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Fleur De Lis Tummy Tuck - Part Two of Massive Overhaul - Frankfort, IL

I am 39 years old and I had Gastric bypass about 5...

I am 39 years old and I had Gastric bypass about 5 years ago. I had an arm lift two weeks ago and it has been more painful that i would have thougt but each day is getting better. I will be getting the tt done in three weeks so hopefully my arms are better by then so i can use them to compensate for lack of abs. I will only have two weeks off work so i am hoping for a smooth recovery. I do have a desk job but as i have learned last week that even a desk job is hard to do when you an in a lot of pain. I am getting the vertical and horizontal cut to get rid of as much extra skin as possible.


I almost had the fleur de lis tummy tuck but my final dr didn't think I needed it. You had a bigger weight loss than I did though so I'm sure you will be happy with it! You will do good with two weeks, I'm PO 7 and feeling okay, with arm lift, lipo and TT. Honestly, my tummy hurts less than my back. The LIPO is what hurts the darn most! Can't wait to see your final results, you are going to look amazing!! Xoxox
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You are so sweet - I am so glad you are doing well - I am still haivng a rough time recovering from the arms - mostly swelling in the lower forearm - and around my elbow. I am healing really well so i am greatefull for that but i have a lot of nerve pain that is kicking my butt - feels like my arms are so tight they are going to split open. I have had 2 c sections and they were nothing like this. I will say i feel better each day. I am looking forward to the Tummy tuck. Most people dont know what it's like trying to hide all these rolls under spanks in the summer heat. When I am wearing a spanks kind of garment - i have a great shape - without it i look like the michelin tire man lol - and the rolls make me so self conscious. at first I was leary of the extra scar and having the t joint becasue they are not always easy to heal but I am hopefull it will all go well. I am excited - and I am pretty sure i am not going to do any lipo with my tt. I am excited to see your after pics when you are all healed! wow - if i would have looked like that at your age, Boy's look out lol Happy healing!
I am having ALOT of swelling in my forearms as well, more than where the surgery was. I think you will be happy with the T incision on your tummy. People couldn't believe I wanted this surgery because I looked decent with clothes on but horrible without them, which is how you feel too! I think our scars will just be battle scars to show how much progress we have made to improve our lives!! :-)

Posted a few pics with clothes - I was not wearing...

Posted a few pics with clothes - I was not wearing body shaper and arms swollen from arm surgery. One more week to go : ) I had a rough night with arms swelling up and very painful just to lay there. Nothing was making it feel better until I finally fell asleep. Trying to drink more water but its hard to do when your busy. Happy Mother's Day to all.


Good luck to you! I'm going in for a fleur de lis on May 16! We will be on the flat side soon!
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Good luck to you too! I cant wait!
Going to love your new look :).
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Next week at this time I will be on the Flat side!...

Next week at this time I will be on the Flat side! I am so excited. I will be a busy bee this weekend trying to get things in order. Can't wait for next Monday : )


I'm so jealous of your arms!! Good luck on your surgery! I'm 10 days behind you!!
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I hear ya!
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can't wait t see your transformation
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Day before so excited and nervous

So much still to do! Trying to help hubby get the pool opened while I can help (and before he's too tired). My last day with the extra flab! Yeaaaaaaa


Hoping you are getting some good rest! Hugs!!!
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Thinking of you today!
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Thank you


Waiting for the fluid to slow down so I can get drains out. If the slow down tonight I could get them out tomorrow but I have a feeling I am stuck waiting until Wednesday. I don't really care but they are in a very sensitive spot. My stomach feels so weird. I think it's the extra fluid that has. Not come out yet. Feels like a waterbed. My body does not feel like me at all and I am in a weird headspace. I am bored out of my gourd but I can't do much because of the drains. Hopefully I can have hubby help me take pics tomorrow.


Im bored too. I had massages and a lot of liquid was literally squeezed from my body. Maybe you can look into getting them?
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Have you asked your doctor about the fluid? I thought the drains would lessen the amount we were retaining. I hate swelling!!!!! Uggghhhhh!! Hang in there.
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Waving hello! I'm with ya!!
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Gross update- reading may be too gross

I have two drains the rt one slowed down a lot on day 2 and has been mostly orange and clear with only 15-20 cc output last few days. So I go into washroom and needed to go number two. I had to push just a little when all of a sudden the deep deep red blood started flowing into the drain and filled the drain. I am not good with blood and started feeling lightheaded and concerned. I got myself together and started to empty the drain. Most of it was a large blood clot glob. Asked hubby to help. He couldn't get it out of the drain either. Made a huge bloody mess. Called ps because of the size of clot and also to see if it would cause infection if it didn't come out of the drain. Dr said not to worry its completely normal. I am exhausted. Hubby was able to disconnect the bulb and clean out the huge ginormous clot. The reason I'm sharing is incase it happens to someone else. Passing a huge clot the size of Texas can be normal. The blood stopped flowing after it filled the first time. Now it's acting like a normal drain. I wonder if there is more clots like that in there? I had normal small clots when I had arm lift but nothing even close to what happened tonight!


