I Made It!!!

Hi! my name is Ariana I'm about to turn 21 on June...

Hi! my name is Ariana I'm about to turn 21 on June 19th and my birthday present to myself is liposuction of the abdomen. I have spent endless hours in and out of the gym exercising, and my body is how I want it except my stomach I have always had a pouch of fat that is resistant to exercise and dieting.

Let me tell you how every week is currently: Monday I take a pole dancing class, Tuesday I lift weights with a friend, Wednesday I lift weights with a personal trainer, Thursday is all cardio at the gym, Friday I lift weights with my trainer again, Saturday I take a break, and Sunday I take a Tae Kwon Do/Cross fit class. A lot right? Apparently it's not enough. I currently weight about 121 lbs. I am 5'0. Most of that weight is muscle but I do have size 34DD breasts for some reason. My biggest concern is getting rid of this pouch of fat it just sticks out and I hate it so much! A couple weeks ago I went shopping and ended up crying in the fitting room because everything looked beautiful on me until you look at my stomach area. ;( That was enough. I already had a plastic surgeon in mind and I gave them a call, set up a consultation and went in the following week. They told me it will be a piece of cake to get rid of and I'm a good candidate for the procedure. The doctor was wonderful he was so kind and really took the time to talk to me, I felt like I knew him my entire life. The procedure is tumescent liposuction and was much more affordable than I thought it would be. I took an extra week to think things over and decided I'm ready!

My surgery is scheduled for June 24, 2013 and I couldn't be anymore excited!!!!! I just wish my family was more supportive.. My mom refuses to go with and so does my dad and he is even making fun of my decision telling me I'm stupid and saying I need to change my last name to Dyson ( Like the vacuum) Thankfully a friend has agreed to drive me. :) I hope this goes well! I can't wait to buy clothing that is form fitting!!!

Anyone else having problems with friends or family...

Anyone else having problems with friends or family accepting your decision? I feel like I'm the only one with a family that is not supportive of me..
A week ago i had lipo on my inner thighs and stomach and back bra bumps.plus a face lift.i had arnica tablets there herbal so you can't touch them with your hands .you put them in to the cap of bottle and straight in to your mouth. Also I had arnica cream they do a gel too. It minimises the bruising,and it works.ijust kept putting the cream on the bruises 24/7. A week later ( to day) 9 days after surgery I'm goin home minus any bruises. I haven't told any of my family or friends as like yours they would act the same.try to put me off. But in fairness it's probably cause there worried.my family think I'm on holiday. I go home today.if its going to make you happy do it. It's made me happy.take care hope all goes well.
ok, so i had mine done this morning at 9 we got home bout 12:30 and ive been sleeping since. I've got lots of drainage so far and i'm super swollen. I was so in and out it during the surgery (and a bit now) i think they took out a little over 600 cc. I can't tell anything right now cuz of how swollen i am. Hopefully in the next day or 2 when i get my thoughts collected i'll post my re-op pics (which are just hideous) and put the story of the experience up.
I'm glad everything went well for you! That's great news! I'm so excited for your photos, did they use only local anesthetic? I'm getting general. Oh and how's your pain level? Thanks for keeping me posted, Take Care and Be Well!

One more month!

Still so far away! I Have just about all the money for my surgery. I'm paying in all cash..Just can't wait. A lot of you that I've talked to have had your procedures done already and I have to say all of you ladies look perfect! Makes me feel a little less nervous about it when I see your photos. lol. I have my pre-op photoshoot and sit down with my surgeon on my bday. (Was the only day that I could fit in my schedule) that's on June 19th...until then I'm still hitting the gym as much as I can. And I'm running my first ever 5k tomorrow! Woo!
I got mine done a week ago and it was the best experience n decision ever! I bet u will look so amazing. Just hang in there n don't be nervous. It was totally not as bad as it sounds. Very minimal pain in my opinion. Good luck on ur run!

Told my personal trainer today..

I told my trainer who is also a long time family friend and just a good friend in general to me personally. He actually brought up the topic of liposuction at the gym today and I came clean. Going to be much easier now that I don't have to avoid him for a couple of weeks. And surprise to me! - he is actually very supportive of my decision! :)
Thanks! I've been following your updates. You look so good!!! And my run went well I actually made it through the entire thing and I have another 5k coming up a week before I have surgery.

