New Pics-9 weeks Post Op...dramatic change!

Hi All! I've been enjoying reading everyone's...

Hi All! I've been enjoying reading everyone's stories and figured I should add my own. I am a mom of 3 and breastfed them for a cumulative total of 4 years and my breasts show it! I am 5'3, 112 lbs and 32A (but can't fill the top). I have tried on sizers and loved how the 425 cc looked, but I'm getting cold feet! My husband said he does not want me to be big and out of proportion and he cares more what I look like naked....I'm more focused on looking good in clothing! lol I also read how many surgeon's goal is to just "fill" up you breast pocket. I did a little worksheet to calculate that and that would probably put me at 340 max! I just don't know if 350s will give me the look I want? I'm going back one more time tomorrow to try on sizers yet again and talk straight with the surgeon to get his true opinion. I will go either 375cc high profile silicone or 425 hp. Thoughts? My bwd is about 12
ribcage about 27-28, 32 A bra
5'3, 112 lbs.

Feeling better! Saw my PS again yesterday. ...

Feeling better! Saw my PS again yesterday. Decided to go down a little to the 375. I have a very small frame and am more afraid of looking top-heavy then too small I think....Hope I'm making the right decision!

Just spent ALL evening cleaning my house so I...

Just spent ALL evening cleaning my house so I don't have to come home to a messy house! I am so exhausted. About to go have a snack before midnight since my surgery isn't until noon tomorrow. I will update tomorrow :)
Good luck tomorrow!! I'll be going in on Friday!!! Look forward to hearing how your surgery went!! :)
Good luck!!!! So excited (and a little jealous) for you!!!
Goodluck! Best Wishes!

Hi ladies! Just had my surgery at noon today. ...

Hi ladies! Just had my surgery at noon today. Was soon nervous on the way there. Fears of anesthesia, whether I'm going big enough etc! I couldn't wait to get my Vicodin when I got there!!

Everything went very smoothly. Took me back and signed consents first and got the Vicodin. It did help relax me some. The nurse put my I've in and then we went back to the OR. I laid down and remember the anesthesia burning for a few seconds and the I was out immediately! Next thing I know I am waking in the recovery. I was in quite a bit of pain as I woke. The nurse gave me Fentanyl through my I've for pain and also some hydrocodone. I've been staying on top of the hydrocodone every 4 hrs just in case!

So far I can't tell on size. I went with the 375cc but am fearing they are too small but we shall see :).

I have a post op appointment at 11am tomorrow and will update how my night went and also my appoint.
So glad to hear all went good!

Well my night went fairly well. I took some pain...

Well my night went fairly well. I took some pain meds at about 12:30am and then stayed up until about 2am. However, after that I slept until about 6:30am. Got the morning boobs like everyone talks about! I took two more pills and figured I would get up and walk a little bit since my chest and back are killing me. All in all though....totally manageable! I will update with some new pics after my appointment this morning.
Happy healing! I'm not too far off inn size from with the exception of my hips, I'm a 38(big haha) I needed up with 400/450 HP. I'm sure u will love them!
Ok, had to come check out your story! So what size did you end up with? Looks like you are small to begin with. I hope your recovery goes really well-just keep up with those pain meds!
Yes I was a deflated 32a yen to nursing my 4 babies. I got 375 on both sides.

Adding some photos of PO Day 1 and 2. Feeling...

Adding some photos of PO Day 1 and 2. Feeling pretty depressed by how they look. Mainly the snoopy boob on my right side. Please tell me the implant will drop enough to look decent!! I'm afraid I should have gotten a lift also :(
Go look at my pics n c
Hey. I felt the same way. My boobs looked horrible for a few weeks. But massaging and wearing the strap helps!!! Alot. I'm 112 was a 32 a barely. N got a 550 cc implant. Yes very large with small breast pockets to begin with. But it just takes time
Thanks for the encouragement! Yours look great. I know they will drop just afraid it won't be enough for the right to blend in with the tissue hanging at the bottom :/. So did you not end up with a revision?

PO Day 4 - Woke up this morning feeling even...

PO Day 4 -
Woke up this morning feeling even tighter than I was the days before. I called PS office to see if I can take more of the muscle relaxer. They told me to wait for my next dose and take 2. I am trying not to take any more pain meds except maybe right before bed. I need to get these meds out of my system so I can poop!! I look 6 months pregnant :( I am also curious if you all are wearing a super tight sports bra all the time or are you wearing these bandinis you are getting? I would really like to wear something a little looser because this one is getting tight and also it seems like they would drop quicker if they weren't so compressed. What do you think?
Oh, and I think I am about to drink some Magnesium Citrate so I can go potty! Hope I'm not in the bathroom all day. lol
I loved your bluntness about having to poop! I totally felt the same way about feeling so bloated-my belly was huge! I just had to wear a sports bra and nothing else and they said any bra without wires that was comfy would work.
My doc told me to wear this right granny bra at all times...good luck with using the potty i feel your pain!!!!
I'm feeling similar to u hon. I was crying AGAIN to my hubby this morning about my breasts, left is dropping much faster and is much softer and squisher. My right is still quite high and and firm. I will try and get pic up today. I have to go see my PS today anyway.let's try and be patient together Okay!? Much aloha Xxoo Nik

Well it has been a week post op. I still can't...

