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Neck Lift and Revision for Crepy Skin on my Neck (At Adam's Apple) - France

I had a neck lift in Sept 09 and a revision in Dec...

I had a neck lift in Sept 09 and a revision in Dec 09, however the creepiness on my neck still remains. My neck lift included an incision around my ear lope and into my hairline on the scalp. The surgeon did not carry out submental dissection, nor do I have a scar under my chin.

Please can you help, I am so dissapointed with the result and very upset. Thank you in advance for any advice.


My neck looks similar to this but I had submental incision plus "extensive" undermining....and mine was done in the U.S. I've seen others with similar photos. In fact I've seen physicians post post-photos with this similar creepiness. What's going on? Is this muscle that's not secured, excess skin or submental glands?
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What have you decided to do?
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For future reference look for good before and after photos for any surgery...
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