Removing Six Dog-ears and a Minor Abnormality in my Belly Button, 22 Months Post Mommy Makeover - Foster City, CA

Hi! I had a mommy makeover on 6 November 2012,...

Hi! I had a mommy makeover on 6 November 2012, and at that time, I was left with some very large puckering at each end of every incision. In addition, I spit a stitch in my belly button and it was right where the knot was, so I got a lump there. After nearly two years, these dog-ears are all _very_ minor, and all seven should take about an hour to fix total, outpatient. I've chosen to pay for this from a local doctor, rather than flying to my original PS to get it done for free, mainly for the convenience of staying in town (this doctor's office is only a few blocks away--while my original PS is in Texas.) I have three children that I am full-time caregiver for (husband works) and flying out of town would be a huge hassle. I also decided that I wanted to get a bit of lipo contouring as well, and since I'd have to pay for that anyway, the costs somewhat even out. They gave me a discount on the lipo because it's a very small quantity (less than 200 cc's). I'll post all my pictures from the doctor when I get them from my doctor. They'll take them on the day of surgery. For those of you contemplating removing dog-ears, I'll just mention that dog-ears are usually at the end of an incision, and that means that you have to extend the scar in order to excise them. I am hoping it will improve the shape of my breasts (which look a little boxy from the dog-ears but are actually very well-formed from the surgery) as well as remove the unsightly puckering everywhere, but it will make all of the already very large scars larger.

Before Pics!

These show the dog ears and my belly button.  I'm still not entirely sure I should do the one on my left breast.

Tomorrow is the day!

Not much to say :).  I go in at 7:30 a.m. and should be done with everything by 11:30 a.m.  I added knee lipo which should take even less time than the other stuff.  The scar revision should be easy work for the doc--I'm much more concerned about the lipo, frankly.  Still a little sad that my scars will get longer, but hubby and I really don't like the dog-ears, so off they go!  I'm expecting very little pain--so little that I won't notice it over the lipo.  I'll tell you guys how right I was afterward, ;).

Please wish me luck!

It's time!

It's 7:59 am, I've taken my meds and before pics.  Waiting for the doctor now.  They offered NetFlix while I wait!  Whaaa?  Swanky :).  I was like, I can listen to my music for 15 minutes.  Instead I'm here updating.  Who needs Netflix?!


the revisions ended up taking a lite longer than we'd expected, but hopefully everything went well :).  I'm covered by a compression garment so it'll be a little while before I can post.


it's 3pm and the lidocaine has begunwearing off on my left breast.  It burns.  Ow!  I've already taken roxicodone.  Don't know if it's working or not.

Still, it's totally bearable.

Post-op Pics, day 1

Looking very bloody, but I'm not supposed to remove the plastic.

Post-shower vid.

1 day post-op

Trying my hand at uploading a video.

Getting tired of these bandages.

A little stinging, a lot of itching, and I'm getting tired of these saran-wrap-thpe bandages just trapping the blood.  My navel looks great though!  I hope the others will look equally great soon.  

Oh, I was supposed to get a call from Dr. B's office the day after the procedure to schedule my follow-up appointment, but that call never came.  So I have no idea how long I'm supposed to keep these things on.  

I'll call tomorrow.

Bad Reaction :(

I thought the itching was healing, but now it's red and swollen where he cleaned me yesterday:(.  The itching is also terrible.  I'm so glad I'm going to see the doc tomorrow, but it's not till the afternoon.  If it gets a lot worse, I'm going to the emergency room.  Hoping not to do that though.  Huge pain in the butt!

PO Day 12

Infection is gone and the wounds have closed!  Yay!  Doc said I could start scar treatment.

PO Day 25

Everything is looking great!  Healing is going well, and the only itching left is in my breast scar revisions on the medial side.  So both of the scars in the center are itching, though it's less today.  It may be because I took an antihistamine last night (24-hour) for terrible allergies I've been having lately.  I feel like it's from this surgery, because I don't normally have allergies like that, but we'll see low long it continues.  

Meanwhile, I'm uploading new pics.  I'm so pleased!  It's not perfect, but it's vastly improved from before and better than I'd expected :):):).  Sorry, they're all in random order for some reason.

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Looks great!!! You can definitely tell a big difference! I'm so happy for you!
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Thank you! :):):):)!!!
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It looks amazing!!
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Thanks!  I cannot stress enough how much I love your tattoo.  I mentioned it before, but WOW!
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You truly look stunning! I am so happy for you, beautiful results.
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Thank you, lady :).  xoxo
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You really are all healed up so quickly too! WOOOOOHOOOOOO! It Really is a HAPP Tuesday all around here :) I LOVE this positive energy around RS from the results a lot of women have. :)
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Happy Happy Happy :0) OXXO
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You look great. Your body is so different from the beginning. It is amazing. I hope the itching and swelling goes away. Happy healing.
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Thank you!  It really is different.  The beauty of serious surgeries like tummy tucks and breast lifts is that the results can be really dramatic.  You pay for it with pain and scarring, of course, but it's a cost-benefits analysis, like everything else :).  For me, with the diastasis, and 16% body fat (at the time of my surgery,) lipo wouldn't have done it for me.  It's been a great refinement tool, though, especially since my body fat is closer to 20 % now :D.
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Hi Two plus one, can you tell me what doctor did your revision?
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I'll PM you :).
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Yay! I'm glad you are getting your revision. Hope you are happy with your results!!
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Thank you!  And I hope so, too!  But so far everything looks good.  If it ends up a little uneven in the lipo, I hope I'll be able to take a step back and enjoy how much better it looks.  We'll seeā€¦at this point I'm feeling positive about everything and assuming swelling is the culprit
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Hey lady -- thinking of you ! Hang in there -- beauty isn't cheap or without challenges but it is worth it! LoL.... You might need to remind me of this on one of my "off" days....
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My revision was nothing compared to what you went through.  I'm already feeling mostly recovered--just some soreness here and there, mostly in the knees.  No worries!  How are you doing?
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Did they give you post-op instructions? If so it may be in there in tiny print. :/ Do you use benadryl cream or pills for the itchiness?
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I only got PO instructions for the lipo, for some reason, and they are...terse.  I know they said some stuff after but in hindsight, I was pretty high and it is extremely hazy.
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Oh, and no, the itching is totally bearable, it's just noticrable.
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I always take benadryl,i have bad allergies. You're Lucky!
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Did you call them today?
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Yep!  I just saw the doctor so he could change one of my dressings :D.  But my post-op visit will be Thursday.
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Ok great :0 Did he say al was great?
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