I am worried... NEED YOUR HELP!

Hi everyone. i had my surgery and I'm in the...

Hi everyone. i had my surgery and I'm in the waiting post-op process now. It's still swollen but the problems I've had before surgery are going away. I am kind of worried that my nose looks too 'perfect' and therefore fake, but that's really my only problem. I am very happy with my surgeon he is amazing. I used to have a crooked and overly narrow bridge, a slightly bulbous and droopy tip. I also had a small hump. My breathing was also pretty bad.

My nose, aesthetically wasn't THAT bad if you saw me in person, but It did have its problems. I wanted to have the surgery and get it out of the way.

I must say, my aura changed quite a bit. I was considered a unique looking pretty girl before and I think the tip reduction changed that. I do like larger tips but I thought it would be nicer if it was slightly smaller. I also had bad tip support so cartilage grafting was done. So it is going to get some time getting used to my new tip!

I'm so much happier. Of course getting used to it is always a ride. But finally I don't look crooked like before :) I think my doctor did wonders. He is a true artist.
I'm glad you are on the other side of this and are happy so far with your results! Do you remember what it felt like right after you woke up from anesthesia?
I immediately asked what time it was! I wanted to know how long surgery took. It took almost 6 hours... I was like oh wow well at least my nose looks good as the nurse pointed out.

12 days post-op

Afraid that my nose is too pointy.

I am one month post-op! Friends and family are watching my nose as swellings subsides. One major thing that worries me is the tip of my nose being too small-pointy. I was hesitant to make it smaller before surgery, because I knew that it might look fake and weird. I also love a bit of bulbous tips generally, its my taste. But I decided to go with it anyway since my parents and doctor said it should be done.

Now, I don't know. It feels too small. What do you think?
Great result! Your nose looks very natural and you are still very pretty!
You look fabulous! I promise you it is perfect...not too small! Very natural looking!
Your nose actually looks good.

My nasal tip

I think that my nasal tip looks too... pointy/skinny post-op, I was wondering if it can get a bit wider as time goes by. My tip looks wider than before, but the very tip is much pointier and smaller. I mean it appears wider from the sides/nostrils, but it is less bulbous if that makes sense. I was wondering if this extreme pointy look will pass over time because I think I look very different post-op...
i am having the same issues are you. Its really hard to describe what is going on. i think it has to do with deprojection and rotation?! Ultimately I really want my old nose back :( Good luck with everything
Your nose is lovely, and you are beautiful-enjoy your lovely result. I actually thought you were VERY pretty before, but now you look equally as lovely, only with a more refined nose: ) You are sooo early in the healing process, and things will only continue to improve as time goes on! Don't focus on what might be very small details, focus on the overall picture, which is gorgeous-you are so lucky! Congrats on your great results and be well!!
Is this a revision? I think it looks really good and the swelling will continue to subside.

Some questions to the community

Will my nasal bridge become more defined and my nasal tip wider by any chance?
I think u look good. Plus you have lots ofvtime to de-swell
You were pretty before too! now your face looks super elegant and beautiful. I broke my nose last year and i hate the imperfection every time I look in the mirror so Im looking for surgeons at the moment. Who is your doctor ?He has done a beautiful job
u were already so pretty .but now your nose looks super pretty and very elegant. I broke my nose last year and the imperfection bothers me daily,hence searching for the best surgeon for me. When I see what a perfect nose you have, I must ask you who is the doctor? and what was the cost ?
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