58yrs Old Drooping Lids Affecting Vision - Fort Worth, TX

My Ophthalmologist did a series of test on both my...

My Ophthalmologist did a series of test on both my eyes and determined that my vision is being affected especially my peripheral vision. I work as a hairstylist and am unable to wear a contact in my right eye because of the lid"droop." One of my clients even asked me if I had had a stroke. That hurt!


i was worried about being knocked out and others would rather be knocked out. just uppers doesn't require total knockout from what i hear but you can ask for options. some anesthesia could have lasting side effects, i felt like i was on a hangover for a week or 2.
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Thanks for starting a review on RealSelf.  I'm excited for you so you can see better after surgery!  This community is really helpful and supportive, so don't hesitate to reach out if you have questions or concerns.  

I hope you keep us updated on everything that is going on and all about your pre-op appointment.  :) 
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Thank you for the encouragement, I am getting a little nervous, mostly about the anesthesia. Will I be awake etc? I guess ill find out at pre-op.

Pre-op today andgetting excited!

Dr Davis and her staff explained in detail what to expect during and after surgery, also sent me home with good information printed out. With my eyelid surgery on both eyes, also on the right brow where I have significant brow "droop" she will do a "TransBleph implant" that will eventually absorb into my body. She explained that it will be pretty tender for awhile and may have a little bump but eventually that's disappears. Anethesia will be a "twighlite state" she said from the moment i arrive at surgery center till able to go home will be about 5 hours. I will wear a bandage for a week to cover brow line, stitches on lids will absorb and don't need to be removed. Post op follow up appointment will be 1 week after surgery and she said I can return to work:)


Best of luck on May 1! Let us know how you are doing! You should be getting in your supplies today and tomorrow......food, meds, gauze, ice packs or face cloths or whatever you are using to ice...you mentioned you got a list. Relax....you will be fabulous. The first 24 hours are the worst ...you need to ice a lot. Day 3 you will look horrible and be sad and regret that you did it and think you will never be right...all normal feelings.
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Thank you so much for all of your helpful advice and encouragement. I'm getting ready:)
Hi iv just had a brow lift through top lids my eyes look tiny I'm so sad x
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Eyelid and right brow lift surgery over

Surgery went well, Dr Davis used a laser and it took about an hour and a half. I was comfortable and awake during surgery, after the initial "twilite sleep" when they do the numbing injections around your eyes. Taking extra strength Tylenol every 6 hrs and ice mask 15 mins on 15mins off, for first 47hrs.,the bandage around my head stays until may 7th for first post op visit. Eye bandages off this morning and antibiotic ointment apllied now twice a day.


Great that you are through it ...well done. Relax for the weekend if you can and if the doldrums hit....just get thought them by keeping your "eye" on the end product. A more youthful you! Congrats
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Thank you always for your positive thoughts! I think I'm doing well and Tylenol extra strength and ice packs holding off any discomfort. My husband is being a great "nurse" too:)
Yes it's amazing how they can actually cope when pressed! I'm so glad you can type. I couldn't see to type. I'm 4 weeks out now and just a little blurry in one eye and the healing is great in left but slower in right and I'm very impatient! It's all normal I'm told. I hope you get some sleep.

Day 4 post op

Day 4. Just a slight headache and a little "itchy" around pressure bandage.I actually took my dog for his morning walk. Just glad I didn't see any neighbors:)


Good for you....did you sleep well? I think that is half the battle.
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I did sleep better last night. It was my 3rd night to sleep "propped up" I am a side sleeper so I've been using a reclining zero gravity chair that's really for the outdoors.(lawn chair):) taking extra strength Tylenol a couple times a day.
Hopefully you wont need Tylenol for much longer

Day 6. Bandage off tomorrow!

No pain, minor bruising. Swelling is more pronounced in right eye area because Its the one that had transbleth brow lift.


Eyebrows look awesome!
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Aww thank you! I'm patiently waiting for the swelling to go down on my right eye. I know it takes awhile, as that's the one that had the "transbleth implant" for the brow droop. I appreciate your compliment:)
yup, my right eye was more swollen too, for no apparent reason. day 3 i woke up looking like rocky.

Pressure Bandage off & was able to wash my hair!

First post op visit. It was 7 days. Pressure bandage removed, yippee! Still some swelling but that's normal. Dr Davis advised the brow "transbleth implant" (over my right brow)will be very tender for a few weeks and to take care around the area. Feels like a small raised "noodle"It will eventually be absorbed into my body. I got back in 1 month. I never knew a shampoo could feel so food:)


Well you are a hairstylist ...so now you know how we ladies appreciate your profession anyway....so glad you are on target. Post pics soon.
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Saw pics..great.
Thank you and I'm headed back to work tomorrow! My husband and I went to a movie this afternoon and I swear I could see so much better now:)

14 days post op

Still some swelling, very little bruising. Stitches still falling out occaitionally but look healed nicely . "Transbleth implant" is tender(expected) & raised(also expected) but will disappear in a few months. Dr. Davis wants to see me back I 4 weeks after swelling goes down to see better the results. I have been back to work for one week. No problem.


Looks really good. So happy for you!
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Before/after at 14 days post op

14 days post op


looks great. we can see your eyes now. cassandra and i were just noting that we still get some swelling at 1 month out. for me i think it's the potato chips i crave (too much salt) oh well- they're my weakness.
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Thank you both for all of your helpful information and encouragement. It really helped me to relax.
I agree with Eyedidit.....I have a few Rold Gold pretzels...they are very salty. Will stop for a few days and report to you both
Fort Worth Plastic Surgeon

Dr Davis was very professional but warm and easy to talk to. Her staff was excellent.

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