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My Tummy Tuck Journey.... - Dallas, TX....

I am a 37 yr. old married mother of 6 children......

I am a 37 yr. old married mother of 6 children....I have 4 girls ages 19...17...15...an 12....an I have 2 boys ages 14 an 9. My first 2 children were born by C-section so my tummy was really messed up from having so many kids! I was still looking like I was about 9 months pregnant lol!!! I would always have someone come up to me and ask me how many months I was or what I was having....I even had a lady come up to me an rub my belly asking me how far along I was...and that was very depressing. I've been wanting to have a TT for years but couldn't afford it....but on March 13th 2012 I had it done and I am so glad I did!!!! Yes there's alot of pain involved but I jus keep telling myself that it's all gonna be worth it in the end! I'm truly loving my flat tummy now even with the swelling!!!! I jus hate laughing...coughing because it really hurts and I haven't sneezed yet and hoping that I don't have to anytime soon!!! I am 6 days post op and I'm getting ready to go to my PS for a check up and I'm hoping to get my drains removed because they're very uncomfortable and they get in my way but I don't wanna rush it.....But for anyone who is thinking about having a TT go ahead and get it done because ur worth it and having it done is worth it also!!!!! Good luck!!!!


Your looking good congrats on the new tummy!! Welcome to the flat side!!
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i luv ur new tummy also, congrats
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You look great already and it will on get better!!! Wishing you pain free healing and no sneezing/coughing/ or painful laughing!!!
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I went to see my PS yesterday, and I was hoping to...

I went to see my PS yesterday, and I was hoping to get both drains removed but he only removed the left one and he said that I might get the other one removed on Friday! I was so nervous about getting it removed because I've heard different ladies say that it was very painful and others say that it was just a weird feeling....I only felt just a lil sting and then it just felt like a worm or something squirming inside lol!!! My PS said that everything looked great and that I am going to love my new tummy when it's all healed up....I still have a lil bruising from the Lipo that I had done on my lovehandles....I can't wait to see the NEW ME after I'm all healed.....soooooo excited!!!!!!!


Thank You:)
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Thanks lol I'm lovin being on the flat side....it feels soooo good!!!!

I went to c my PS on friday and I thought that I...

I went to c my PS on friday and I thought that I was gonna get my last drain removed but instead I found out that my drain site was infected so he put me on some antibiotics. Hopefully I'll get it removed sometime this week because it's so uncomfortable and gets in my way! I went through a depression stage a few days this week an I'm only 11 days post op an I'm wondering will I ever be the same again....I'm so impatient lol!!!!


Hi Denell, congrats on ur surgery, looking good girl....sexy momma!
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Went to PS today and I got my last drain...

Went to PS today and I got my last drain removed!!!!! I feel so freeeeeee......now I can finally stop wearing boxers an granny panties lol!!!! I can't wait to go to bed tonight and c how it feels to sleep without having 2 pillows between my legs lol I really hated that OMG!!!! Don't have to go back to c PS for 2 weeks....he says everything looks great and he told me to get a girdle to wear to help with the swelling in my lower tummy area and vaginal area because it is very swollen lol!!!! HAPPY HEALING TUMMY TUCKERS!!!!


Hey girl, we have the same Dr. I love Dr Pin. Your results look fantastic! Congrats!. I'm about a month ahead of you. Happy healing!
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U r so welcome and I'm so glad that they have this website for us to come to for info and support!!! I had been wanting a TT for yrs but couldn't afford it and then last yr I had a chance to get the surgery but I backed out because I was scared and just decided to join the gym and work on it on my own but instead my tummy got bigger.....so this yr I just made up in my mind that I was going to go ahead and get it done no matter what and my husband was my biggest supporter. I used my income tax and my husband worked overtime for about a month to get me the rest.,,,I had my days when I would get depressed and scared and feeling that I was being selfish about spending all of that money on me when I could be spending it on my kids or to take a family trip or something but I just kept telling myself that I deserved to be happy too! Everyone kept telling me that I didn't need the surgery....telling me that I looked good to have 6 kids....telling me to use the money for something else... so all of that was starting to mess with my decision too but I had to block all of that out of my mind....I had to do this for me....I was very unhappy with the way I looked. I wish u the BEST of luck in ur journey and U r worth it....and I hope that my story helped u....keep me informed on ur journey!!!
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Hi Denell,

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts/stories with us. I have been wanting to to this for the longest. It's hard for me to save since I'm a single parent. How did you save up (any mind tricks lol) and how did you mentally prepare yourself for this surgery?
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Well I started my period today, and I usually dnt...

