Had 7 lbs Removed with a free nipple graft - Fort Worth, TX

I am 33. I have had all my children. I have an 8...

I am 33. I have had all my children. I have an 8 year old and twin 4 year olds. It was important to me to be able to nurse my children and I did so for all 3 of them. Now I am ready to do this surgery for me. I am a 38K cup. Last Sept 2011 I weighed 258lbs and I was overflowing the Kcup, but it was the largest I could find.
Last January I got VERY sick with a mastitis infection (I was not nursing and hadn't for 3 years). The infection was aggressive and in the first 20 hours of having mastitis symptoms I had an open wound that resulted in surgery to remove dead tissue and a wound that was about 16cmX14cm on the underside of my left breast. Oh and a wound vac attached to me for 15 weeks.
With that I had met my high deductible at the beginning of the year, so I decided it was definitely time to have my surgery.
I met with my first plastic surgeon the week after I got my wound vac off. He was too inexperienced and didn't have the best results I could see from his pictures. Inverted nipples, lumpy misshapen breasts and said I couldn't expect they would be aesthetically pleasing when done. He was very nice and encouraging and had good information. He gave me a goal weight of 190 by Oct 1st. I'm going to be 10lbs shy of that goal, but I will be under 200 for the first time in 8 years!
The second Plastic Surgeon I met with seemed like a putz. He made me feel uncomfortable, took a phone call and LEFT the room in the middle of our conversation, didn't bother to bring his gallery to our consultation and I had no rapport with him. He also said that would be the largest reduction he'd ever done. He said I would need a skin graft of my nipple and there's a possibility that it wouldn't take and my nipple would slough off! This scared me and had me upset and worried. I left crying and feeling defeated.

I finally set up 3 more consultation appointments and the first of the 3 was THE ONE! Dr. English was congenial, took his time with me, answered my questions and I instantly liked him. I felt he was confident and could perform the surgery well. He set me at ease. So much so that I cancelled my other 2 appointments.
I'm glad I went to the first two. It's hard to do and it's a very personal surgery, so you HAVE to make sure you feel comfortable with your doctor!! Dr. English also told me I would need a skin graft. I told him my reservation and how I didn't want this to happen. He explained to me WHY it needed to happen making me understand. I told him what Dr. #2 had said about me loosing my nipple and he said he had NEVER had that happen in the thousands of surgeries he had done. The distance my nipple would be moved if I don't have the skin graft my chances of loosing the nipples goes WAY up if I don't have it removed and re-grafted on. Once I understand my fears were relieved.
So I had to have a mammogram about a week and a half ago, I went for my pre-op appointment last week and I get blood work done this week.
I'm still scared, but just more of the healing process. After the infection at the beginning of the year I have had my share of boob related problems. Hoping and praying for a smooth and easy process.
I was smoking this summer. I have quit, but just recently. Hoping that I have quit soon enough that it wont cause me any problems.
I will be adding photos of my before and after pics soon.

So happy and excited for you!! I also had 3 consults and went with the 3rd - As hard as it is to do this, it is worth it! (Iowa encouraged me along the way with that) Can't wait to hear how everything goes for you. I'm Oct 19th so will be thinking of you as we heal together.
Thanks Niesey! Are you on the Oct Forum for your surgery? I like having others to go through this with.
What a transformation you are making for yourself! Quitting smoking at any point is better than smoking. It will help with your healing. And weight loss while quitting smoking? That is so awesome! Congrats on both of those very tough jobs! Wishing you the very best of luck with your surgery and recovery! Please keep us posted on your journey!

Just a day and a half and I will be having my...

Just a day and a half and I will be having my surgery! I feel like I have a million things to do. We go tomorrow night to stay in the city so we will be close to the hospital. At this point I'm just trying NOT to think about it so I don't have an anxiety attack.
I had a biopsy because my mammogram came back abnormal. So I had to worry about that for all of last week. It was a fibro adenoma which apparently shrinks and calcifies over time and is nothing to be concerned by. Fairly common in "younger" women 20-30 although I am nearly 34. I just wish I knew what to expect exactly. Nerves are setting in BIG time.
Thinking of you today and look forward to your update when you feel up to it.
Hope everything went well for you!

I'm home 1 day post op. worst if it was the...

