Just getting started on this new journey. I'm 5`3...

Just getting started on this new journey. I'm 5`3 165 lbs with loads of excess skin.
I've always had a weight problem, bouncing up and down, my highest weight was 289 lbs, my lowest was 118 lbs. I had 2 little boys two years apart then had gastric bypass, after losing 100 lbs I got pregnant with our third little boy. I only gained 18 lbs with him and lost down to the 128, maintained that weight for 4 years, then Ihad to have a hysterectomy,and was put on a ton of meds because of infections and gained roughly 40 lbs.
I also have fibromyalsia and the saggy skin, just adds to the pain.

I went to my pcm in May and she suggested to put in a referral to a plastic surgeon to see about getting the tummy skin removed, so she did.
Our insurance approved the referral, so I was set to see my PS in July. His office called me a few days before the apt and had to cancel due to a death in his family in another state, so I was rescheduled for Sept 11th.
I was nervous and scared, but dr. Dress was very friendly, he actually helped with my bypass while he was still active duty, and fallowed my progress while my surgeon was deployed. He answered all my questions and put me at ease. He took pics of my tummy and breasts and said he was going to submit both to insurance, but he didn't think they would cover the breasts, but was almost certain they would cover the tummy, but it would only be skin removal, nothing else...
So I waited..... and waited..... then finally got a call from Dr. Dress offices, they denied the tummy but approved the breasts!!! ??? Holy cow wasn't expecting that at all, so out of curiosity I asked how much it would cost to get a full tummy tuck? The next day. She called me back with a quote, she said 8500$....... i told here, there was no way I could afford that, 5000 I could do, not 8, she said to give her a little while and she would get back with me.
She called me back in 20 minutes and said he could do it for $4998 since I was a pt of his while he was active and I got a military discount! I said, OK then let's schedule.

My pre open was on Monday the 14th and my surgery is scheduled for next Friday October 25th.

Pre open was odd, my husband went with me, and I thought we were going to see the PS again, nope we saw one of his nurses, she measured me, and answered all of our questions, she showed me her own scares from her TT and gave me some tips and tricks. She told me what kind of bra to hey since they only give me a binder type thing for the breasts and a binder for my tummy.
She told me, the the doc knows that I don't want an implant if I don't need one, but if I do it will be very small to get me to a full c cup and he will use a "gummy bear" implant...... she said that he does 2 different types of cuts on the breasts and he will make that determination when we get to the OR.
So we left having a lot of questions answered, but not from the doc... with my insurance, I don't really have an option of where to go, but I do think I'm in capable hands, hell he was one of the plastic surgeons operating on our wounded soldiers in battle, I think he will do just fine.

I'm nervous, excited, scared, happy all at once, I've been reading this site like crazy, and am thankful I stumbled upon it.
I guess I'm nervous for my babies.. my boys are 5, 7, and 9. I'm nervous for my salon, I just opened it a month ago today!! But I know the girls will be fine, we won't start getting crazy busy til mid November when the snow birds start coming down and I will be back to work by then.

Sorry for the long first post and ramble, but this is me in s nutshell..lol... nervous rambling.. :-)

Any advise would be greatly appreciated and welcomed. Tips, tricks, anything... what to buy....
Have a great night y'all!!

I'll post pics tomorrow.
Wow must be stationed at Eglin! Good luck and can you elaborate on the tips and tricks?
Yes, We're At Eglin. She Told Me To Get Panty Liners And Use Those Under A Tank Top In Place Of Gauze Pads, To Have A Heating Pad And Sit On It For A While And It Will Help Move The Bowels. Get The Cooling Gel Inserts Fo Nursing Moms, Use Them For15 Minutes At A Time. Get The Bio Oi, Arcina Gel And Tablets, And The Silicon Strips. So I've Gotten Everything On That List.

One week out.

Wow, 7 days left til surgery. I went to the surgery center today and filled out all my paper work. I will get a call from the nurse on Thursday confirming my time for Friday.

I'm nervous, but excited at the same time. I need to take some pictures today and post them.

Today, I'm getting things finished around the house. Laundry, bed clothes washed, shampooing the carpets, just things to make it easier on my husband and boys.

