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Hello ladies! I need some help deciding! I've read...

Hello ladies! I need some help deciding! I've read some blogs on here and I'm rethinking my size. I'm 5'3, 140 lbs, size 6. Yes I know, I'm trying to lose some weight. I workout so I'm more stocky than big. My ps said he thought I should do low 400cc, but after seeing some others I'm thinking 500's. What do y'all think?


I'm 5"2 and got small D's with only 225cc HP, so you do not have to go 500 necessarily. Depends on many factors.
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Post some pics, I'm only 5 ft and my ps surgeon is recommending 450 cc's for a small d cup. I may ask for 475 or 500 though if he thinks my skin will take it lol. I'm sure it has to do with chest measurements too.
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B4 pic

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Did you end up getting it done??? I just scheduled with Dr. Ethridge and I would love to know your input.
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I live in Fort Worth and I have an appt with a surgeon next week. It's the first dr I'm gonna talk to. Which surgeon are you using if you dnt mind me asking?
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Dr. Ethridge- he's super nice and explains anything and everything!
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