Amazed by the results ! Paris, France

I just hate my nose for some reasons...

I just hate my nose for some reasons.

It's dropping down a bit but makes my nostrils bigger. It has a litte hump as well... And the whole thing is worst when Im smiling ! So I just don't smile and I feel very bad about it !!

Im meeting a surgeron tomorow 12 May 2011, very very excited !!

*And the whole thing is worst when Im smiling...

*And the whole thing is worst when Im smiling because it hides my smile, it makes my smile "smaller".

I met a surgeon yesterday in Aix en provence. Not good... I wasn't comfortable with him. He didn't look at me in the eyes when he was talking. He didn't show me any of his photos because of image restriction... No one talk about him on the web, on forum, he doesn't have a website... I knew about him because of a friend who knew a friend. Well I do another meeting with another surgeon in Paris for the 20 June.

I like your nose, and yes find a surgeon you know will do the best work. If the vibe isn't right then listen to your gut. It took me years before I decided on the right surgeon.
yes , i have read your concern before
so let us know what you want to do
yes i agree with you especially you are still young and you would get better on your nose , darling i advice you not to make any decision before you get some real people who had experiences with these kind of surgeries . iam writing to you because i got bitter from some surgeons , iam writing to you and iam going for nose job by the end of may so i prepare my self again for a new surgery .To be honest with you , nose job is very serious and wants a skillful doctor not butcher just hold the sharp knife and makes incision around your nose with some lumps and dumps

i will finish my words with the
prayer for yours
let us know what you manage to do ؟؟؟؟؟؟؟


Hello, I met the new surgeon yesterday in Paris....

Hello, I met the new surgeon yesterday in Paris.

I am finally glad with this meeting. He's really a rhinoplasty specialist and he totally showed that to me by pointing out, with the right words, what was wrong with my nose within the few minutes after our meeting.

When I came to the office, and while waiting, I looked at his rhinoplasty book with like 50 cases and all great results (of course) but I mean by that, he does not only work on the bump and the tip and that's it, but he also work on challenging nose as well like mine that need "finner" improvement.

He really listened to my concerns. Took me in picture and pointed out what was wrong and what we should keep. He noticed that when I breath strongly with my nose, my nostrils collapses, and the air can't go through. So Apparently I have a breathing problem because my nose is way too thin. It also means I won't wait the full price of the surgery.

He won't take off many cartilages of my nose but will add some so it makes my nose look more smooth and "strong". He will aslo work on my nostrils to make them smaller. I was scared about that because I heard too many people saying that it is a very complex thing to do. But my surgeon told me that was something technical yes, but easy as he does that all the time.

Also my upper lip will lenghten and my tip won't drop when I smile.

I can't wait now for the surgery... Im going for it, i won't step back because I know that it can only make my nose "cuter" and improve it. I will put new pictures of my simulation soon !

*I won't pay the whole price

*I won't pay the whole price
you are pretty just the way you are, your nose looks good as is, i woudlnt mess with it.
Thank you for your advice :) Im not going to "mess up" with my nose. It's going to be a more "defined" version of my actual nose to make it more feminine.

Plus, my other main concern was the tip dropping when smiling. My nose is "alright" when at rest but not good when smiling. I know what I want and what I don't want !
I like your nose the way it is .i wold be very lucky if i had the nose like you ,but mine it's diffinatly worse than your .Me to i would like to made a surgery but im very scared about it

6 weeks to go...feels like years !!

6 weeks to go...feels like years !!
I checked out Olivier Gerbault's website and his pictures look great! Good luck with your surgery. Can't wait to see your results!

2 weeks to go !!

2 weeks to go !!
That is great! Yes my surgeon ended up being stand offish after surgery and not good at communicating AT ALL. Glad to know you have given it a lot of thought and research . You have done it the right way! Good luck! You are darling already but this will make you feel that little extra you need. Just remember afterwards it is JUST swelling and it will go away!! So hard from day to day to remember that!! Best of luck!!
Thank you for your nice wishes :) I hope you will appreciate your nose too, it takes time maybe ! I will keep you posted !! D-10 !!
I don't think a nose job makes everyone look better. I would not do it again if given a choice . Do lots of reading before deciding it takes a looooong time to heal!! And I am not very patient. So it has been a long 6 months and I prob have 3-4 more to go!! If not a full 6. And who is to say I will like the final results?? I knew what I had before but do not know what I will end up with!! Read lots of posts before going under the knife on your face!!

J-3 days !!! Im getting ready for it. Taking...

j-3 days !!! Im getting ready for it.
Taking Harnica, eating well and healthy, sleeping and drinking water a lot.

