Seven weeks post op

I have been considering this proceedure for about...

I have been considering this proceedure for about 5 years. I used to have perky breasts but now at 50 years old and 2 pregnancies and lots of weight gain and loss..... they have become saggy and flabby. I cant stand to sleep without a sports bra. So my hubby has agreed to let me go through with it! So anxious to have it done!


I agree! Scars aren't the best thing in the world, but so worth it for a great shape, I think. Thanks for starting your story on RealSelf. I'm looking forward to following along on your progress. If you haven't already, you should check out Makenzie's review. It's full of great info!

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It's almost here!!! I saw my PS on Thursday and I...

It's almost here!!! I saw my PS on Thursday and I am paid up and ready to go! I am scheduled for 6am on 12/12/12! Excited and a little nervous now that I've read all this info she gave me but I've come too far to back out now:). I have been on an asprin regimine for almost 12 years because I had an ischemic stroke in 2001. I think I'm more nervous about being off my asprin for 7 days than the actual surgery but my neurologist has assured me that won't be an issue.
Any advice from ladies who have already had the surgery? My hubby has his office Christmas party 9 days after my surgery. Do I dare buy something to wear? Will I be up to socializing by then?

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I have 5 days to go. Getting a little nervous!...

I have 5 days to go. Getting a little nervous! Adding a before photo today. Will add "new boobie" pics next week


Excited for you!! I'm going with silicone too. Can't wait to see yours!
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Thank you! Just a few more days:)
Did you decide what size implant to go with???
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Haha just noticed my pic is upside down... Oh...

Haha just noticed my pic is upside down... Oh well, they look better that way.... Lol. Well I'm stressing a little now wondering how my super spoiled family will manage without me for a few days. My surgery is in 2 days!!!!


I'm 49 and just had a breast lift without implants on 9/7. It is so worth it, scars and all. At nine days PO you will probably feel like getting out of the house by then. I had a tummy tuck at same time so it's kinda hard to separate what was hurting when. lol You will probably still be in your surgical sports bra so keep that in mind with your outfit. You will defintely still tire more easily and alchohol will cause you some inflamation. Best of wishes on your surgery. I'm so pleased with mine and so is hubby. He wasn't really sure about the lift surgery but went along with it for me. He admits now he's glad we did it! I will add that at 12 weeks the underside is still quite tender.
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I am so excited to finally get this done. I hope I feel well enough to go to the party even if I have to wear a turtleneck... Lol Thanks for the encouraging words!

Wow 2 days post op . It has been really rough....

Wow 2 days post op . It has been really rough. Anesthesia made me extremely sick so had to stay in recovery for about 5 hours... Vomiting after that surgery is miserable. But anyway got my bandages off yesterday now in s surgical bra. Get to take a shower today!!!! Yay!!!
I'm really sore and implants are very high... Hope they settle in soon! My family has been taking great care of me .... Especially my yorkie, he won't leave my side.... Lol


Nice to hear that you are doing well. Everyday gets a little better. Be sure to follow your docs instructions and don't over do anything. Can't wait to see pics! Take care!
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Thank you. It has def been worse than I anticipated. I think the vomiting from the anesthesia made me more sore than I normally would have been. But I'm in recovery mode now! I will post pics soon. They are so bruised and swollen the look like monster boobs.... Lol
My PS used 330 cc silicone. They look plenty big as much as I can tell with the swelling and how high they are.

1 week out tomorrow. Still feels really tight and...

1 week out tomorrow. Still feels really tight and high but doc promises they will settle and I will love them. I'm still pretty swollen and bruised but haven't taken any pain meds in a couple of days. I am experiencing some constipation if any of you ladies have any advice for that. I guess all those narcotics really cause heck for your system.


You look wonderful! Try milk of magnesia and a stool softener. Coconut oil in coffee helps to, but if you're not used to it, it will hurt your tummy the first day or two.
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Thank you I will def try those remedies.

Tomorrow is my 2 week mark. Almost all the glue...

