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Surgery After Aquamid in Lips - France, FR

Hello everyone, I had been injected with aquamid...

Hello everyone,

I had been injected with aquamid about 5 years in upper and lower lips. after the fifth years I had granuloma in lips and swelling above my upper lip and my upper looses its shape.
I saw several surgeon and one, a very good who had the experience of to remove permanent fillers operated me.
He managed to remove a lot of granuloma, it was very awfull!!

Now this is the 3th weeks and I'm waiting that the swelling goes away...i'm waiting and it's very long....

does anyboby have the experience of remove fillers? in lips or anywhere?


aquamid is very very very bad

It's very very long for the bump disappear even after the surgery.....

2 month after

It's still swollen, it's very very long....
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I also had aquamid in approx 2003 in my lips under my eyes and In the chin area My lips are very lumpy And I have a sausage like lump under both eyes and one beside my mouth. I tried to have some aspirated from my lips and it got infected and swelled up really big If I get any other filler under my eyes to cover the aquamid I get lots swelling and bad bruising for weeks I regret ever having it and I think it should be banned I'm too scared to have it removed and it's going to costs thousands
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How are you now?  Did the swelling finally go down?  We'd love a review update to see how you are doing!

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It's normal, it's swollen a little bit , the granulomas was pretty big, so the flesh are working to reconstructive themselves.
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I can't believe there is still some swelling after 2 months. :-/

Thank you so much for continuing to update us. Its really helpful.

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Hi Megan and readers.... The swelling begins to decrease pretty well but it's still swollen in the area of my upper lip, actually I have a hematoma and it's very hard when I touch my upper lip, I can smile a little but not too much. I have to wait One month again for the hematoma fade away..... My lips are ok , my upper lip find a nice shape back... I'm feeling sometimes very sad and sometimes I keep hopes to find out my lips back like before....
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I can understand why you would feel sad, you have been through a lot it sounds like. I'm glad to hear you are seeing some healing, and I will be hoping that hematoma goes away as quick as possible for you. I know it is probably hard to take your mind off of it, but try to focus on the other positive things in your life. I will be hoping your healing goes smooth. Please continue to keep us posted.

Sending you a hug!

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I'm so sorry to hear you had to have surgery to remove the Aquamid from your lips. I'm glad you decided to share your story with us so others can learn from you. Now that more time has gone by, how is the swelling doing? How are you feeling?

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