I ordered just about everything that I can think of that I need, shipments should start arriving today.

Hope everyone is healing nicely, I love reading everyone's posts.


GOing Try And Post Pics, I'm On My Phone, So Hopefully This Works. Had To Take These By Myself...

a few others I found.

Good luck !! I'm having surgery too on the 25th , a full breast lift :) I already had my TT 3 months ago :)
Awesome!!! I'm Going To Have To Go Read Your Review. Good Luck On Friday!
Good luck on your journey I'm a navy wife getting my mommy makeover March 2014

woke up friday morning

Sneezing! Been sneezing since. I'm thinking its just the weather change here in fl and my allergies acting up, been taking Allegra. I can't be getting sick. I feel fine other than the tickle in the left side of my nose.

I'm starting to get really nervous. I'm afraid the surgery won't go right, that the doc won't take off enough skin or he won't do the tt correctly, or that my breast will look funny... that the pain will be horrible. I only fear the pain because of my fibrous, and most pain meds don't touch the pain. I have expressed my concerns about that to the nurse, and she said she will tell the doc to put me on a stronger pain Med, so we shall see.

I am feeling guilty. Guilt for my husband, that I won't be working for a few weeks and I won't be bringing in my income that we are used to having. I can see he is stressed out over it. He is absolutely amazing and I adore him, he goes above and beyond for the boys and I. I hate to see him stress.
Guilt for the boys.... mommy may not be able to go trick or treating this year. I probably won't be able to make their mummy Halloween dinner this year....

Please tell me this is all normal......
I think all of the emotions you are going through are all perfectly normal! It seems that everyone who shares there story here starts kinda freaking out after they hit the week before surgery mark ;) Thanks so much for sharing, I will be following your journey! Good luck!!!
Thank You So Much!!
Haha-I've gotta go return s suitcase and buy a blue dryer --lol! "Stuff always needs to be done....-and it always seems to fall to Mom"-right? :0)

had my husband

Take These Pics Last Night.... Yuck, Ready To Get This Off And Hopefully Be Somewhat Flat And Lifted.

I feel much better today.

Thank goodness!! Fairly certain it was just allergies.

My kiddos are off school today, its a teacher work day. Wish they had off last Monday like daddy did, so we could have spent the holiday together as a family, but whatever, the school system here makes no sense to me.

We told the boys that I'm having surgery Friday. Our 5 year old said he would be my big helper, and bring me coffee everyday...lol... sweet guy. Our 7 year old wanted to know what the surgery is for, so I told him I am having tummy surgery. That wasn't good enough for him, he kept asking questions, so we finally told him. He does know that mommy is always in pain and he said that he hopes having the surgery will help out my back and neck pain. He is a very sweet and caring little boy, he's like an old soul. I know he will try and help daddy this weekend, and bring me water.
Our 9 year old was asking about the anestisia and said he was going to record me, because he knows I'll say funny things...lol... love my little guys so much, I sure am one lucky mom!

This morning I haven't been as nervous or scared as I have been. I think reading the blogs have helped. The only worry is still that something won't be done properly.

Can't believe its almost here.....

what did you where on surgery day?

I'm trying to figure out what to wear to the surgery center. I'll go home same day. I have yoga pants and tank tops and t-shirts. Its getting chilly so I'll be wearing a light jacket.
Just want to wear something comfy and something that isn't going to be a pain in the ass to get back on.
Any advise? Surgery is on Friday, only tomorrow left, then wake up and head to the surgery center...

Tomorrow is the day!!!!!

Waiting for the Surgery Center to call to confirm my time for tomorrow morning, hoping it's still the 0730 surgery time. Excited and somewhat nervous, but mainly ready to get this over with and start recovery.
Today, I am making sure I have everything ready and in it's proper place, and getting some last minute items, like gengerale, and pineapple juice, and some yogurt.
Hope everyone is healing nicely!

Doc office called...

They moved the surgery up from 0730 to 0630. Waiting on the surgery center to call for the time to be there... It's getting REAL!!!!!!!!!!!


