FotoFacial for Rosacia

I really like the results of my FotoFacial...

I really like the results of my FotoFacial treatments. Three years ago (I am 47 now) I had the butterfly zone (across my cheeks and nose) done.  I have very sensitive skin and many moisturizers feel like they burn my face. I also have rosacia. I use Metrogel and it usually controls it nicely.  However, I could not bring it under control for about 6 months. It was then that I researched and made my decision to have the treatment.

The plan I choose was 3 treatments about 3 months apart. However, I only had two because I achieved the results I wanted.  It is painful but not too bad. Together with the staff, I decided to not  use the fullest strength treatment for my skin type because of my skin sensitivity. They decided to charge my $100 for each treatment.

In the first treatment, they cooled my skin with ice gel packs. They were supposed to go over the area three times but I could not tolerate the pain so they went over only two times. It is like little rubberband snaps and where I had rosacia flare ups, it hurt too bad. When I left, my skin was a little pink but mostly normal looking. I saw the results about a month later. My skin was plumper and tighter. The rosacia was lessened because the pores had more collagen around them and were strengthened.

During the second treatment, the technician increased the power within my skin type range but still not full power. This time they used a cool air jet attached to the foto devise to cool my skin. This worked better to prevent pain. We were able to do three passes this time. Like the previous time I saw no changes and looked fine afterward. About a month later the results were there.

I kind of compare my pre-treatment skin to piece of old soft but floppy velvet. After it was more firm but still soft, more like a peach skin. The rosacia is under control now. The only drawbacks are that the treatment seems to harden some things under your skin. I had one or two whiteheads developing but not where I saw them through the skin. They became hardened and were hard to remove. Next time I do this I think I will go for a facial first and have my skin in it's best shape.

I will do it again because I really like the firming effects. I want to have my whole face done and I know it is safe for me.
Suzki33, where did you receive your treatment? I am near lynnwood, and would love to have this procedure done
can anyone here please recommend any photo light treatmnet for aczema. and if any of you had got it done and found it effective please inform me. thankyou
Suzki33, was topical anesthetic offered to you? I've never had photo facial done, but I've had laser hair removal done. I think the those numbing cream would help a lot in lessening the pain. My question is, is the treatment called FotoFacial? I'd like to know exactly so I know what to look for. Thanks!
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