Adding more photos

Sorry I'm picture crazy just want to see my before and after from every angle lol. So bare with me on all these yucky before photos.
Hahaha our lives are so similar it's crazy. I'm seeing my old personal trainer next week. I haven't seen him in years, but I'm going to tell him about the lipo.I hope he doesn't judge me >_

Almost Time

Today was my 21st birthday and I also went in for my before pictures at Dr's office and got my Rx for antibiotics and pain killers. Can't believe it's less than one week away! They made me feel a little more comfortable because I'm starting to really feel nervous about it now. Guess that's normal though..anyways next post will be on the morning of! Yay!

Just Got Home!

My procedure was today. The staff at the surgery center were so nice and funny and really made me comfortable. I was SO Scared! When I got there I changed into a gown and special socks to prevent clotting and I got leg massagers put on my legs and an IV started. My friend was able to sit with me up until it was time to go for surgery. My Dr. Came back and marked me up. It tickled lol. Shortly after I spoke with the anesthesiologist who had a great sense of humor. Then came time and they wheeled me into the operating room but gave me what they called "happy drugs" in my IV...it all gets blurry from there.. I think I moved onto a different table from my bed and that's all I remember then I woke up in recovery with my garment already on and was in quite a bit of pain. Im pretty sure my Dr stopped by to see me in recovery buy I dont remember. My pain I would say was about a 7 on the scale..My friend came back and sat with me for about a half an hour before we were allowed to go. The nurse helped me dress and wheeled me to the car. Now I am home and I took a norco already but still having some pain. Not as bad though. It's really hard to bend or move my torso.. Well ill post a picture with garment on and then I'm going to sleep!
Happy recovery!! Can't wait to see your pics.
Congrats! Get some rest..can't wait to see your after pics

Not Feeling Well

So I haven't eaten anything but a little oatmeal today and now I'm pacing back in forth by the bathroom feeling like I'm going to vomit. Anyone else feel this way??? I have my boyfriend bringing me some food right now I really hope it helps.. Please give me your feedback. I'm worried.
Some people feel nauseous afterwards, it's normal. Did your doctor give you anti nausea pills?! O think you can buy some over the counter
Thank you for getting back to me! You're awesome! No I didn't get anything for nausea it's slightly better now that I ate but not 100% if its still bad tomorrow I'm going to call and see what I can take it do about it. Definitely scared me. I was like dreading the pain that was to come with using my stomach muscles to vomit.

Forgot to post this

Pre op drawing photo.
Sorry to hear that. I've heard drinking lots of water can help you. You will go to the bathroom a lot but you're flushing your system out. I hope it gets better
Hope you start feeling better in the days to come! I haven't had my surgery yet (July 9), but I have heard that a lot of people get nauseous after. I am prone to getting car sick/motion sickness and nausea easily, so I am going to be sure to ask pre surgery and after for something to help with that.
Dont forget to be patient ..it may not be flat right away..or maybe it is! But you will swell, just remember it takes 6 months to see 100% of your results

Day Two

Last night I didn't sleep the best I kept waking up and having to pee about every couple hours. I got up around 8am and went to the grocery store alone. I walk really slow like a little grandma lol. Pain is about a 4-5 not too bad. I think the norco I am taking is what is making me nauseous so I'm trying to put off taking it as long as I can. I think I forgot to mention that I got stitched up so there is zero drainage. But I'm really swollen. I can tell even though I haven't taken my garment off. I get to shower tomorrow. I'm excited about that! Right now I'm laying in bed with ice on my tummy over my garment of course and it feels pretty good. :)

Day Three!

I showered! I got my first look at my new tummy, it's just amazing I shed a couple tears I am so happy! I just hope it really smoothes out it kind of ripples and worries me. I'll try to be patient though. The actual shower itself was such a strange experience for me I am still kind of numb and some spots are very tender..there's not much bruising yet. I could of stayed in the shower all day and stared at myself lol. Taking off the compression garment was easy but putting it on was pretty hard. I wish I had someone to help me I really had to push myself to pull it tight and snap/ zip up the side. Before I showered I went to the gym and walked a mile on the treadmill..slowly..lol. I also lifted some weights very light weight with high reps. Later in the day I did a little cleaning and laundry. I'm pretty mobile. Today my pain at most was about a 3. I still take the norco but not as often. Oh and the nausea is gone! Think I will take tomorrow off work also and return on Friday. Posting more photos let me know what you guys think of the waviness.
You look great!! I wouldn't worry about the waviness. Looks just like swelling has to go down. Glad to hear that you are so mobile on day three!


