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Hello, I´m a 32 year old woman from Germany...


I´m a 32 year old woman from Germany and decided to get breast implants when I was in the young age of 22. I did not have any self confidence and felt not like a real women having these little breasts (not even an A-Cup). But I remember that they looked pretty. It was more the comments I got for example from my grandmother. She looked at me and said: "You have nothing under your skirt". That`s how she treated my mum when she was a young girl. So this breast thing runs in the family since years. But I wanna stop it right now and get out of this vicious circle. Thats why I finally made my decicion to remove my implants without replacement in the comming month. I also don`t like the feeling of having these plastic balls in my body, of hiding myself cause of that fact and having something between me and my partner.

I was talking to my doctor yesterday and he told me, that I would need a breast lift when I get the implants out. Now I have the problem, that this would cause more scars and that I would lose more breast tissue. My implants are not that big (180ml, from AA to B) and I´m not sure, if a lift would be necessary. It would be great if you could share your experiences with me pro/contra breast lift after implant removal.

This page is so so helpfull and gives me so much hope!

We're so glad you're here and that you've started your story on RealSelf! Some ladies have their explant and then wait and see if they need a lift in a while. Is that an option for you?

Yes, I´m also thinking about that option. Better wait for a while and see, how my breasts will look after implants are out. Hopefully only one more surgery... Thank you!

Hello Ladies! I just need to tell you that I AM...

Hello Ladies! I just need to tell you that I AM sheduled for 05/08/13. My PC was very kind and supportive. I won`t get a lift, just removing implants without replacement. I´m pretty nervous but also happy, that my new life begins really soon. I will post some pictures when I feel ready for it. It`s still not easy to see my breasts now, cause they don`t look bad! But anyway I know that life is never really free having breast implants. Looking forward to my real self now :-)

"You have nothing under your skirt" ??? haha...I...

"You have nothing under your skirt" ??? haha...I mean "shirt"!!!

...these days I´m really scared of the outcome,...

...these days I´m really scared of the outcome, cause my breasts don`t look bad.
I fear that there will be nothing left after explantation, I was 34AAAA going 34B. Anyway I know that I can`t go on with these plastic bags in my body. I hope that I will be able to accept my natural self.
Congrats to you for breaking the cycle! I explanted over a week ago & went back to being much smaller (15 yrs w/ ~240 ml). It is difficult waiting out the 2 week jog bra + ace wrap phase-completely flattened out. Nowadays, there are so many things on the market to help you fill out your shirt/swimsuit. There are so many pros to going back to your own natural breasts, but it takes time. Good luck!
Congrats that you already made it to the other side, wish I could already be there :-) Yes, I also fear wearing this tight bra all the time, cause I have to go back to work 4 days after my explantation. I know it won`t be easy, but the feeling that these thoughts about my breasts will be over and summertime is right in front of me makes it a bit easier :-) Thank you for supporting me, you look great without implants!! :-)
I had 5 days off and did fine-very awkward with the clothing part, so I would recommend having that planned/figured out. It was actually less busy for me at work than at home (less lifting, constant movement), so I just had to make sure I got enough rest. Thanks for the positive feedback! Keep thinking that you will begin to feel better about yourself this summer...

Hey girls! How long did it take until you could go...

Hey girls! How long did it take until you could go back to work after surgery? I only have four days until I have to go back teaching...in front of 30 students... :-( Any good advice??? Makes me nervous....
I can't believe you were told you would need a lift! As long as you are okay with having smaller boobies, I think you are going to be so pleased to be natural again! I would say a week off is pretty good, but everybody's different. I don't think the students will notice- I'm sure you probably kept them fairly covered up at work, and those kids are too into themselves and their friends to really notice something like the teacher's boobs (I think!). Wear looser clothing or scarves to help 'hide' the new look. You can also try the 'diversion method'- wear your hair differently or wear a brighter lip color to fool them into thinking that's what has changed! I wouldn't wear a push-up bra so soon after the surgery. Your breasts will be tender and it probably won't feel very good, but a padded sports bra might be a good choice. Good luck and best wishes!!!!!
Hey NervousGirlie :-) Thank you so much for your post! I bought a pretty summer scarve today and some looser t-shirts that already make me look flat...and I like the look ;-) Thank you also for your tip with the padded sports bra. It helps so much to get support these days!!! :-)
My pleasure, lady! I like my flatness too! Too bad that we got implants only to find we prefer smaller, natural boobies! :-)

Hey all you brave ladies out there! It`s a bit...

Hey all you brave ladies out there! It`s a bit more than a week for me to go until I get my implants removed. I´m looking forward to no longer have plastic in my body and this thought already makes me happy! My surgery will be on May 10th, two days later that it was planned. I want to show you the painting of a Bartolomeo Veneto, the ideal of a woman in 1530 :-) Thank you so much for all your support and posting pictures! It helps me so much and gives me the power to make this importand step in my life! LOVE
I liked the picture! I didn't realize that during the U.S. flapper era in the 1920s, women often bound their chest to appear more flat. Amazing how things wax and wane. Good luck with your surgery!
What a lovely painting!