I'm home 1 day post op. worst if it was the bladder problems. I couldn't pee for the longest time like 6-7 hours. They had to put in a catheter but even that didn't drain my bladder. It was starting to get painful. I finally peed about 200mL but it came in a slow trickle. Finally now 24 hours later I'm almost back to normal.
My breasts seem small and they are hard. I've read that you are supposed to massage the breasts but I don't know anything about that. Been sleepy but up and moving around today. Ate breakfast and lunch.
glad ur in recovery mode. take it easy and relax. hope all goes well and plz keep us posted. oh and question what is the function of ur pasties??? i saw another pic with those on as well and she had FNG as well. happy healing :)
Are you referring to the coverings sewn onto my nipples? If so... When they do a free nipple graft they sew on the dressings for about a week. It has something to do with the healing process of the graft and getting blood supply to the graft.
I had my surgery one month ago today, and I have been healing really well. The breast are still hard, the nipples are sensitive, which is good, and I am almost able to sleep on my stomach. Good luck in your recovery.

Second day home. My left nipple graft was oozing...

Second day home. My left nipple graft was oozing a gooey bloodiness just a bit. I got REALLY worried because the dr stressed to me that I needed to keep it dry and not to get it wet at all or it could affect the blood supply and how the graft takes.
I called the dr and the nurse said it was fairly common and to keep it covered with gauze, so it wouldn't get scratched or hurt.
Whew! Really hoping the grafts turn out okay!
good luck happy healing rest and drink lots of fluids. keep us posted im due for fng in nov

Day 3 post op: I'm feeling some itchiness under...

Day 3 post op: I'm feeling some itchiness under the skin graft coverings which I guess is a good sign. I don't dare scratch or mess with them. Feeling better each day. The hydrocodon makes me dizzy but it's better than hurting and it's WAY better than morphine. Bruising is showing up more each day. Most of the dark or multicolored bruising is on the side. I slept well last night. I highly recommend getting ear plugs. It's seems to help me a ton!! Now it's nap time.
Lookin good!! Congratulations!!
how has it been sleeping on your back? Also if u have drains how do theey feel. when does your doctor plan to remove the covers. iI am due for a fng in nov doctor plans to remove 7-9 to get me to full c small d . thank for your story helps me know what to expect .Not many had fng on the site so thanks again u are helpful
It's getting better sleeping on my back. I would have been in some SERIOUS pain had I had to sleep on my back this much with my big breasts. It hurts still but I have about 8 pillows lined out just right under me. I take additional Tylenol between hydrocodon doses if it gets bad. The drains are not draining much at all. Maybe 10- 12cc's per day per side. They want them draining less than 20 per side to remove but want them to stay in at least 5-6 days. The spot where the drains are sewn I are the most painful. They are definitely necessary because you don't want a fluid build up inside. That's bad news. I'm not sure how long the covers stay on. I have my post op appointment next Thursday the 25th. I will update as I go. Feel free to ask me whatever. I know that there isn't much information about the fng which makes it more scary.

I got my drains out this morning! I felt 10Xs...

I got my drains out this morning! I felt 10Xs better immediately! My left one was getting very irritated and red. I took some Tylenol before I went because I heard it was painful. Basically sting for just a second and then relief! Not bad at all.
I'm still quite bloated but feeling better. I go back to see my PS on thurs for my post op appointment.
I think you are looking wonderful already and have only better to go..... What a change this will be for you! So much better days are ahead for you. You certainly deserve them with all that you have been through! hugs
So glad ur visit went good. the spot where my drains were was sore for a while so keep on the meds for a few days. :) Keep us posted!
In not sure ill ever take meds again!! The morphine messed me up horribly on the urinary side as well as nausea and the Vicodine messed me up HORRENDOUSLY on the #2 side. I would have been in less pain without the meds.

I got my nipple coverings off yesterday. I'm...

