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After having 2 kids almost 10 years ago, and...

After having 2 kids almost 10 years ago, and having lost 80 lbs 3 years ago, my whole torso was a mess. I have worked with a trainer for 3 years now (3 hours a week), and even he was at a loss. He knew how strong I had become, but we could not fix my torso issues.

After a lot of consideration, I decided on the mommy makeover. My procedure consisted of a lower body lift, breast lift, and breast augmentation. I am now almost 2 weeks out from surgery and I am very happy with my results. I went into it knowing that this will not be a fast healing process. You cannot expect to be able to see the full results weeks after surgery. Yes, my stomach is swollen (but still so much smaller than what it was). My implants are slowly dropping into place. I am remaining active, but to the degree that my surgeon has said.

I am so much more comfortable in my new body, mostly because I knew it was there all along, it was just hidden under the excess skin. I am going to try to do photos every 2 weeks so I can see the progress. Even as I look at these photos now I can see what a difference it is even with the swelling. My biggest advice is to follow your surgeon's instructions.

The worst of the pain, for me, has been that my skin feels extremely sensitive. I will say that wearing my binders and exercise/yoga pants seem to help with the sensation.

Okay, so the surgeon had me move into spanx (I...

Okay, so the surgeon had me move into spanx (I bought Flexees, they are the same thing but much cheaper). The worst part about them is trying to get them over the incisions. I have to wear them 24/7 (I only take them off to shower). My biggest recommendation is to eat before removing them to get in the shower. I did not do that the other day and became extremely nauseous and dizzy. Oh, and buy the body suit type that goes to the thigh. I have the one that you still wear your own bra, but it is so much more comfortable because it does not dig into your rib cage unlike the one without the shoulder straps.

Also, I am closing in on three weeks. My biggest to do this week was to get dressed everyday. I found some very comfy compression style yoga/exercise pants and button up shirts at Old Navy. This has really improved my mood since I can go out and not look like I am a complete slob. Another tip, if you have a hairstylist who you go to regularly see if she will just wash and style your hair for you one day. Mine did it for $10 and it made me feel so much better. These seem like such small things, but how much they improve your mood is amazing, and the better you feel the faster you will heal.

I will post some new post op photos on 2/23 since that will be close to the 1 month mark.

So, the itching is driving me crazy today! My...

So, the itching is driving me crazy today! My right hip is finally starting to wake up, so it is very bruised feeling. Also, learned not to eat spicy food with binders. I had to take them off for a couple of hours because of heartburn (which I don't normally get). Ready to see the doctor Friday and take some more photos. My swelling really doesn't seem bad, and it is rather consistent.

Three weeks out and I am starting to transition...

Three weeks out and I am starting to transition off of the hydrocodone. My flanks still feel like they have been shot up with Novocaine, but beyond that everything is pretty tolerable. Some of that I think is because the pain I feel I don't really associate as pain. It is still just the extreme sensitivity of my skin, but there is no muscle soreness, sharp, or throbbing pain. I still get extremely tired, but I am trying very hard not to nap during the day since this seems to be disrupting my night time sleep pattern.

Oh, and today I had a huge win! I was able to transition down a size in the shapewear which means that the swelling is really starting to go down. I have my follow-up on Friday with the surgeon so I will post some more photos Saturday.

Had my follow up with the surgeon today. He is so...

Had my follow up with the surgeon today. He is so happy with how everything is healing. My incisions are pretty much completely healed and are a very light pink, so I can soak in a tub now (yea!). He said I was a star patient, and was amazed at my progress and how little swelling I am having. He said to slowly start getting back into a normal routine and I could do some light stretching as long as I am not stretching my arms above my head.

I go back in one month and he said that if things stay the way they are now he will release me to start exercising again at that point. So I am thrilled to say the least. I am also transitioning to Advil this week and weaning off the hydrocodone.

Had a minor set back this week. The suture at my...

Had a minor set back this week. The suture at my left hip to my pubic area decided to become aggravated. To very small holes opened up, but I am so lucky to have such a wonderful surgeon. He knew immediately what the problem was, removed the suture, and started me on a 7 day course of antibiotics. Within 6 hours all the pain in that are was gone, and I can tell already that it is healing well. Listen to your surgeon's ladies, I think I pushed it too far this last week, and although this could have happened anyways, I am sure it didn't help. I am definitely learning to be the tortoise rather than the hare in this race. I will update my photos this weekend (3/9).
Fort Worth Plastic Surgeon