Well I started my period today, and I usually dnt hv cramps, but now I'm having cramps!! I'm just glad that I got my drains out before I started!!! I am 2 weeks 3 days post op today and I'm feeling great!!! Going shopping today for another spanx because I only have 1 and I'm ready to throw this binder away soon! I noticed that the glue is starting to peel off of my incision an bb....I just hate all of the swelling in my lower ab and vagina...it sticks out in my clothes....ugh!!!! Still loving my flat tummy!!!!


You look fab!! Hot mama!! And I LOVE the kitty tattoo!!
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u look great!!!! I think everyone gets tht swelling in their vaginal area...it will go away soon. ur the bomb!
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No more tummy Denell...yay for you! I bet you feel awesome.
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Hello my Tummy Tuck Club lol!!!!! I had a very...

Hello my Tummy Tuck Club lol!!!!! I had a very long and uncomfortable night, I couldn't get comfortable for nothing lastnight! I was very swollen and sore especially on my sides where I had the Lipo. I have these lumps on my sides from the Lipo that are sore and I try to massage em but that hurts too....OMG...when will it end lol!!!!! I will be 3 weeks Post Op tomorrow and I thought things would be getting better by now, but somedays are HELL!!!!! I hope that I sleep better tonight because I even took a pain pill lastnight and that didn't even help me. I felt good enough to go do a lil shopping today at Walmart, but now I'm all swollen again....I'm so ready to feel normal again....Well I'll ttyl guys....HAPPY HEALING SEXC MAMA'S!!!!!!!!


Wow.. your scar is amazingly low. You will be able to hide them very well. I love your poses... so sexy and confident! You go girl! Happy Healing!
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Ur results look outstanding! I hope u were able to get some sleep. You are looking sexy
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Thanks hun....yea I'm sleeping very good at night lol!!!

Went to see PS today....he said I'm healing just...

Went to see PS today....he said I'm healing just fine, said the swelling in my lower tummy and vagina should go down completely in about 6 months and I'm not looking forward to that, but oh well, I'm just happy to have a flat tummy!!!!! I got the OK to workout a lil bit so I'm very excited about that!!!! Went to the doctor with my daughter also and we found out that she's having a baby girl so I'm very excited about having my first grandchild this summer!!!! Well ttyl Sexc Mamaz and happy healing!!!!!


Hey lady, I love your pictures. You are rocking those dresses, lol WOW!!! 6 kids, wow, I have 5 so I know about that and most of mines are girls too LOL. I am so happy for you that you got your TT and are healing good and looking good. It really does make you feel good, even on my bad days, its still not as bad as before my TT lol
Take care :)
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dennel ur loking hot momma!!chaaaauu!!
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Heyyyyy LilGigi!!!! How r u feeling? I'm glad to c u back in action!!!!

OMG!!!!! Started out flat as a board earlier today...

OMG!!!!! Started out flat as a board earlier today...so I decided to get out and head to the mall....walked around the mall and did a lil shopping and I could just feel my tummy starting to swell....I started having cramps like my period was about to start but it's not time for all of that yet, so I headed home and I had actually blew up like a blowfish lol!!! I will be so glad when the SWELL HELL ends!!!!!!


I hate to hear that swell hell still happens a month after ur tt! I hope it goes down overnight! Not fun:{
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I know what you mean, i went to the store to order a birthday cake for my brother in law today and only walked around for maybe an hour and blew up. I hate it.
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Thanks hun....and yes that is so true, even going through the SWELL HELL is no comparison to that pregnant belly that I had lol!!!! I love my new tummy, and how it feels to be FLAT again....really feels good!!

R any of u ladies out there experiencing swelling...

R any of u ladies out there experiencing swelling or a bulge on ur upper abs? I'm starting to get paranoid here lol....my PS says it's normal but I'm starting to think my old fat belly is trying to come back!!! I'm wearing my spanx and my binder to try to flatten it....I hope my stitches didn't pop!


O ok thanks for the info...I was getting paranoid a lil....yea I wake up flat, but as the day goes by I start swelling up like a water balloon lol!!!!
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the bulge is most likely swelling. i looked worse than my before photo at around 7 weeks post op - that was my swell hell period. too much activity, going back to work or any exercise caused it.  it gradually started getting less & less after that, with each passing week. do you wake up flat? i think you look great! 
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Hey Denell what are you putting on your scar? It is fading very nicely.
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Ok ladies are any of you experiencing swelling in...