I got my nipple coverings off yesterday. I'm going to post pics but beware!! They are pretty ugly. They will get better (I hope) but they don't look pretty!
It didn't hurt to have the coverings cut off.
The dr said to keep them covered and keep them with the ointment on all the time.
Doc also said my skin looked a little pink and put me on antibiotics. That night I was changing for bed and took a look and my whole left breast under the nipple was red and swollen and tender. I called doc the next morning and he wanted to see me today again. He took a look and said it looked better in some areas and worse in others. He added another antibiotic to my first one.
I'm bummed that I'm having some complications but I have lots of help and I know I will make if through this long Year of the Boobs!
How are you doing? Is this round of antibiotics doing its job? How do you feel?
I'm feeling better, but antibiotics are taking their toll. My skin is awful and ya for yeast infections! I think it is clearing out the infection but I still have extra swelling and some redness and tenderness. I just called and asked if I should refill and continue longer as my antibiotics run out after today. Thanks for asking :). I'm getting there! I'll update tomorrow with pics probably.
Glad to hear that things seem to be moving forward! I've been thinking about you every day. :)

I am two and a half weeks post op. I am still on...

I am two and a half weeks post op. I am still on antibiotics but I think my infection is gone. The redness is gone and its not tender like it was.
All of the glue and scabs have come off the incisions to reveal nice closed up seams. So far there has been no wound separation, bit I see others this has happened to at three weeks or so.
My nipple grafts are changing. They brown outer skin is coming off slowly and underneath is nice bright pink new skin. I have stitches that are sticking out of the nipples still. I thought they would have come out or off by now, but they are still there. It's like little whiskers! :(. I don't want to pull on them though. I don't think they look like nipples just yet.
Overall feeling pretty well and I'm mostly functional. I get dizzy and swollen still if I am up too long. Still resting when possible.

Sorry I don't know why my pics keep posting upside...

Sorry I don't know why my pics keep posting upside down.
I don't even know you, but I just wanted to say that I'm really proud of you for taking the risk with your BR and FNG. That had to be a nerve-racking decision. I'm sorry you had so many bumps along the way. But I'm just so happy yours on the mend now!
The scar line looks great 18 days on! A great positive. Once your nipples sort themselves out it will all be worth it. Glad the infection is cleared up. Your PS sounds really nice. Hopefully no more boob related problems ever x
How are you feeling? Infection all cleared up? Nipples looking less scary?

Not much to report except I did have a post op...

Not much to report except I did have a post op appointment this week. Doc says all looks good. I can now lift a whopping 20lbs. I was a little concerned because my right nipple graft seemed to be lifting just a tad on the top whereas the left nipple graft is more flat with my skin. Doc wasn't concerned and promised my nipple wasn't going to lift off!
My breasts seem bigger this week. I'm not sure what size but at least a D cup now. I still have swelling on the sides and they haven't dropped any yet. They are still mostly hard and don't really move at all.
Doc says I can just cover to protect the nipple grafts and I don't need the ointment anymore.
Glad to know you're healing. Do you have any recent photos you can post?
So glad ur doing so well !! It's always a nice moral boost when doc says ur healing good. Keep taking it easy and relax while u can. Can't wait to see u when all is healed !! Happy healing

I'm 6 weeks post op this past Tuesday. Feeling...

I'm 6 weeks post op this past Tuesday. Feeling pretty normal now. I have some pulling if I sleep on my side and then roll over. My grafts are doing pretty well. I think the last of my staples have come out this week from my grafts. I have a scab left on the right graft still. I think they look like they are supposed to look but I don't like them much :(. I guess I can't be disappointed since it turned out as I was told it would.
The breasts are starting to drop into place now and are taking on a better shape. Oddly I measured still at a 44 in the bust which would make me an H cup!! No way these are H cups!
Breasts are quite hard. I hope they are still swollen. They won't really move to form into a shape needed in a bra. They just stay where they are.
Still having a LOT of back pain. I'm kinda feeling bummed right now that it didn't alleviate more of that pain.
I'm looking forward to getting back to the gym soon and maybe I will feel better then.
Sorry for the downer update... I still have high hopes if being happy with it all in the end.
wow what a difference it looks at this stage. u can tell the nipples have gone thru a huge transformation. they are going to look great when its all settled. ur scars seem to be healing well. dont worry about size or measurements as ur probably still swelling up like i was. so glad ur healing well. i was just thinking of u earlier this week too and wondered when u would give us all an update. hugs xxxxx
Hi Thanks so much for posting pics of nipple graft.. i have worried a little bit aobut this as my dr mentioned it but wow the difference in your photos from 18days post op now is jsut amazing! Hope your back pain is short lived, and maybe due to not being able to get a "good" nights sleep in.Congrats and happy healing :)
Hi MarKtoD... Thanks for your update! I've been thinking about you. I just peeked at the pictures and please believe me when I say that the nipples are looking great! They are night and day from how they looked 2-3 weeks ago. :) I can't quite tell, but they look like they're healing and a little scabbed, maybe hard. But, I think that will resolve in a couple more weeks. Is that right? I'm glad you're feeling better. FWIW, since we're at the same stage, my breasts are still pretty firm and lumpy/hard. I can lay on them, gently, almost on my tummy. But, they are pretty fixed in their position right now. They've dropped some, but they certainly won't be formed to a bra yet. So, sounds to me like we're a little bit on the same page. My back has been sore too, I think, because I haven't been able to sleep comfortably yet. Almost comfortably doesn't quite cut it. All in all, though, I'm pretty pleased. Happy Holidays! Congrats on getting those babies healed!