Doc's office called again and said that they needed to push my surgery to NEXT Friday.. they double booked and the 2nd guy is pissed, but I was booked 3 weeks ago... I told her that my husband has already taken leave for next week, and it was like pulling teeth for him to get the leave, that I had to do this tomorrow..... She said that she would try and figure something out and would call me back... Umm I'm sorry if the gentleman is upset, but I have been I have been booked and paid longer than you, they should move him til next Friday, not me!
Seriously, I can't believe this is happening....
I am a mom to three boys also (10,9 and 8)...My MM is scheduled for October 31!! We are so close! I just did some shopping today for some of the essentials! Getting close now! Hope you are feeling confident!!!
Hopefully mine is still on for tomorrow! I woke up today feeling a lot more confident about the surgery, and am so ready to get it done and start the healing process, but now everything is up in the air til I get a call back from the Doc's office. I was supposed to have the surgery this past Tuesday, then they called and said they couldn't do it til the 31st, and that wasn't going to work for me, as my friends are getting married that day and it's trick or treat for the boys, so she had me scheduled for Tomorrow the 25th, that was set 3 weeks ago... I'm just all over the place today. I just this set in stone as it was, and get this done. Good luck on the 31st! I'll be following you!
Omg, that's messed up! They apparently don't understand what type of preparations we have to make to have this surgery and the emotional roller we are on prior to even having surgery! I truly hope they get it worked out for you and that this time tomorrow you're on the flat side!

What an emotional day!!

Just got the call and at first she said the 27th, I started crying..... She said, disregard honey, you're set for tomorrow, the other person can wait! They ended up triple booking tomorrow, because of the computer glitch, and at 2 different locations...
So as of right now, I'm all set for tomorrow!

The surgery Center call right after and said for me to be there at 0530, nothing to eat or drink after midnight, wear lose clothes, a photo ID, my breast garment, no deodorant, lotions, perfume, jewelry, bring my husband and the funny part is she said to wear one of Jeromy's (my husband) big button up shirts!
Thank God, this is finally happening!!
Good luck to you tomorrow, you will feel and look great before you know it.
Thank you so much.
Woohoo that's great! Congrats!

getting ready....

Alright ladies, I'm up and getting ready to go to the surgery center. I can't believer the day is here.
Good luck to everyone having surgery today
See ya on the flat side.
Post more when I get home!!!!
Good luck today! Super exciting:)

at home.....

I'm at home feasting. Surgery went perfect, per my doctor. I haven't seen my tummy or breasts yet, but he said he took off alittle over 8 lbs.

I'm pretty tender and sore, taking my meds every 4 hours. I've been dozing off and all sense I got home.
Surgery started at 0630 was in recovery around 1130 .

I'll post pics once I am able to take pics and I can stay awake longer than a few minutes.
Congrats hon, so happy for you!!
Thank You, Luv
Congrats AF Mommy! I was active duty AF at one time. We have similar weight stories. I just had my breast reduction on 14 Oct, doing great. I need to get a little more weight off before I do the TT, but am DEFINITELY gonna do it. Wishing you speedy recovery, HUG n HEALING.


Pics From Today. Sorry Every First Let Of The Words Are Capitalized, My Phone Is An Idiot.

one more

Great job! you did it!!! Hope youre resting peacefully! You look great!

my bra is.killing me

my Bra Is Killing Me. Im So Swollen, It's Cutting Into My Sides. I'm Having My Husband Run To Wal-mart First Thing In The Morning To Get Me A Bigger Bra. I'm Thinking A 38 C
Thank you, hun. I'm trying to rest.


My breasts and sides are killing me. The tummy is just burning. My back hurts and I can't get comfy. My hubby talked to missy, my docs surgical nurse, and she is having the doc switch my pain meds in the morning.

I'm hardly draining at all, only about 9cc in each bulb.

My husband and boys have Ben great so far, helping me out and bringing me water or juice.

I'm trying to sleep, but the breast pain is keeping me awake.
Hang in there girl. Hope they get your pain meds straightened out. Little heads up on pain meds, if ya didn't already know, they are very constipating, so make sure you have some stool softener on hand to take. The LAST thing ya need is to be "backed up" after a tummy tuck. I did with the breast reduction, and that was bad enough. Rest up, and drink TONS of water...it helps with ALL aspects of recovery (constipation, anesthesia, and tissue regeneration/rebuild). Love n hugs ;-)
Yes ma'am, I have my stool softener and been taking regularly. Drinking loads of water. Thank you for the advise!

getting a new bra.