I don't realise it yet. It's like nothing is going to happen. I guess, like my friend say, I will realise it when Im on the operation table.

Today's the day! Thinking of you.

Fingers crossed! Best of luck. Please update us on how you feel!
good luck with your surgery! let me know how it goes!!

HELLO everyone !!!!! That's it. I DID IT !!...

HELLO everyone !!!!!

That's it. I DID IT !! Everything went okay :)

No pain, just really tired and don't like the fact that I can barely breathe with my nose and my lips and throat are really dry but it doesn't really bother me, Im getting used to it ! It feels like a big cold ! I can't barely eat, I can only eat food that ask not a lot of chewing ! I don't think I will sleep well tonight either :/

So, the surgeon said everything went ok :) The staff was really nice. The surgery took 3 hours !! Lot of time as my nose asked really detailed changes. He took off the stitches just 5 hours after the surgery, it was smalls ones! I didn't had lot of blood coming out. It didn't hurt at all. So I can see the tip of my nose and wow it look more up but really in a nice way. Of course it's WAY too early to tell ! I will post pictures :)

Im removing my cast next monday !!! Woohouu can't wait !!

Will keep you guys posted ! :)

D+2 Finally had some good sleep. Well, Im awake...

Finally had some good sleep. Well, Im awake every 3/4 hours but feeling much better. My eyes and lip are dry now, my throat is not anymore as dry as before. I use lot of lipstick and put some Saline Solution Drops in my eyes AND nose. Really helps a lot.

I eated really well last night, mostly proteins as after all this blood loose, you need to eat proteins !

I can't breathe WAY better through my nose, like I now have a small cold :)
Oh yes, I had a little cold before my operation :/ but things are really fine now, if you feel like sneezing, do it with your mouse open and try to do it "nicely".

It's 6 am in the morning and not tired anymore...Im fed up being in my bed ! So boring...
Yes 3 hours because it was an open rhinoplasty :)

He didn't break my nose, well just removed the bump. But mostly the hard work was to work on my nostrils. You need a very talented and specialist surgeon if you want to do something on your nostrils such as making them less visible.

He also corrected my septum that gave me bad breathing through my nose sometimes.
mine should take about 3-3.5 hours too, dr told me. did dr roche have to break your nose, amw920? i wonder why the big difference in time?
3 hours?!! Holy Cow!!! mine was less then an hour.... did you have open or closed? Good luck during your recovery :) The worst part is not being able to breathe, which makes it hard to sleep at night...

D +3 I want to............wash my hair !!!! SO...

D +3
I want to............wash my hair !!!! SO BAD !! Im scared to get my cast wet so I won't touch anything :)

Im feeling great, still NO PAIN, No headache, and can start breathing better :) I sleep well but woke up last night at 3 am because of a nightmare :(

Im hungry all the time, I lost some pounds :( I hope I get them back quickly because I don't like to be too thin !! I just feel like working out !

J-3 days before the cast if off !!!!
Yea!! So excited to hear how it went. Rest rest rest!! And be careful w everything!!! So happy for you!!

Can't wait to see under that tape and splint! Thanks for your updates.

Girl, I remember I woke up every 4 hours! It was awful!!! But it does get better:)

Huuuh Cast is itching me, it's very annoying !!...

Huuuh Cast is itching me, it's very annoying !! Plus the pressure on the face really hurts my eyes, I mean they are dry and starting to get more yellow now !
Im also annoy to sleep in the sit position !! But too scared to sleep on my side because it can make your nose crooked :/

Anyways, good news are that, I can breathe like normally, I can smell things ! My smile is coming back like it used to be..slowly but quite surely !
No pain, no headhache...

J-2 days before the cast is off !!!!
Im starting to get nervous though !!
u r so beautiful already take care and hope u get better soon

D+5 Everything is doing great ! :) Exept my eyes...

Everything is doing great ! :)
Exept my eyes are now yellow !! But well, I don't have anything else to complain about !

D-1 till cast is off !!!! I can't wait !!!

Can't wait to see your photos! It already looks really cute, even with your cast still on.

Angie, could you please (as a community manager) delete those comments of the person "roulette" that is harrassing my page ?
Im thinking of deleting all my storie if she/he keeps saying it's a fake post. It's so annoying and stupid :(
Thank you !
Even with the cast, the shape seems so much better; I think your original nose was pretty as well but I know how these little imperfections can be so irritating. If something bothers you for so long you are better off fixing it. I'm sure your results will be great! Many people get startled when the cast is taken off because of the swelling so please remember that it will only get better! Please pos pictures of your new nose, can't wait to see them!