Ok ladies are any of you experiencing swelling in your thighs and hips and butt??? I am 5 weeks Post op and was trying to fit into my old jeans, and I can't pull them up past my hips....wow depressing!!!


You look great
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Yes my hips are huge I guess it is the swelling like it all gravitates down, your VJ is looking way flatter I think! Mine is still a huge freakish thing that makes me very worried, LOL You look super honestly, you dont even look that swollen but I know how we feel it, like I can almost feel like I am going to bust when I get bad.
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I asked my PS about jeans today-he said 8 weeks :( Sad I know, hope that helps. Your blog is beaming with your confidence in all your cute outfits lol You look amazing!
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Started working out on Monday and it really feels...

Started working out on Monday and it really feels good to actually see my ab muscles working when I do my crunches!!! I actually enjoy working out now...I hate when I miss a day....im hoping to tone the rest of my body up and have a 6 pack next year lol!!!!


Love the new pics that outfit is so cute! Work them abs girl!
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Thanks hun!!!
Denell, HELLLP !!!! How long did it take you to walk normally....
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Hello ladies.....do any of u swell up after having...

Hello ladies.....do any of u swell up after having sex? I'm starting to think that maybe I need to start wearing my binder while I'm having sex lol....Omg!!!!!


Thanks for sharing
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Look at you looking sexy! You look really good and I can see from your pics that are truly enjoying your new tummy and having fun with the clothes lol. That is awesome! I am able to get into a few of my daughter's tops and she hates it LMAO
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1.5 weeks is not nearly enough time to be off from work after having a tt! I would say u need at least 3 or 4 weeks because this is a major surgery....its no joke at all. I'm 2 months post op and I still get sore an swell up so u need more than 1.5 weeks to heal. The worst part was the drains....they're very uncomfortable and get in ur way....but after they're removed u will notice a big change and u will feel soooo much better!! Dr. Pin is a wonderful doctor and I'm loving my results......good luck on ur journey!!!!
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Went to see my PS today and everything is healing...

Went to see my PS today and everything is healing up great....I don't have to go back for 2 months! He assured me that the swelling will subside over time....told me to keep using the scar gel and oil on my tummy and incision because it's looking great....and also told me that I can workout now as much as I want....so happy that I'm healing with no problems besides the swelling!!!


I love your results!! You look amazing =)
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:) 6 days left!
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Ok ladies are any of u out there experiencing...

Ok ladies are any of u out there experiencing swelling or a bulge in ur upper abdominal area???? I'm so scared that my sutures have broken and my muscle repair is messed up....I started doin crunches at 8 weeks because my PS said that it was ok to wrkout I just hope that its just swelling.....I really Dnt want to go through surgery again. I never go without my binder or girdle so Idk what else it could be.....I go to see my PS on the 16th so hopefully he will tell me that its just swelling!


Hey Denel, I am the same in the morning I look so good and as the morning wears on and I drink water and coffee it is like the bulge comes back, my VJ is still a little swollen too, I am being patient, it is still soooooo much better than before, you look great hun!!!!
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Hey Bejewelme!!! Its like wen will tha madness end lol!!! I c ur still lookin amazing!!!
I had swelling or what looked like to be bulge in ur upper abdominal area. i didnt have it right after my tummy tuck and i was scared i had messed something up as well. I to started doin crunches at 8 weeks because my PS said that it was ok. You will notice in the morning when you first wake up there is no bulge but as the day goes by you tend to see it more.you will be fine. it will gradually go away, mine did! Happy 4th!!!
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Went to see my PS yesterday, and he said that...

Went to see my PS yesterday, and he said that everything looks great! Talked to him about having some more procedures done.....I'm planning on having some Lipo done on my inner thighs and I want breast implants....I also want the Brazilian butt lift with fat grafting but he doesn't do that.....I've heard a lot about Dr. Campos in Mexico....I'm kinda scared to go there.


Hi... Amazing results"! My stomach looks similar to your pre op pictures so I am getting an idea of what mine will look like. countdown to AUG. 20th!
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looks great good for u :)
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I'm interested to know if your bulge went down? I'm 3 months post op and have a bulge where my Seroma was - it's only slight but I can feel it & it's really annoying!
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