my back drain used to drain like crazy, i emptied it with 80 ccs last nite around 7. Nothing at all today, I wonder if its clogged already poked it from the end I can. but dr saod to check if maybe there was a blood clot from behind, well i cant see anything, pressed the whole tube and nothing, front drain is draining alot, wonder if the massage got rid of the fluid? being as she made a whole in my back with a needle and squeezed my back.
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I have been massaging my stomach myself trying to get fluid down and out. Don't really have the extra cash for them. Any special technique they are using? I am just trying to work it towards the drain. I am doing it with the binder on so I'm not sure if I should try it without the binder?
They use arnica oil without the binder for sure. She puts latex gloves on. Lay naked on your backs with your legs bent over over towards your tummy so you dont stretch your tummy skin and just circular movements gently pushing. Lay on your side curled up legs curled to ur tummy again n have someone massage ur side gently pressing then sit on the edge of the bed and massage ur back. That is basically what she does but ask ur PS u def do not want to hurt urself!


So my tailbone is killing me in this chair. I was going to try laying down in bed with knees up. CRAP it hurt so much and I didn't last more than 10 seconds. The pulling on my hip was way too much. Back to the recliner I go. I am crabby and going to have a pity party for one.


Glad you're okay that must've been so scary! Hope you feel better soon! Hugs to you
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Thank you. Feel much better today. Walked around target and went to Applebee's for dinner. Spinach strawberry salad with grilled chicken was delicious. Wore myself out now I'm resting.
Target and Applebee's this soon? Lol I SO wanted to be one of you people lol didnt happen but I'm so glad you're recovering nicely ;)

In a funk

I am in a funk. I know it's totally normal but I am just sad. I know it looks better than it did but I thought the results would look way better. My Hubby keeps trying to say it looks great but as you can all see I am still a lumpy mess. I will talk to ps and I know he's going to say I have to wait to see the final outcome. I just feel so ugly right now and I obviously had some unrealistic expectations. Think I am also starting to pms.


I love your sense of humor "clot the size of Texas". Just don't feel your alone on this journey, more of us have had issues than not I think. But we're all good in the end. Just keep coming on here for encouragement!. Take care.
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Thank you! My dr was trying to be funny and told me to name it "Chunky"
I know it's easier said than done, but don't get discouraged, you are still in the early stages of your recovery. Feel better!
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In a better place

Thank you for all of your kind words of support! They really helped me get out of my pity party. Besides starting to get hormonal and the shock of what my Tummy looks like the lack of good sleep and the tension pain in my hip is getting to me. It's also the angelversary of my first son's passing. I tend to get in a funk anyway so everything collided and I was in a deep dark place. You lovely ladies really helped to cheer me up and I appreciate it.


how are you doing?
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What is the step two garment? Shoulder straps knee length. Not too comfy lol. I got one drain left yay! I sleep so uncomfortable at night. How do you sleep? I have pics of my garment in my review.

One month? Crazy how fast it goes

Finally able to sleep in bed! Feels so good to lay flat. The tt is healing really good. Scar super low and smooth. It's kinda crooked but I am ok with that. What I hate is the extra freaking skin that is still there. I talked to ps and he said if I want to fix the extra skin i will need to have a reverse abdominal plasty? I will post pics- what I think needs to happen is to redo the vertical scar andremove the extra skin there. I don't have an extra 3 grand laying around. The very top dimple, I don't mind. The huge dip above my bb is not cool at all. I think its going to get all sweaty in the summer and that is what I was trying to get rid of. Don't get me wrong the surgery has dramatically changed my figure. And I am happy with the BB down but I don't know what to think. Definitely not what I expected.


Your scar healed beautifully!!! Wow, mine is a mess, I got a new draining hole, third hole I get, others are not completely healed yet. What is this reverse abdominal plasty? how would that work?
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Thanks! I am really surprised at how well its healing - my arms were harder to heal. I am still paranoid I am going to sprout a hole. Especially because I am back in my bed and I toss and turn all night. a reverse TT they would cut a strip of skin from under boobs going all the way across and yank it up - kinda like what they did for the tt but yanking it up instead of down. I have heard a lot of negative reviews on the procedure - I am going to see if he can just go in and take more skin off where the vertical cut is. Hopefully that will take care of it. I still get exhausted doing simple stuff like housecleaning. I am trying to knock it out 15-20 minutes at a time. My house is in serious need of cleaning. lol
I have 3 holes atm, wish I was healing better, cant complain though, it would be unfair. Dont go for a reverse tummy tuck, I had never heard of it but I am sure there must be other was of fixing it rather than giving you another scar. Like you say vertically or parallel and pull down more.
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