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So far, I am very happy with my direct neck lift....

So far, I am very happy with my direct neck lift. The scar after almost three weeks is hardly visible. None of my friends can notice it, I had no remark. I had a little too much skin under my chin and the surgeon
cut it off making a T scar, so I have a vertical scar which is so discreet that nobdy notices it. The result : I have now a very nice neck angle which I wanted to have.
I must thank Dr. Epstein for all his good advice on his website and e-mails. But I had the surgery made in France. Here is the scar 18 days after the surgery.
So where does this scar begin ----
The T scar started just under the chin (the horizontal part of it), is not visible, unless I lift my head.
Wow --- impressed. I have never seen that before -- was that all he did was take off excess skin or did he perform tightening?

direct neck lift, one month after surgery

So far I am very satisfied with this surgery called "direct neck lift" which normaly is done only on older men.
It was Dr Epstein website, but Dr. Eppley's website which inspired me and Dr. Drossard in France
did the surgery.
Nice! I still have salivary glands showing and my neck has some wrinkles, but i guess I look like younger and revitalized.
Above you can see three photos : the first on the left is taken before the neck lift and the other two after. You can see that the skin under the chin is gone and the angle perfect.

6 weeks post direct neck lift, one photo before direct neck lift

Still very happy with the surgery by Dr. Drossard, France.
dr drossard

Excellent young surgeon.

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