The husband just left to get me a bigger sports bra. The swelling is pretty bad, so the 36 is way to tight right now. I'm having him get a 38.

Waiting on the doc to call back about different pain meds, I talked to the nurse about 45 minutes ago, and she said she was going to call him about switching it up. Hope he calls while Jeromy is out getting my bra.

Have been sleeping off and on, and have been peeing about once SN hour or every other hour. Still not draining a whole lot. Going to change the dressings as soon as hubby gets back ad they have blood on them.

Haven't seen my tummy yet, guess I'll see it on Wednesday when I go to my follow up with the doc.
Happy healing y'all.
Congratulations!!! So glad you got them to agree to keep the surgery, so frustrating! Once we have a date we just want it over with not to mention your husband's work schedule, glad it all worked out! Happy healing to you!
Thank You!!! Yes, Im Happy That They Left The Surgery Date A Lone.

Still no call back!

Ggrr, We've Called Her And The Doc And Left Messages For Both, Still No Call Back Or Answering Their Cells...

Here Is A Pic Of My Breasts, We Had To Change The Gauze Pad As My Nipples Were Bleeding.
Enjoying your updates. Keep them coming, my surgery is Wednesday !
Good Luck!!!!!!! You'll Be On The Flat Side Soon. Glad You're Enjoying My Updates, I Want To Be Very Open An Honest About My Surgery. If You Have Any Questions, Feel Free To Ask!
Congrats !! We are now on the other side :) I'm happy your surgery went well .... I feel your pain my breast are so swollen I feel a lot of pressure on my chest but I guess it's normal ... Wish you a fast heeling .. Can't wit to see your TT too :) take care

I feel like im up with a newborn baby...lol

l II Up Every Couple Of Hours, To Either Use The Potty, Take My Pain Meds, Or Walk The Gas Out And Stretch My Achy Muscles.

I'm Having A Fibro Flair Up, And The Pain Pills Aren't Touching The Pain. But I Honestly Believe That If I Didn't Have Fibro The Percocet Would Work Great.

My Breasts Are What Hurts The Most, The Tummy Tuck Is More Like A Sting.... And My Back.... Holy Hell!!!
Good Luck To Everyone With Upcoming Surgeries, And Happy HealinG To Those Who Have Had Surgery!!
Soft, Easy, Gentil Hugs :)
I'm 5 days out. It's getting better...swelling sucks, yada yada. I hope ur getting better too. happy healing.
Hang in there Hun...they SAY that the first 72 hours are the worst. Soft hugs back.
I Believe It. Cause This Is Horrible.

woke up today

Woke Up This Morning In A Butt Load Of Pain. I've Been Calling The Nurse And My Doctor All Weekend To Switch My Pain Meds. I Talked To The Nurse On Saturday aAt 0830 She Said She Was Going To Talk To The Doc To Have Him Write A Prescription For A Stronger Pain Med.
I Have Heard Nothing From Her My Doc. I've Called Both Numbers All Weekend And Left Voicemails, But No One Returned Any Calls. I'm Calling The Office At 0800 When They Open.

I Took Some Pictures This Morning While I Was Changing The Dressings On My Breasts. Still Haven't Seen My Tummy, But I'm Hoping I'll Get To See It On Wednesday At My Post OP Apt, It Today If I Can Go To The Docs Office, I'm Going To Ask About Getting My Drains Removed Since Im Only Draining About 18 Cc All Day In One Drain And Then 14 In The Other
Sorry For Every Word Being Capitalized, I'm On My Phone And It's Being Stupid! Here Are Some Pics


Sorry Got Send To soon


photo collage

Aww, bummer. Here's hoping you get your new meds ASAP. Boobies look great though. Hugs n healing ;-)
Thank You!!
I hope you're able to get new pain meds today. Your boobs are lookin nice and perky!

5 days out.