Accidentally pushed post update instead of add photo. Oops. :/
so glad to hear you're doing good..... please take it easy on the walking and weights it could totally mess up your healing and that's the last thing you want! the wavyness could be around for a few more weeks as your skin starts to settle back and heal. but so far you look great!

Day Four

Everyday I wake up it seems to get much easier to move around. I didn't go to work today but I plan on going tomorrow..I would much rather go to the Blackhawks parade and rally in Chicago!...oh well. I woke up and went for a short walk this morning. It was cut way short because someone's huge ass German Shepard was loose outside and started stalking me. Talk about being terrified! All I could think of was I'm screwed I can't run or really defend myself or anything. After some deep breathing and fast walking I made it home safely lol. Did not do much the rest of the day, Until the evening I got dressed up and went to a banquet type dinner with my dad. Had to put on my best poker face as he hit every pothole on the way there. Oh and this garment makes me so stiff it's awkward getting in the car. So I'm looking for some input from you all on your compression garments. I have this rash that's spreading around only where the garment is very tight to my skin like under my boobs and on the side with the zipper. SUPER ITCHY! And noticeable red bumps. I would think it was an allergic reaction but the bumps are tiny..maybe it is because my skin can't breathe? Anyone else experience this to any extent? Let me know what you think.


P.S. Pain today was very minimal like a 1 maybe a 2 on the scale. :)
Thanks! You're right I need to relax but it's hard going from being so active to walking like a grandma lol. Can't wait for the waviness to go away!
Thank You! And good luck tomorrow, you'll do great!
I'm def having same symptoms as you. Have to pee a lot and kinda nauseated. Please tell me it goes away tmw:)

Day Five

Went to work today..it was long and tiring and I hardly made it. By the end of the day I was sitting in a cushioned chair icing my stomach. It had actually gotten more swollen since the morning. I think because I was being overly active ( walking, bending over, picking dogs up, etc.)
Probably too much all at once. I was the first to go home. I'm going back tomorrow but will try to chill out. I am like 95% sure my rash is a Heat Rash/ Prickly Heat. It's the worst part about this whole experience so far. Honestly this itchiness is way worse than the pain. Just went and bought some Gold Bond powder so I can sleep. *Fingers Crossed* please work!!!
I had a rash too.....i think it was from the ointment I was using. It cleared up...maybe don't use bacitracin or anything of that nature
How's the rash doing??
Not so great, I called my PS yesterday and he told me to take off the garment over night or until the rash goes away. But when I asked if it will mess with my results he didnt sound so sure Sooo..I took it off for a couple hours and then loaded up on gold bond and put a shirt on under the garment. It's not As itchy but still bothersome and still there. ;( I admit I broke down a little and cried because its driving me nuts and I don't wanna mess up my new tummy.

Emotional Roller Coaster Beginning?

I was so happy the first time I took off my garment...now I wake up and it looks okay but by the end of the day I am extra swollen (I think) and my pouch is back. Slightly smaller but looking the same! Why am I not Flat?! Is this how it works? Will it really be that much different in 3months? I'm crying because I don't know if I like it and I'm constipated and covered in a crazy itchy rash oh and I think my flanks look horrible, now they make me look dumpy.. I'm seeing my PS tomorrow for my 1week follow up and I'm going to talk to him about all this and probably get a quote for my back to be done. Hope everyone else is having a better weekend..
Hey girl!! Yay u did it! Trust me the first week u will look amazing then as weeks go by u will see the pouch again n small areas of fat. U will be swollen for weeks n months. It takes time. I freaked out too when I saw the unevenness n stomach pouch but after a week it went down again. Just hang in there!
Omgosh. I really hope I don't see fat areas or unevenness! I know I should expect all this but even knowing what to expect still freaks me out lol. Thanks though. :)
I think we all go through that..I look horrible moment. After my procedure I was upset too. I couldn't fit in my clothes, I couldnt move and my pooch was still there. 3 months will do wonders, just wait and see!