I took off the cast !!! WOW !! Amazed by the...

I took off the cast !!!
WOW !!
Amazed by the results ! It's exactly what I wanted !!! Such a scary thing too, before taking off the cast, it felt like my heart was beating so fast that I was going to faint !
It's a new part in my face and it's weird to look at me in the mirror after !!
All the stress and pressure is now gone and I feel exausted !

I will post pictures tomorow :)

D+6 I added some pictures ! Still can't believe...

I added some pictures !
Still can't believe how it changed my face, slightly but surely !

It's emotionnally a big experience ! So if you want to change your nose, be prepared to feel looking weird after the cast is off ! You need time to accept your new (beautiful) nose :) It can change the angle between your nose and mouse, your eyes (give an impression of more distance btwn them) and so one.
For me, it's the bridge that (even still very swollen) is weird to me. It gives me a less angry look.

I hope the swelling will go away fast ! At night I tape my nose as the surgeon said !
you look so pretty!!! i love it!! how are you feeling? mine was two days after yours, i'm feeling good, but pushed myself too much the last couple days and really wiped myself out!! i love your results!! are you happy?
It looks great!

Wow your nose looks great, your doctor did an excellent job!  :)  Thanks so much for sharing your experience.


I will add news pictures after 1 month ! Looking...

I will add news pictures after 1 month !
Looking great so far and only compliment ! My family think it changed me a little, keep the personnality of my face but of course with a more defined nose. That's exactly what I wanted.

Monday = back to work, hope nobody notice it and that my yellow eyes are gone :)
You look like a gorgeous French model!
I like your pic you got baby face!
This may sound weird but it kind of makes your top lip look fuller.

D+9 So I noticed something that don't particulary...

So I noticed something that don't particulary bother me BUT that's weird still.

My surgeon said he would work on my nostril to make them less visible. But thing is that I don't notice anything done to my nostrils. There are the same shape.

Im very very happy with the results, don't get me wrong. But still, Im going to ask my surgeon about it. It's something we talked about the operation and that I was very clear about it with him !
I agree looks great.
Lol I think my nose gives me the angry, sad look, people at times ask if I'm feeling sick. I dunno, I hate that! I think the whole nostril thing, maybe you should give it some time for the swelling to go down. They might look large because the tip is still swollen. Even though I like your nostrils. And bonus on the lip lift!
Wow your nose looks great, it looks so pretty and natural!

D+3 weeks Hello ! So talked to my surgeon about...

D+3 weeks
Hello !
So talked to my surgeon about the nostrils and he said he agreed that on the lateral view that there's still a slight but significant columellar show. He didn't work on my nostrils because he thought that with the cephalic rotation of my tip it could have fixed the problem... It's not a BIG concern to me. Im still VERY VERY happy with my result ! But it would be the cherry on the cake to fix my nostrils :)

I have to wait few weeks so to see if there is a change, but I don't think so. If no, I will be back on the operation table in 6 month (so my nose has time to heal). For this minor change, that is very easy to fix, he won't have to open my nose.

My nose is still sensible when I touch it especially where the bump was removed and I can barely feel my tip.

I feel that if I look closely, I still can see a little tiny bump. Not noticeable on pictures though. Maybe this will go aways...maybe not !
you look really great! wow! all healed!
i like ur hair color it's amazing and ur nose looks very natural glad to u
I am so happy :)

Like my doctor right now, I like him and he gives me a good viber. He is in a good arrodisement in Paris and He looks proffesional, but He didnt want to show me pics of his patients cause is 'unethical' He said, so just showed me 2 cases he has in his webpage.... First thing I didnt love about him. Second is that He didnt undestand what I wanted and also didnt propose anything; like He said He cant tell me what to do... Not even like an opinion as an expert??? 'Anatomically speaking... I think your face needs that or for the shape of your bla, the most aesthetic thing would be this'

I will call Dr. Olivier Gerbault today, for an appointment this afternoon if possible.
I went to his webpage and I can say the job he did on you Luna, is the best!!
I am very selective within where I make my sugeries, so I absolutely want a private hospital. As I am from America, I now the best hospitals in there, but not in Paris. Could you pls tell me in wich hospital you did yours?? And of course if you felt great like is clean and the staff is nice? Thank you very much for sharing this experience with me. Cheers everyone!

+ 1 Month. Nothing really new ! Nose is less less...

