64 Year Old Woman Getting Vertical Breast Lift - Fort Worth, TX

I have been plagued with 36 J breasts for about...

I have been plagued with 36 J breasts for about the past 15 years since menopause. I have large indents in my shoulders, fungal infections under both breasts, and neck, shoulder, and sciatic pain. I am not a large woman, so buying clothes is a challenge because I need a larger size to accommodate my breasts. I can't wait for the surgery to be over!

Sfbf gram waiting for breast reduction surgery in two weeks.

I haven't had the surgery yet. July 28th is the scheduled date.
Fort Worth Plastic Surgeon

I haven't had the surgery yet, but it will post afterwards.

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You are going to feel so much better once this is complete.  What size are you hoping for after surgery?
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I hope so. I've been waiting to have this surgery for 10 years. I would like to have be a 36C. Did you have the surgery?
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Yes I sure did have surgery.  If you click on my username it will take you to my profile and pictures.  I went from a DDD to a small C.
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