Went To The Office Yesterday Because My Left Nipple Was Turning Black, And I Have Still Not Gotten Pain Meds! Saw Alisha And She Said That My Nipple Was Just Badly Bruised, But The Nurses At The Surgery Center Put My Binder On Way To Tight. They Also Told ME Not To Milk My Drains, But The Docs Office Said They We're Wrong And I Should Be Milking Them.
Alisha Went To Cut Off Some Of The Excess Tape And She Cut My Thigh In The Process..... The Doc Was Still Im Surgery, So No Script,! Alisha Said She Would Call Me As Soon As The Doc Writes The Script.... Nothing All Day.......

Today Was My Follow Up Apt With The Doc.tThe Front Desk Girl CheckedUs In, Brought Us Back And Tried To Lay The Table Down... She Jerked It And Fling It Back I Said A Few Oh Shits Then Was Just Quiet.. The Docs Surgery Nurse Came In, Started Unwrapping Me, Checked Me Out Then Removed My Drains! That Was AN Odd Feeling, Like A Long Snake Being Pulled From Your Body.
Doc Came In And I Asked Again About My Left Breast, He Said I Have A Small Hematoma, But My Body Looks Like It's Breaking It Up. He Said Everything Else Looked Awesome And I Was Allowed To Shower. He Wrote Me A Script For My Meds Finally And He Wants To See Me Back In A Week.

I'll Post Pics Tonight After My Shower


Wow I can't believe it's been 5 days alresdy! You look great! Hope they got you some pain pills.
Thank You, And Yes, They Finally Did. I Know, I Can't Believe Tomorrow Will Be A Week.

one week out!!

Still Super Swollen, But Can't Believe This Is My Body!
With The New Pain Meds, I'm Finally Feeling Better!

Happy Healing Yall!
It's just amazing how they can make us go from, sagging stretched out tummy to beautiful flat tight tummy!! You look so good! I'm so frickin excited for my time to come!
Thank You So Much. I Too Think That These Doctors Are Truly Amazing At What They Do. I'm Excited For You To Have Your Surgery Good Luck, Hun!!!!


1St Photo Is One Week Out, 2nd Photo Is One Day Out, And 3rd Photo Is The Day Before Surgery. :)
Great results and all that for less than 5,000?
My Insurance Company Covered The Breast Lift. I Had To Pay For The Tummy Tuck. My PS Ga Ive Me A Discount For Being A Pt Of His While He was Still In The Military And He Gave Me A Military Discount.As Well. Thank You, I'm Gettin Excited About The Results.


Today I'm sore, but starting to feel better. My breasts are very sore and tender. The under side of my breasts look funny, almost like the skin was bunched up, crinkly, then stapeled together. I have an apt with the PS on Wednesday and I'm going to ask him this.
Its also looking like I have bunched up skin on either side of myhips, like dog ears I guess.... going to have to take pics to show y'all.
I tried to not use the pain medicine yesterday and lord that was not a good idea..lol..
I'm trying to find a corset to wear once I can switch the compression garment. Does anyone have any that they love, recommend, or dislike?
Your tummy looks great!!! the scar is nice and low. Hope you find the right compression garment that works for you.

first day by myself..

Today is the first day by myself, my husband went back to work today and I drove the kids to school this morning. I'll be taking them every morning and he will be picking them up after work everyday.
I'm still very tender and sore, I didn't take any pain meds over night and just took two. Im going to try and wein off of them.

Its so quiet here today, I'm really missing my husband being here with me.
Hope you all have a great day. Happy healing and good luck to those having surgery today and this week.
Looking good girl
Thank you, tess48. I've got some swelling today. I think I looked flatter last week.
Yes, hang in there...it's the worst the first 2 weeks...don't be a hero, take your pain meds, it's worth it for depression and lack of pain, you need to take them and rest...I know it's hard to sit around, but your body needs it...you could get open wounds like I got at week 2, so be sure to really rest!! Looking good though, it all takes time...!!

botched breast lift??

botched breast lift??