Hello all you amazing women! It`s done, I had my...

Hello all you amazing women! It`s done, I had my explantation yesterday and feel so light and free!!!! It was not painful at all and I evan didn`t need drains. So glad I made the decision not to get a lift. My breasts are really flat now, but I love the feeling being 100% me again and no longer have to think about implants! My PC was awesome and very supportive. Thank you all who helped me going through this in posting pictures and telling your stories! I´m not sure if I would have done this step without the help of all you ladies! LOVE :-)
You look amazing! Your skin looks so firm already. Herzlichen Glückwunsch!
DANKE! :-)

Amazing: I got my heartbeat back!!! I could not...

Amazing: I got my heartbeat back!!! I could not see it with implants and also didn`t feel it! What a feeling!
Thanks catpower for all the info, I too was a 31/2 AA "in the good old days" pre implants. Mine are coming out May 28. I don't think they will look nearly as good as yours (I'm older 61) but I am past caring. Your skin looks great - not stretched or saggy - congrats!
Perfect results!!! You look so lovely and feminine. Why do we ever think big fake boobs will somehow make us 'more womanly'? Enjoy your natural boobies! :-)
Your so sweet, thank you! :-)


Just want to let you know that I´m healing well and think, that my itzi bitzis fluffed back a little! They are small but I love them so much cause they are warm and smooth and just ME! I want to tell all the women who are thinking about explantation and are still in the process, that it is possible to remove implants! I´m feeling so much better than before, back pain, rip pain and headaches are gone! I also have the feeling, that my skin (face) looks a lot better and healthier than before! My whole body is breathing through :-) All my best wishes for the ones who are still making there decisions and the ladies who are in the healing process, LOVE
You look gorgeous! Yay for you! I wish that photo was still the "ideal" woman today. So much pressure on big boobs!! I'm removing mind next month and I've only had them in for less than 3 months. Do you feel like you went back to how you looked before your BA?
hey catpower - you said ' I also have the feeling, that my skin (face) looks a lot better and healthier than before' ...........ive just posted a question about this on my page so i just wanted to ask you about it as i am convinced that since having implants the skin on my face has gone really uneven tone and ive never had that problem in the past. How exactly did the implants affect your face skin and then how has it improved after removal? really interested to hear about it :-) also the bit where you said your boobs are now warm...i also asked this on my post...did you find yours were cold with implants and now after removal theyve gone warm again? sorry for the lengthy comment here but these are 2 main issues i have with the implants and really excited to hear if all corrected after removal!! x
Hey suba77 :-) Concerning the skin on my face: In the last few month before my explantation I noticed, that my face often looks livid and not shiny. After my implant removal my mum told me that my skin looks as if I were pregnant, rosy and bright. So it is still and I am not pregnant! What I still have is a pigmented mole on my forehead and I have the implants in suspicion...I hope this will improve as well. I also never had problems with hyperpigmentation before the implants, makes me thoughtful. Concerning your other question: My boobs often felt a little colder than the rest of my body with implants, cause implants don`t lead warmth as the normal skin/ body. Now that they are out my breasts feel soft and as warm as the rest of my body. I hope I could help you a little bit with my answer in bad english ;-) Yours catPOWER :-)


Hello beautiful ladies!
Here come a few new pictures five month after my surgery. I love my new life without the implants, freedom is something money can`t buy. I saw a few ladies with implants on the beach while I was on vacation and was so happy, that I am no longer on this side!!! My boobies are small but they fit to my body shape and I got more compliments from men then during the time with implants. Also there are men, that really like small boobies. And last but not least: Intimitation feels so much better than before while I was having the two rocks under my skin. Get natural, free and love yourself the way you are!!! XX

5 month post op

5 month post op

free on the beach:-)

me me me!

Street art in Tel Aviv made my decision clear last year :-)

free summer

body shape

My explant is scheduled for tomorrow and I was feeling extremely anxious and doubting my decision, you have no idea how helpful it was for me to see your posts. Thank you so much! Ps you look GREAT!
Good luck for your explant tomorrow! It´s a pleasure for me to hear, that I could help you fixing your thoughts. You are on the right way and will feel great after toxic bags are gone. :-) LOVE, catpower
I am 63, 5'5",115 pounds, and a natural size B. I had implants for 15 years and had them removed over 20 years ago. One side was encapsulated and fairly easy to remove; the other breast had to have the silicone evacuated- very hard recovery. I now have issues of a nodule in the evacuated breast. This shows up on MRI's and even though the mass ( small and cannot be felt) does not change much in shape or size, some of the radiologists want to do a biopsy. I do not want that, and may start using thermography to track. I LOVE being a natural woman for my husband of 35 years. My breasts do not sag,even at my age. I congratulate all you women who come out of the plastic fantastic journey and return to their true beauty.
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