body
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I had my BR on April 9th. I was a 36DD and wanted to be a C. Mine too seem bigger than I expected. I feel that if I am a D then I went through this for 1 cup size. But I do look better: smaller, perjurer with smaller higher up nipple so that's an improvement. Still hoping there is some swelling. You look great! I guess we just need patience. :)
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forgot to ask that is a nice sports bra in last pic where did you buy it
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Thank you raymick....nice words and you are right its in our head. There is no comparasion to what I I should just erase that "almost no boobs" picture from my head lol...and be happy and feel sexy! I am trying to deal with this and I am sure it will work out just fine. The Sport Bra is from Tryiumph called triaction and believe it or not its a 80 B ;) good luck to you too.
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don't be hard on yourself I am sure I will go through the same feelings we are all the same we see things different to what other people see, thanks for the name of the bra
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you look wonderful to me, this is also what I fear will happen to me the picture in my head will actually not be the reality, but maybe that is all it is, in our head, as there is a huge difference between your before and after picture it is still very early days from what I am reading on other reviews it will take many months before the final result will show. Good look and hope you feel better about your results soon as you look fab.
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You look very Good ! Close to the same size as I was. Not sure WHAT I'll end up with YET ! ? !
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Looking superb, make sure you put a pillow under your knees to sleep on your back
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You look great!!! Hang in there! It will get better!
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they look wonderful
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thsnks dear....I am also in love just cant believe its trully mine :)
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I am scheduled 4/10 for umbilical hernia repair and BR as well! I am very curious to your recovery and hope you will share more. How old are your kids? So far your pics look like they will be much smaller.
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Hi Sara...thanks for commenting. I am recovering really good so far. The pain isnt too bad and with meds its totally ok. I am still at the hospital cause one dreinage is still in. Will probably go home tomorrow. I am scared cause my little one is only 15 months old and the times he came to visit wasnt need a strong heart. He want to come to me, jump on me, hug me...and its not all possible :( besides that everything else is totally ok. The belly hurts a bit when you move but they will give you a belt for support which helps a lot. I am thinking of you. You will see its not as bad as wr think. Good luck and keep asking if you have any question. Hugs
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I have 3 kids, 10, 8, and just turned 2. I am not sure how I am going to pull this off. I may end up rescheduling. I need to go back to work after just one week. I really really want it to just be done but I need to be smart and not have my recovery be harder than it should be! I get to stay overnight in the hospital for one night. My umbilcal hernia is minimal, more just for looks to be better. the surgeon said the recovery is nothing compared to the BR. I have my pre-op tomorrow and I am going to be prepared with many questions.
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I read on your review that your parents are coming to help? Without thst help would be impossible but if they can take care of the little one for you at least the two first weeks than you shouldnt reschedule it. i can imagine how you want it and wait even longer is sad...but as you said recovering is very important for the end resulst so I understand your worries. Good luck girl really hope you can go ahead.
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