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Hello all, I had a FRAXEL RESTORE DUAL session...

Hello all,

I had a FRAXEL RESTORE DUAL session 7 weeks ago to treat a small surgical scar on the bridge of my nose and a couple of small and not deep acne scars on my chin and lower cheeks area.

The doctor told me I might need one or two sessions.

I asked him about side effects and potential damage. He only mentioned transitory hyper pigmentation in case of unprotected sun exposure.

The first two weeks after the pocedure my face looked nice, even toned with no scars.
On week three I started to develop a quite severe acne on my chin area. It cleared in two weeks with a use of antibiotics.
On week 5 started to notice lines on my chin that were not there before. They looked noticeable when I was smiling or talking.

Mentioned my concerns to my Dr during my 6 week post procedure appointment.
He said they were linked to muscle activity and not due to laser.
Told him that they were not there before laser and nobody ages in 6 weeks.

He told me to come back in 3 months but that the lines will eventually fade. He also told me not to use harsh products: AHA retin a ... for at least six months and to let my skin heal.

I am now hoping that these lines fade.....

I definitely don't think that FRAXEL RESTORE DUAL was worth it for me I think it was too strong for my sensitive skin...might have prefered if Dr had recommended a lighter alternative...

Good thing I did not have my full face treated...
Will not get any more laser in the future even if Dr said I will benefit for another treatment.

I think its a gamble as I read many reviews on the site that many people end up with bad results and suffer emotional and physical damage...

I do not recommend FRAXEL I only hope my lines fade and my skin goes back to normal.

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May 16th 2013

In addition to the small lines I am also dealing with tiny dots/laser tracks on part of my forehead and on my chin. My skin does not look as healthy as it used to be.


Unlike you I wouldn't say Fraxel Restore created new lines. I suppose it reduced the depth of my deep forehead wrinkles but its wearing off as time goes by. I hope for better results after Session 2 on July 18th.
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I just emailed you back
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August 27 2013

It has been 5 months since my one and only fraxel dual. Things are improving. Overall texture is better and orange peel look is less noticeable. Same for dots and lines which are also less noticeable. Lets hope the healing continues.


Please write me. I did the same thing. I am desperate for any advice I can find. December 13, 2013 was my procedure. ***removed email address***
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Things are better I am now 9 months post fraxel...Things are much much better: texture as well as dots and lines are improving. I hope that by the one year mark things will be back to pre-fraxel. Fingers crossed... I treat my skin very gently. No exfoliation or AHA or retin A. Healing is a lengthy process...
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Good to hear! Yes! With 14 layers of skin it does take about 16-18 months I think to heal!
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