Not much to update aside from pictures. I'm...

Not much to update aside from pictures. I'm finally back to the gym full swing. I still have some discomfort on my sides if I sleep on them the incisions tend to hurts some.
They incisions under the breasts are very light and not very noticeable but the sides are flaming red still. I got measured at a 38DD which I am pleased with :).
The shape is still odd to me but I know they will continue to change some.
The nipples have very slight protrusion. More like the center of the nipple is higher less like an actual nipple with definition. I like the way the breasts look with clothes on and I really don't like the way they look without. So that's where I am now.

Not much to update aside from pictures. I'm...

Not much to update aside from pictures. I'm finally back to the gym full swing. I still have some discomfort on my sides if I sleep on them the incisions tend to hurts some.
They incisions under the breasts are very light and not very noticeable but the sides are flaming red still. I got measured at a 38DD which I am pleased with :).
The shape is still odd to me but I know they will continue to change some.
The nipples have very slight protrusion. More like the center of the nipple is higher less like an actual nipple with definition. I like the way the breasts look with clothes on and I really don't like the way they look without. So that's where I am now.
you look great. I had a FNG 7 weeks ago. My nipples are finally closed and stitches out. Still no nipple peaking out yet and I know it may not happen. I'm glad I did and still glad I went small enough with the FNG, but still wondering how my husband will really like it. I finally let him peak at 5 weeks so he could see what I was dealing with. He saw the breasts just not the nipples.
That's probably been the hardest part for me. My husband no longer has any interest in them :'( Makes me wish I hadn't done it.
Wow u can really see a difference !! U look great even with no bra! It's funny that we no longer have to adjust the boobies in our bras isn't it hahaha. The redness will adjust ur scra look good in the pic. Plz let us know how scar stuff works for u xxx

Coming up on a year post op

Nearly a year has gone by. I'm pleased with the outcome of the reductio, but I am probably in the minority when I do say I do miss my big boobs sometimes. So many people I talked to said it was the best thing they have ever done but I don't really feel that way. It feels like I traded two big problems for several other problems.
I can run now. I got up to a 5K recently.
I can shop at normal stores including Victorias Secret.
Clothes fit better
Less back pain if I keep exercising
People think I look thinner
Feel better most of the time
No sweat rashes this summer

Nipples are odd looking
Scarring of course
Husband not too interested anymore
Lost the cleavage aspect. They are 38DD but kinda flat on top even in a good push up bra.
Swimsuit was still hard to find that didn't show my scars on the side.

That about sums it up :/
I posted new pics for those interested in seeing the outcome.
I myself have undergone a breast reduction with a free nipple graft and have experienced discoloration where the smaller part of the nipple sticks out. I think you look great! How does it feel when you get excited?
Thank you so much for posting and adding such detailed pics. I really truly appreciate seeing your breast. I have similar bunched up skin underneath my breast and I was beginning to wonder if they would smooth out. Your pics have given me some hope. I seen yours smoothes out so I'm oping mines do the same.
The scars around your nipples have healed really well. But that's my main concern about my side incisions too. Worried that a bathing suit won't hide the scars. But I'm hoping to get into a bathing suit by next summer and I am hoping that my scars will not be that visible. But all in all, you look absolutely great!!
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