So I posted pictures of my breasts. What do you ladies think? I have one nipple larger than the other. One nipple is basically black and the nipple itself doesn't perk up, or how should I say... get hard?? Its friggen flat !!!!! That breast itself is the one I'm having all the trouble with. Its hard, hot, and seems to be leaking some discharge. The doctor said a hemotoma, but honestly it feels hard almost like an implant on top of the muscle. I'm just so upset, I've been complaining about my breasts from day one. Why do they hurt so damn bad?
How can they be fixed? Can they even be fixed???
I would rather have my old saggy breasts than these ones....
Wow, that poor boob...I think it's a hematoma and if its messed up he should fix it...a lift is all skin and not much else and I felt Zero pain with my lift...can you get a second opinion at the ER? Or a wound care clinic? Don't wait!! 
I have no idea what to do. My insurance paid for the lift. I don't know which direction I can go. We have military insurance, so I would have to go to my doctor and have them refer me to some place else.
I'm getting ready to jump in the shower then I'll take more pics, full body so I can show what my belly looks like.

tummy pics

Posted pictures of my tummy.

I'll let y'all be the judge on that.
I have an area under my left breast that is swollen and fluid filled, when I push on it, blood comes out of the left nipple, I know something is wrong with that side of my breasts!
I'm going to call my PS tomorrow, but I'm sure they will put me off til Wednesday as that is the only day the doc is in the office.
Yes we are all worried. 
Can't be seen til tomorrow. :(
We need an update! Hope you are doing ok!!??

Tried to get an appointment today.

But I could not get in to see anyone in my clinic, and my PS was in surgery all day, so it has to wait til tomorrow.
I'm just hoping and praying it's just really bad bruising.
Have you thought of getting a second opinion? I do think that there is something not right with your left nipple. If your PS does not respond asap, I suggest going to see another PS. Sending you healing vibes...
Hope you get good news tomorrow and this will clear itself up. Good Luck
Im Sitting In The Waiting Room Of The PS Office Now Sounds Like No PS Today, Only The Front Desk Girl And TheTech. ISwear If The Doc Isn't Im Again Today.....

sitting in the docs office.

And I Don't Hear Any PS Here At All Sounds Like Only The Tech And Front Desk Girl. I'm Going To Be Livid If The Doc Isn't Here.
Good luck, sending you positive thoughts for recovery!
I'm going to try and make an apt tomorrow with my PCM, and see about getting a referral to another PS.

As i was waiting to be seen.

The PS walked in to the office, I had been waiting for 45 minutes at this point. I was taken back and waited another 25 for the doc to come in.

He looked over everything and told me that I have a seroma. The bleeding through the left nipple is the drainage of the seroma.
He removed the stitches ( which I didn't know I had, thought they were dissolvable) from my breasts. Omg, I thought I was going to kick him in the teeth when he removed the right breasts stitches!!! The left side wasn't as painful.
He put me on another round of antibiotics and refilled my pain meds, he wants me to come back in in two weeks, but if the seroma gets larger, the discharge color changes, I run a fever, or the pain gets worse I'm to call him and come back in.

He said the color of my left nipple should go back to normal, but if it doesn't, they do tattooing in office and can tattoo the aereola to the proper color, he also said the areola size should even out, but if it doesn't, then he will revise it.

I'm trying to stay positive and hope that what he said I'd actually what is going on, but I'm also taking it with s grain of salt.
But on a positive, my breasts feel so much better now that those stitches are out!
Hi hun glad your sx went well and hope you have a safe recovery and that your nipples go back to normal just give it time to heal properly mean while take care of yourself and happy speedy recovery love x
Thank you so much. I'm just resting and trying to take it easy as much as possible.
So relieved you saw your PS. I think it may just be those stitches in your boobs, here's hoping that your boobs will heal faster now and that the color will get back to normal. Since you're on antibiotics, watchout for yeast infections :) I get them almost everytime i take antibiotics.

2 weeks post op today!

2 weeks have flown by, but also crawled by, if that makes any since?.
Last night the seroma started draining, I pressed on the area and soaked about 10 gauze pads. It was all a bloody fluid color. Today that left breast is pretty sore and tender, but the seroma is smaller now.
The right breast is tender, but feels so much better now that the stitches are out, but I do have s small hole is the T area of the scare under the breast. I'm keeping both breasts clean and dry with gauze pads.

My tummy feels pretty good, the incision is healing, but the area is rough and red from the binder and from me scratching area, because my tummy is so itchy!!