One Week Post Op

Yesterday was one week and I seen my Ps. He looked at my rash and gave me a new garment to wear yay now I have 2 different colors lol. I have to go back to see him again tomorrow if the rash is still here which so far it is and I think it's getting worse. Gold Bond and Benadryl aren't helping that much anymore. Maybe I can get a corticosteroid hopefully that will work. :/ Anyway he says he took out 1500cc (1.5 liters) WOW! So I am really swollen according to him and I will look totally better than this in 3months. Staying positive. :)
Hope the new garment works for you! Glad to hear you are staying positive...I am having mixed feelings about everything and am trying to avoid the mirror right now. Can you send some of that positivity my way? :)
I finished the antibiotic in 3days and I'm not taking the norco anymore oh and I have taken both medications in the past with no issues.

Love My Dr.

I seen my ps again today and he told me to remove the compression garment for real this time since the rash is still not gone. He assured me that if I get uneven or lumpy he will fix it for free! (With TruSculpt) He's awesome. Oh and I'm also on a steroid now. Fingers crossed this needs to work!

Really Loving My New Body Again

Last night I got dressed up and went out with some friends it was Soo much fun and I wore a shirt that I bought so long ago and Never wore because I was too fat. It looked great on me! I got compliments on how great I was looking and how I really lost some weight! (They don't know) haha I loved every second of it. So Realselfers when you are feeling better put that shirt on that didnt fit before and go show it off!!! You are all so beautiful! And I am so happy now! I didn't even pay attention to my rash I think the steroids are already working! Yay! :D
Happy 4th Of July to my fellow Americans! Be Safe! Xoxoxo
That's awesome, yay! Glad to hear that your rash is getting better. Gotta see more pics!! Have fun in your smaller clothes, girl!!
Glad things are looking good and ur feeling better! Please post new pics soon :) Happy 4th of July!

Week 2

Week 2 already! My rash is totally gone. I seen my ps today and he says I can start wearing my garment for only 12hours a day (at bedtime if I'd like) and everything is healing great! I am loooooooving my results. Just amazing. I was also allowed to return back to normal activities. So I had pole class today! It went great! I wasn't hurting and I kept up with everyone else. I'm attaching new photos I think I'll do weekly photo updates.
Wow for 2 weeks you seem to be healing fantastically!!
Thank You! I feel great! Already returned to ALL activities. If anything hurts I take it easy but that doesn't really happen. I'm Loving this!!
holy cow you look great! so you only had to wear your garment for 2 weeks and you're done???

Week 3

So I don't think there's much of a difference this week except a flat spot I have on the right side. It's not that noticeable but it's there. I seen my ps yesterday and he said it will all flatten out in time and that I look great. Still super happy with my results! Now off to the gym!!!
Dang...you look ridiculously awesome!!! You healed fast!
Thank you! I'm loving it so much! I just looked at your photos too and looks like your swelling is finally coming down. Your shape is going to be awesome!

One Month

A little late on this update. Lost a friend yesterday and it's been hard to deal with.. Well I'm one month post op now. Still have this flat spot and the skin is still numb. But it's a weird numb like I can feel it and I can't at the same time. Weird. The only lump I have is the incision down by my vagina Dr. says to massage it a lot and I have been but don't think it's going away. I don't care. It's not noticeable at all and I love my tummy! Not sore at all anymore. Just a little awkward feeling when I lay on my tummy or bend in a certain way. No biggie. Also I won't be seeing my ps again for another month since everything is going well. :)
Great results indeed. We have almost the same measurements. I had BBL done back in July and lipo has been to me at least rough recovery. Wishing you speedy recovery.
You look fantastic! I hope my results are as good as yours! Fantastic body :)
Oh I'm sorry to hear about your loss...... And where is your scar I can't even see it in that picture, amazing!!
Frankfort Plastic Surgeon

To start with my Dr is now in Orland Park, IL. He is such a kind person! So easy to get along with and makes you feel very comfortable. I like how honest he is and he really takes the time to make sure all your questions are answered. Post Op I see him a lot more than I thought I would. He is really involved in my recovery and making sure everything goes smoothly. I am so happy I went with Dr. Gelman I couldn't ask for anyone better!! :) www.plasticsurgeryexperts.net

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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