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Invisalign 14 Years After Regular Brace! Foster City, CA

I'm embarking on my 6 month journey of Invisalign...

I'm embarking on my 6 month journey of Invisalign treatment, and I'm going to share it all with you, and help myself see the progress along the way. 14 years ago during my teen years I wore regular braces for about 2 years. I had a lot of gaps between my teeth and thankfully my mom made an investment into my smile back then. Now, fast-forward 14 years, my teeth moved and I got gaps on both sides of my top and bottom teeth (see attached photos) which I decided to fix before it gets worse.

Tray 1 of 9
I got my first tray of Invisalign on Monday. During first appointment my doctor put in total of 6 attachments, 2 on top teeth and 4 on the bottom teeth. Estimated amount of trays are 9 which comes to 18 weeks (4,5 months) of total treatment. There is always room for error, so I'm estimating to reach perfect smile in 6 months.

Pain level:
Day 1 - I felt pressure, but it was okay.
Day 2 - The pressure got worse and I had to take Tylenol several times throughout the day. The mood is not perfect due to the constant dull pain.
Day 3 - The pain got worse from day 2, took more Tylenol. I really hope it gets better for the long weekend.

To be continued...

Week 2 almost over

Day 4 - The pain level got better, no pain killers were needed today.
Day 5 - Day 12 were a breeze. No pain, but it does take discipline and planning to wear them. I can't see how someone who is very social or requires to talk a lot can wear these. It definitely affects my speech. If I have to talk a lot at work, I can feel my Invisalign getting watery and I start lisping. Very unpleasant.

Teeth movement:
So far, I feel the gap on the top left side of my teeth got bigger. No sure which need moved where yet, so no significant visual change, but I feel with my tongue larger gap, which is opposite of what we are trying to achieve here. Hopefully it is all moving in the right direction. :)

Week 3 - Painless

I've put in my 2nd tray of Invisalign, and to my surprise I didn't feel any pain for the next several days. Yes, it felt tight for few days, but it didn't cause major discomfort as it did with the first tray. I hope it will continue to be this way until I'm done:)
On the sad note, I don't see much of the difference. For now, the gaps I originally requested to be closed are larger than originally. I hope I'll see some movement soon.
Stay tuned.
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Were you able to see your ClinCheck with your doctor?  If they didn't offer, you may want to ask.  In that, you might be able to get a better idea of what course your teeth will take across your arches.  It is common for things to get 'worse' before they get better.  I do not, however, remember being able to see any difference until at least six weeks out.  I've seen another of our community members actually compare her trays in pictures, and that made the difference really obvious.

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I love the way you're doing the multi-photo updates!  That's going to come in handy for sure!  

As for the lisping, some people experience it more than others.  Some people, it goes away after a few days.  Some people have a low-grade lisp throughout.  I can imagine for some people it's pronounced the entire time, though I've not read that yet.  Some of the doctors here on RealSelf have recommended practicing speaking with the aligners in.  It can help if you open your mouth a little more and are a little more careful, but it probably depends on your regular speech patterns and regional dialect.

I'm a singer and I can sing with my retainers in (they're just like the aligners), but I do have a slight lisp.  I do not perform with them in, and in fact, I have to have them out for several hours before my jaw settles enough that I can speak normally without them in!

I look forward to your next update!

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I agree, I am loving the way you are setting up the photos!!!
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Hopefully your first set got less uncomfortable. Mine took quite a while to completely stop hurting (over a week I think!), but the second set of trays was much easier to bear. Looking forward to your updates!
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Hi, Katyxa :)  I live in Foster City, too!!  Small world!  Anyway, congratulations on starting your Invisalign treatment, and that it's such a short one ;).  The pain usually does subside after three days, so you should be feeling relief by now.  If not, I would definitely get back to your doctor and tell them you have having a rough time of it.  It might be a fit issue or something.  I look forward to following your progress!

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