I heard of him through Medi Weightloss, which was the program I used to lose the 80lbs. Dr. Ethridge has also been on Fort Worth, Texas Magazine's Top Docs list for the past four consecutive years. This year he was named a 2012 Top Doc in the categories of Cosmetic Surgery and Plastic/Reconstructive Surgery.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Any updated pictures?? Maybe closer ones of your scars? Thanks for sharing!!
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Thank you so much for sharing your experience and pictures!! I went to my consultation with Dr. Ethridge yesterday and I really liked him and his office staff. I only wish there were more realself reviews to look at and read. This is such a big decision and I am very nervous but I do think he is the right PS for me!
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The picture collage is very helpful. And also I realised that your tt scar is significantly improved over the recovery period. not only is it lighter, it seemed to have settled to a lower position from the 3rd and 4th pic. you must be sooo sooo happy!! :)
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Congratulations on your transformation! I agree the price is very reasonable. I have surgery planned in the DFW metroplex in about 2 weeks with TT, breast lift w/implants and then laser lipo and it is a little more than your price and you had a 360 body lift! It was great to see your photos grouped together to really see the difference over a month's time. I think all of us want to see immediate results and having the patience is key. I too have lost a lot of weight over the past couple of years. Even though with diet and loads of excercise I can be happy with my appearance I'm hoping the procedures will assist to give me the results I really am striving to get. I joke and tell people it's my upcoming almost 50 year old service overhaul. As the date gets nearer I think my anxiousness of what to expect increases but reading posts on RealSelf and reading others experiences is helping. Feel look great!
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For whatever reason I never got an email about your post! Thank you so much for the compliments. I became very anxious about a week before the procedure, but I will say that seeing the after results, I know I made the right choice. I was also happy to a degree with my appearance, but I knew that I wasn't truly getting to see all of the hard work I had put in because of the excess skin. My only advice is to do exactly what your surgeon says after, and don't push yourself. I am in my 6-8 week range now, and I still have to wear the spanx at least at night, and I still have not resumed exercise (other than walking). This is a long race, not a sprint, and sometimes we forget that.
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That's not worth 19 thousand dollars
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That was the total cost of the surgeon, hospital, and anesthesia. I had to stay overnight for observation due to the amount of surgery that was done. I would say it was worth every penny. When I looked at other surgeons it would have ended up costing me more because they wanted to split the surgeries up, so I would have had to pay the hospital and anesthesia twice. With the way he did it I ended up saving $4,000.
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I disagree w/donicathevixen & agree w/u on price. This is one of those times when u get what u pay for. I talked to several drs,did online & in person consults...they were all priced diffrently & all cheaper than the dr I choose but none of them offered everything that he did from before,during & after care & none of their belly pics were as pretty as his so my hubby & I were willing to pay extra to know I would be well taken care of & be happy w/my results. I could've pd $16,000 but I wouldn't have been given the recovery kit to help w/healing,tissues,bruising,swelling.I wouldn't have had nurse come see me 2 the 1st wk,I wouldnt have had experal inserted into my incisions for pain,I might have had a pain pump instead,I wouldnt have been given a free lymphatic massage or have someone in their facility able to do that,I wouldn't have had my garments provided for me,the others didnt offer a scar treatment yes I pd more but I pd for everything included for my before care,my during care,my after care so it was worth the difference....that & my hubby & I were impressed w/Dr P's before & after way more than the others. So if u think it was worth every peeny then that's what matters!! Best of luck in ur healing.
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Thanks. Also, you have to think about the amount of work he actually did. This was not a simple TT. Since it is a lower body lift it is a complete 360 procedure. The loose skin on my back is gone, my butt is lifted, outer thigh was slightly lifted and the loose skin from my sides removed, plus a full tummy tuck. I also then had a breast lift with silicone implants which are $1,000 a piece just for the implant. He even extended out the incision under the breast to remove some loose skin on my side boob. I talked with 4 separate surgeons before making this decision. They were all within $1,000 of each other on their prices, the big difference was that he was willing to do it all at one time. Maybe PS is more expensive in TX, but my doctor is also less than 30 minutes away, he has made sure that I have everything I need, and I would pay it again!
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You look amazing and Dr. Ethridge is worth every penny. From other reviews that I've read, it doesnt seem like very many surgeons spend as much time with post op appointments as he does, and in my opinion, he could charge more if he wanted and I would still pay it. Congrats on your results and picking a great surgeon!
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You look great! What size implants did you go with? Kee , happy healin!
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400cc silicone. It was interesting because he was the only surgeon I spoke with that would talk to me in terms of cup sizes. So we decided on D's and I left it to him to decide what cc he would need. They came out perfect!
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They look good! I had discussed with my PS that I nyted to be a D so we have decided on the 500cc's, I have to say after looking at everyone else's, I am a liitle worried I may be going too big but I do trust my PS very much! Keep us posted!
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Congrats on losing that weight and working so hard to get in shape. I'm glad you could do this for yourself! Yes, photos please. We'd love to witness your transformation! :0)

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Thank you so much. I thought I had posted the photos when I originally submitted the review, but I guess there had been a glitch. So glad to have found this site where we can help each other through this process!
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