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I had the Cool Sculpting procedure done one week...

I had the Cool Sculpting procedure done one week ago. Finally all the feeling has come back in my tummy. Procedure wasn't painful (uncomfortable yes) but afterwards the area felt like I had novacaine for days then started itching. I'm hopeful now that the results will be worth the money!

Hi there, thanks for sharing your experience with us. Please keep us posted on your progress and results!


After 2 weeks all of the feeling is back in my...

After 2 weeks all of the feeling is back in my tummy but the itching persists - lotion does help. Area no longer feels like a rock but is becoming more normal. All of the bruising is gone.
It has been 6 weeks for me with no results so far.

Beautydebbie, do you have any follow-up with your provider booked? I know it can take a while for results to show but maybe you could find out what their expectations of your results at this stage are.


Have you been able to see any results yet?


My procedure was 4 weeks ago and FINALLY I'm...

My procedure was 4 weeks ago and FINALLY I'm seeing results! First week was swollen, very little feeling and stomach was rock hard. Second week skin was tender, still swollen. Third week I thought the itching would drive me mad. What seemed like overnight this week all the itching is gone and a pair of pants that were snug before the procedure fit perfectly. I feel the little stomach pouch I had is quickly going down now. My doctor will check results at 8 weeks but warned that it can take 16 weeks to see full results. I'm pumped now and would do it all over again. Procedure was uncomfortable as was a couple of weeks there but nothing that kept me from going on with normal daily routine. I'm hopeful for even more results in the next few weeks!
Good news it is week beginning of week 8 and I finally noticed some results. I did not see any at week six, but week 7 - 8 I see a little difference. Nothing dramatic, but at least some results:) About an inch off my waist overall!
Good Luck redneony!!! On a scale of 1 - 10 I would say my discomfort the first two weeks was 4-5 but not really pain. I hope you have good results! If you have not been there before - they are a great group of people!!
Got it done -- I really didn't have too many problems. I'd gladly do it again.

It's been 6 weeks since my CoolSculpting procedure...

It's been 6 weeks since my CoolSculpting procedure. I am 58 years old, 5'3" and 130 lbs. I lost 60 lbs 5 years ago which left me with a tummy bulge I hated. After 6 weeks I have noticed significant results in the flatness of my tummy. I go back for measurements at 8 weeks and an ultrasound to see how much the fat layer has reduced. If maximum results are achieved in 16 weeks I will be extremely happy with the results! Any minor discomfort immediatley following the procedure and a few weeks out will be worth it!

Went in for my 8 week checkup. I felt that my...

Went in for my 8 week checkup. I felt that my abdomen had gone down some but until I really saw the pictues I did not realize how much! My fat level was down half from where I started. Dr. said the reduction will continue on for a few more weeks. I'm very happy with what I had done and now considering going back for the love handles.
Will do! Thanks so much.
Kremmy - I only had one area done on my tummy - right above the bellybutton. The area was hard and swollen for about 2 weeks or so then the itching starts for a couple of weeks. About 4 weeks out you should notice how soft the area is becoming and then you will notice results. Hang in there, it's worth it. Rub lots of lotion on it. Does help. Let us know your progress. Good luck!
I'm 5 days in. I had mine done in 3 places on my belly. I'm in a lot of pain and very swollen. My belly is rock hard and I'm having a lot of the bee stings. I'm taking advil and using ice on belly. Will this really go away soon. I"m going nuts! I hope the final results will be worth it.
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