Well it has been a week post op. I still can't stand to look at them :( However, I feel a little better after seeing the surgeon yesterday. He is fairly certain that we are going to see a great improvement in the next couple of months. I broke down in tears asking him to please not let my breasts stay this way! I would go back in surgery in a heartbeat if I needed too. Sooo..just the waiting game. I am vigorously massaging in hopes that the implants (especially the Right one) will drop down towards my breast tissue for a more rounded look. Just trying to stay positive. It is hard for me to forget about them because I am still having very painful and uncomfortable muscle spasms that seem almost constant :( They ALWAYS feel like they are being squeezed. I am on a very expensive muscle relaxer but am still getting them even on the meds. When did this stop for everyone else?
So, I have seen people with with snoopy deformity before that corrected it's self when the implants droped more I've seen it in more than a few times. If your breasts start to firm up contact your surgeon. Ask to be put on singulair. That's IF they firm up because that would indicate a to much scar tissue around the implant or implants.
My surgeon said that everything looked just as she expected. Wasn't great news, but she is honest and I appreciated it. We CANNOT keep dwelling on the way they look now, I say this everyday. Its especially hard when us sew some of these ladies pics at 1week and they are perfect. We are all different inside, chest wall, muscle, skin elasticity all are huge factors. I always had asymmetry and I think that even with using a larger implant on my smaller boob its even more noticeable then when I was flat chested. My nipples are also jacked up and diff sizes...thanks to nursing my 4 babes. I knew that that was something I could "fix" surgically but I didn't want too and my awesome PS didn't even suggest it. The little quirks make us individuals and special.I hope u are healing well:-)

So I am 12 days PO and feeling generally better. ...

So I am 12 days PO and feeling generally better. I'm only taking pictures once a week since I seemed to get more and more depressed not seeing changes in Righty :( I am feeling much better....just tell myself if Righty is not fixed in a few months then I will just get a revision and all is well :) I've been out a few times recently and bought a couple of new dresses I could have NEVER worn before so that made me feel great! Posting a pic of one :)
That dress looks AWESOME on you!!

I was a little nervous taking 2 wk post op pics...

I was a little nervous taking 2 wk post op pics tonight. I feel like there had been a change over the last week, but was afraid to look and find there hadn't been any! Righty is finally starting to move down some and Lefty is doing a GREAT job of dropping. Can't wait to see more progress. I've been massaging like crazy this last week! lol Still putting up with muscle spasms and sometimes constant tightening if I have been doing alot. It is frustrating and I'm ready for that part to be over with. Last night I went out with hubby and decided to get sized at VS for the fun of it. At first she said 32 C and I told her I was wearing a sports bra so she said maybe we would need to change that. So I tried on the 32 C and was spilling out. So she says, "Why don't we try DD!" I was like, "Whoa!" So believe it or not I'm fitting a 32 DD. That made my evening ;) For those who have btdt, do you think my size will go up or down? I'm assuming I still have some swelling up top that will go away, but then I always here that your bra size will likely go up as you drop more. Wondering what I will end up being...

Feeling Great!! Loving my new boobs :)

Finally my breasts stopped being in constant was torture! I'm loving how they make me feel/look. Shopping is soooo much fun now ;) Currently wearing a 32 DDD/E at Nordstrom and 32 DD at VS. Can't believe I got that much with just 375cc. However, I'm sure wishing I went with the 425s! lol Still considering a revision on the right if it doesn't continue to drop by a few months. This might give me an excuse to go to the 425s I had originally wanted!
Hey everyone I am now 4 wks PO and altho my breasts are softer they have yet to fluff. I still have the empty skin below my nipples-snoop dog- altho I can feel the implant if i push up under the nipple. I guess its still early but I am getting nervous. A week ago my PS said to push down on them every evening but didn't say use a band-he felt it was to soon. Do you think I should text him again and ask about the band-not even sure what it is truthfully. Any and all advice will be appreciated. Thank you!
hey lady!! wow ive been "offsite" for quite some time and holy crap you look amazing!! how great is your improvement!! big WOWOWOW!!! congrats!!!
Thank you k1979123 for posting your early post-op pics.. I am now 2 days post-op and my breasts look just like yours did at 2 days -snoopy dog look. You have given me hope because at 2 wks there was such a change in the shape of your breasts-- they look so much more natural and shapely. If I can turn out like you I will be happy. Thank you again!

9 weeks Post Op...can't believe it! And no more snoopy boob!!

Wow, time has flown! I can honestly say that that first month I did not think I would get to the point of saying I am happy with how they look and no longer think I will need a revision. I'm loving the boobs and am buying way too many cute outfits this summer ;)

right side

Wow! Amazing! Thank you for sharing this!
Thank you u give me hope! I'm 2 days post op and my right is totally snoopy . I had a lift . I've been so depressed
Hi K! Thanks for your review & pics. I'm dealing with my own snoopy & frankenboob & your review gives me hope!! All the best :)
Jonathan Heistein

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