+ 1 Month.
Nothing really new ! Nose is less less sensible and I can feel it's less like a "rock" less hard ? I don't know if you understand. Im having an appointment in 3 weeks,or something, to take pictures with my surgeon, and talk about nostrils show.
Will keep you posted :)
your nose looks awesome!!! i bet you are so happy with the results! it looks like you have barely any swelling!!
Thank you !! I looked at your page too and yours looks amazing too :) You look so beautiful with the ponytail, very classic and so elegant !

+ 2 month in few days ! Time flies.....

+ 2 month in few days ! Time flies...

Everything is perfect.
I took the decision to not to make a retouch on my nostrils. I think it looks fine like this. + I don't want to pay again for the anesthesist and the hospital costs.

My nose changed again after 1 month, it's more small, but really you can't notice on pictures.

I also have a tiny little ball on the bridge of my nose, it feels like a little hump/ball but that you can't notive on picture. I wonder what it is, but anyaways, as long as it's not noticeable it will be fine.

People asked me if I have more confidence now. I answer them that yes I feel a little more confident with my look especially when I smile. But if you are a shy person to start with, don't expect that a rhinoplasty will make you like a different person. It won't. (not that Im shy)
ooops thought this was in my in basket!
I was just cleaning it up, thought I may have put too many in.
you deleted most of your pics. :( why?

I did my 2 month + check up with my surgeon !! So...

I did my 2 month + check up with my surgeon !! So we took pictures and to be honest...Im stil amazed by the results ;) Im so so happy !!!! My smile before was SO awful...Now it's a normal smile and Im not affraid to show it.
What great results! Your face looks so soft and feminine :) wish you had pics up when you first got it done, so I could see the transition!
Wow, I love you french women; so sexy! The final result looks amazing, I'm happy for you. I wish I lived in France so I may have the opportunity to use this surgeon, but oh well.
Wow!!!! Your doc did a fantastic job! You look amazing! :) Very happy for you!

OMG that's it ! + 6 months !! I can't believe it.....

OMG that's it ! + 6 months !! I can't believe it... My nose changed since last month again... It's still fantastic and everytime I look in the mirror, I can't believe what a cute nose I have. I noticed that I have a bump where I actually had my big bump so I guess it will stay...It's okay, I don't mind that much as it's barely noticeable. But if it makes bone mark or somthing (as I don't know if my swelling is gone or not) then I might think about getting a little revision as I absolutly don't want it to be visible.
So crossed fingers :)
I agree with the previous poster, you are extremely beautiful. You should be a skincare model, you have the most luminous, flawless looking skin... it's pretty amazing.
Wow, you are extremely beautiful! Do you mind me asking if you had a revision in the end? I don't think you need it (i think you need to be a supermodel!), but of course it's no-one's decision but yours
Wow! Beautiful!

Hello :) It's been 1 year and 7 months after the...

Hello :)
It's been 1 year and 7 months after the surgery ! I think it will be my last review because my nose didn't change since the last time.
I still love my nose, and it did helped my confidence... Im not 100% confident about myself and still find some little stuff i would dlike to fix, like my chin that I chin is too flat but that's another story...
I posted new pictures so you can see how my nose is after year.
See, nothing really different :)

So for people who think about getting surgery for years and years, people that feel so insecure about their nose, chin, boobs, and so one, well, I experienced it so I can say go for it. Don't listen to people telling you not to do it. They are not you. Your life will be sightly different after, don't expect a dramatic difference, it's just one step toward reconciliation with yourself. As long as you love who you are inside and outside, your life will be happier :)

Good luck,
I am scheduled to have an ethnic rhinoplasty with Dr Gerbault in a few weeks - I am so nervous!
You are such a beauty ( like everyone else says). I personally don't think you should touch your chin. It looks perfectly fine to me. But obviously do what you feel is right for you. Thank you for posting new pics over a year after. It looks SOOOOO good! Congrats on your great results!
You are soooooo pretty!! Don't touch your chin. It looks great. This is coming from someone who has a (self-proclaimed) high standard for beauty. Move to the US because you could possible model. I haven't had my rhinoplasty, yet, but I WISH my face could support an "after" nose like your's. It won't :) But I'll be happy with whatever improvement I get.
Olivier Gerbault

My surgeon Olivier Gerbault did an excellent work ! I highly recommend him ! My first talk with him was to send him an email with my picture and he answered really quickly and did some simulation. Only bad thing is that he didn't spend enough time with me. The first consultation, he took time, like one hour together which was good and normal, but after, it was really quick, even the day the cast came off.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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