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I just had my lipo and BBL on March 24th, 2011. I...

I just had my lipo and BBL on March 24th, 2011. I had fat removed from my flanks, upper abdomine, and back. I had enough fat in these areas to put in almost 1000cc's into each butt cheek. My first doctor said there was no way he wanted to put in the amount of cc's into my butt. I originally told him I wanted 700-800 cc's. He said he was uncomfortable with my request and basically didnt want to deal with me. He didnt even talk to me after that to try to explain anything he just told the office manager tell me this. The office manager then suggested another doctor. I showed her pictures of what I wanted and asked her if it was possible to have similar results. My new doctor was wonderful and had much better customer servie skills or bedside manner than the first doctor.

I am sore now but I was walking around since the day after surgery. I have great volume in my butt and despite the swelling at my waist and back and stomach, I do look smaller and more curvy.

I liked the Kim K look. -I went online and there is a site called curvy girls are better than skinny girls. Some thing like that. I just browsed the pictures and looked for what I found appealing and what would look good on my body shape and size. I also did want to see a big difference.I knew based on reading this website it was best to overfill to a certain degree to make up for the amount of fat that will be reabsorbed. I also didnt want to go through this twice. 3ight now I am still swollen and alittle uncomfortable but my waist looks so much smaller and I have a big bubble butt. I know its going to go down some but I am really taking care of myself so as not to sit at all or put pressure on my butt. Just want to retain as much as I possibly can.
As far as the first doctor goes, I can respect that he felt uncomfortable with the amount of cc's that I wanted. I rather he tell me and not do it than to take my money and not give me the results I wanted. I do think he could have told me himself and explain why but its ok.
That Dr. had some nerves at 187 I think your body type would look be banging with a rounder butt!! What type of butt shape did you have in mind? More like Kim K? or more like a video vixen?
I will post my pictures soon. I have to take after pictures as soon as I recovery alittle bit more.
The first doctor didnt even tell me that he wouldnt do it. He just said that he didnt feel comfortable going that large. I am 5'4 and weighing at 187. I have large hips but lacked the roundness in the butt area. -I am on my 5th day of recovery and I had to stop my pain meds. Its ok because I am not in too much pain now. The pain meds were making me constipated. I have been walking around alot and trying to get back into normal life. Sleeping has been a challenge. I am tired of sleeping on my stomach. Other than that I am doing well.

Tomorrow will be a week after my surgery. I am...

Tomorrow will be a week after my surgery. I am feeling alot better. The only real complication was that I was constipated. This lasted almost a week. I started taking stool softeners and eatting prunes and increased my water intake. Finaly I am going ok but the funny thing is that my butt is so big and I cant sit on the toilet all the way yet that its hard to wipe. I had to get one of those bottles that you use to bath with after you have a baby. Ihavent started itching yet like everyone says starts to happen. I am still swollenon my butt and where I had lipo but I feel alot better. I am also off the pain meds. I really dont need them at all.
Hi Malianrob. I too had my BBL on March 24, 2011. I had a great doctor in NYC. When I first decided to do this procedure, I went to a well-known plastic surgeon also in NYC ( I actually went to him twice on two different occassions) He was charging me around $11,500. I decided to go to the plastic surgeon that did my cousins breast augmentation (which look great) The doctor sat with me for almost an hour and told me about the entire procedure, he took his time and then answered any and all my questions. I felt comfortable with him, so after that I booked my date, again March 24th.

Tomorrow marks 3 weeks since the surgery. My first two days was not too bad, just very sore. I took a week and 3 days off from work. I am a secretary so my job is mostly sitting, however, I put more pressure on the back on my thighs and my butt is sort of lifted up from the chair. I do get up ever so often and walk around. Just like you, standking and walking around is not a problem. My lipo areas are itching like crazy and I am also sore around those areas.

My butt looks much better than before. I am hoping that after the sweeling goes down my butt is a little more rounder, it's high on top but a little flatter on the bottom. The doctor's assistant told me when she saw me that I will have a shelf that I was still very swollen and in a few weeks I will continue to see a difference. My co-workers who dont know I had the procedure done notice a difference, which makes me happy. I mean I do see a big difference because I am curvy now (I have a waist!)
I forgot to mention that I too had lipo in the same areas as you (upper ab, flanks, back) and my doc put 750 cc's in each butt cheek.
SexxyNezzy, did you see your results right away in you ab area, I'm afraid that my swelling will not go down, I had my surgery on April 1st and my stomach is still swollen and hard. I'm like okay, is it going to go flat? And Im afraid that if my butt gets any smaller, that I will have to get this procedure done again.

Today is offically one month (4 weeks) since my...

Today is offically one month (4 weeks) since my surgery. I feel great and my butt looks good. I noticed the most shrinking was in week two. I think thats when the sweeling really started going down. Right now my butt still looks big and still have that shelf look but id rounding out more toward the bottom. I still havent sat down. I am determined to make it to 6 weeks. I kept hearing different things so I just decided to not sit as long as possible or lay on my butt to make sure I get the best results. I am actually getting used to it so its not too bad. My plan has been to first get the BBL, recover, then get my full tummy tuck. So if the healing continues this good maybe by Semptember I will be able to do my tummy.
I am so far excited about the results and very happy.

what is your doctor's name?
What's ur doc name???I ready to dothis@5yr iam ready.
your booty looks amazing! I'm trying to find the right PS with the right price. Who is your PS?

also i was just wondering is the consultation free and how long did u have to wait to do the producer ?
how r u feeling how??? has the bruises and scars healed yet?
Your booty is so round!!! What are your before and after measurements for the waist and the butt?

Photo Update

In a few days I will be 6 weeks post op. I still...

In a few days I will be 6 weeks post op. I still havent sat down, I probably can now but I would really like to complete the 6 weeks. Just my personal goal. I know its probably silly but I am determined.
I noticed that my butt is still a good size and becoming more rounded. I have a doctor appointment soon and maybe then we can determine how much fatt got reabsorbed at this time. My butt looks big right now but trust me it was bigger :) Mostly swollen. I hope it stays the way it is right now. On Thursday the 5th will by 6 weeks gfor me and that night I am supposed to take a flight to Miami so we shall see how I do. Keep you guys posted!


Your pict are great. I better say you look great!! :)

I am one of many people who are thinking of getting BBL. I have spent more than 3 years trying to figure out where and who... I was researching on this doctor, and there is no info regarding whether or not she performs BBL procedures..
I found the address of her location no ph # :/

Maybe you can share more info about her :)
can you post a b4 pic and it was 500 in each cheek?
how many cc did the new doctor end up putting ? did you have a butt b4?

I am at my fourth month mark and I went in for a...

I am at my fourth month mark and I went in for a check up. So far so good. I have lost very little to reaborption. My doctor said I did lose some of the fat but really not much. Personally I think I have kept about 90%.My butt still looks great, very round. I am happy!! She also told me that my lipo areas are still healing. I will post new pictures soon.
Hi there I'm considering your Dr for my bbl..are u still happy with the results?
She hiked it!! I'm pretty bummed.
Have you had any changes to the volume of your booty?

Its been two years almost since my surgery and i...

Its been two years almost since my surgery and i am absolutely happy with the results. I still have all the volume in my butt and i look great.
You look great! Do u notice an increase in size at all as time passes?
You look great hun
Wow you look awesome!!! 
Orange County Plastic Surgeon

I did alot of research on her and I liked what I read about her. Also once I met her I felt like I clicked with her well. She didnt make any promises or blow smoke she just said she will do the best she can based on what my expectations are and hopes that we will both be happy.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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