Tomorrow is my 2 week mark. Almost all the glue has come off and I get my 'extra' stitches out on Thursday. Still having quite a bit of swelling and implants are still high. Any advice on bras? I've tried several but they seem really tight and uncomfortable! I've tries sleeping without a sports bra but its really painful. My doc said I need to so the girls can relax... Lol I guess keeping them bound up certainly won't help them drop!


Hey 1962 bamagirl. Congrats on your new boobs!!
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Thank you!
Hi rjmom. I'm getting ready for a lift and mini TT on 12/27. I'm getting pretty anxious and so excited at the same time. Did you have any lipo with your procedure? I have read about issues w swelling that has lasted for weeks. Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks.

Ok girls I need your input. Tomorrow will be 3...

Ok girls I need your input. Tomorrow will be 3 weeks since my sx. My PS says this is the hypersensitive phase where all the nerves are waking up! It's really uncomfortable and I'm so sore I feel like I've been nursing a baby:) I'm still having quite a bit of swelling and I have one small area underneath the left breast that hasn't healed so I've been using silvadine cream on it. My energy level still isn't back to normal so I'm getting frustrated with that. Has anyone else gone thru any of these things?


I had a mommy makeover (TT, breast lift and implants) and my lift was by far the most painful for me! I had lots of mobility issues and soreness for about 3 weeks. It started getting better at 4 weeks for me. Hope the sensitivity settles down for you soon.
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Thank you. It has def been tougher than I expected. I am very impatient:)
Hi there - I am now nine weeks post lift + implants and want you to know I felt the same way you do at three weeks. I was pretty discouraged because I am very healthy (45 yo) and always heal very fast. However my energy level was still pretty low at three weeks and I had lots of hypersensitivity until 4-5 weeks. Everything I read online, including from the PS's who post on this site, led me to believe there would be very little pain after two weeks. So, hang in there, if you are like me you will feel great in just another couple of weeks.
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I am now one month post op. and as promised by my...

I am now one month post op. and as promised by my PS and you ladies, I am finally feeling like myself again. My hypersensitivity is getting much better and my energy is back to normal. I wouldn't say I'm 100% but I'm definitely better! My scars are looking good... I've been using mederma advanced gel in the morning then after my shower at night I use my bio oil. Still have some areas of numbness but getting better everyday.
Anyone have any suggestions for comfy bras? The sports bras seem really tight and uncomfortable..... I feel better going without a bra. My PS says still no underwire. That's all I've worn for the past 25 years so its a hard habit to break!


That's great news! I'm glad all the stars are lining up and your getting back to your old self again. When you think of it 1 month isn't a very long time, but like you I am anxious to get back to 100% as I am at 2.5 weeks. Good luck bra shopping!
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Don't give up! I thought I should have been back to normal by 2 weeks but it didn't happen. You will be feeling better soon:)

7 weeks post op as of yesterday. Feeling so much...

7 weeks post op as of yesterday. Feeling so much better. I guess right breast is pretty much all healed the implant doesn't move much anymore when I press on it. I guess it has found it's home. Left side still trying to heal this t junction wound and I guess that's why that implant isn't settled in yet. But overall, feeling like my old self again.... Except with perky boobs.... Lol


Congrats. I have a question for you. I am scheduled for lift and implants on 27th of Feb. Plan on going back to work on Monday, Do you think that is doable. Or maybe I should take a few days more off. Everyone I talked with said no problem, but not sure. getting anxious. I have a desk job and can work from home, I am a little older than you are- 58 yrs old. Have lost weight and they are really sagging, so need to get them up where they should be. Advice, please?
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Hi AMJ. Sorry I just saw your question and looks like ur surgery is tomorrow. Everyone is different but I don't think I could have went back to work so soon. The anesthesia was pretty rough on me so even at 2 weeks out I still felt pretty lousy. It was Christmas so I remember it well... Lol. I didn't have a lot of pain or soreness just very little energy. But I may just be a baby... Good luck! Looking forward to your story.
Thanks for answering. Yes, tomorrow is my day and a little nervous, but happy to get it done. I will post after . Thanks again for your story. Glade things are working out well.
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