I'm on another 10 days of antibiotics, and I'm taking my pain meds every 6 hours now instead of every 4. Some days I have to take them more frequently, but for the most part its every 6.

On Wednesday my husband and I went to a CMA viewing party, we won tickets off the radio. I was so excited to go, it was held at a seafood restaurant in Destin, right on the beach. I didn't take any pain meds before we went and didn't bring any with me. I thought I could make it through the party, it was only 4 hours long.... I was wrong. I got very tired and my breasts started hurting pretty badly, it was the same day I had the stitches removed. Jeromy could see I was in pain, so he asked me if I wanted to leave? I told him no, I wanted us to have a good time, it was the first time we have been out just the two of us in I don't know when, and he has been doing everything for me, cleaning, cooking, the kids, plus working..... He didn't by it, he tipped the waitress and took me home.

I am going to post some pics I took just a little while ago, I'm still swelling up, and puffy. This recovery is no joke, everyday its something different..lol..
Hope y'all have a great weekend and have a great veterans day!

first set of pics

2nd set of pics


i hate updating from my phone.

Updating from my phone sucks... Lol... Sorry. It won't let me delete if I accidentally hit a letter, I have no idea why, and it likes to capitalize the first letter of every word. It only does that on this site tho, no other sites....?

I am still going through swell hell. I hope to god that goes away soon and the swelling of my monds pubis...
But then, I think in hindsight, we will feel better about everything,  you got a good Man there by your side....There MUST be a Country song we can dedicate to him.  He sounds like he has been quite a "trooper" on this journey
He certainly has been a trooper!! I love my military man, he is the finest definition of an exemplary troop! I've very proud of him, he is mine and our boys hero!
Ohhh..I totally know what you mean..."time flies...but it crawls at the same time-ugh!"  It's so weird!  But I think once we get past the first two months (I Zknkw seems like "forever from now"--)

going to try......

And sleep in my bed tonight with my Love. I'm so tired of the recliner. I just want to get back to normal and can't wait to roll over, through my arm and leg over my hunnie and fall asleep with my my head and body snuggled up to his back!
Wish me luck!!!!!!
I hope your breasts are feeling better. You are looking really good hon.... glad to hear you and your hubby got to have a night out
Thank You. The Breasts Still Hurt, So That's Making Me Nervous. Yes It Was Nice To Get Out For A Few.
Just a comment on the boob...those stitches seems really puckered as well? Did he say why?? What will you do? Stay with him or get someone else to look at it? What if u need repaired? I think he owes u free service to make it right!! I would ate for u to pay someone to fix it when he did it!! ;) just saying! My office offered scar revision free if I need it!! So far I don't think I will need any revisions!! 

picture update. firs two photos are 2 of me 2 weeks out, middle photo is.1 week out, 3rd photo is one day out and 4,th ia 1 day


The pics show quite a great transformation. The breast issue has to be hard but at least it doesn't seem too serious and you have a good plan in place! I hope you made it back into your bed! I'm in the recliner next to the sweet sound of my hubby softly snoring, honestly the hardest part is the physical separation...sucks! Keep getting better! You're doing great!!
Yes, I've slept in bed propped up with pillows, but its nice to sleep beside my husband again. The other night I rolled over onto his back and snuggled with him, as that's how I normally sleep, and he said my boobs on his back felt strange, like someone else was laying against his back...lol... He too has some things he needs to get used to. Lol. :-)


Does anyone else feel like their tummy is bigger, not as flat as the first week? I feel and can see, that my tummy is either bloated, puffy, swollen, or pudgy. I don't know which but it is driving me nuts.
Just getting to look at your profile...BTW, got fam in your neck of the woods! LOVE VPS :) I think you look great, scars and seroma aside, but some looks questionable IMO. Keep calling PS w/ ?? and don't be afraid to annoy them. Its a long process. Im a yr and 4 mths out and it seems were never satisfied. I have a recheck w/ my PS in 3 weeks regarding scar tissue and pain, we all have something going on. If you need to vent privately send me a message as Ive been thru it all and not a newbie, cant discourage me LOL.
Hi, Yep I love our area! Yes, I'm bugging my PS's office, I need them to take a look at under my breasts, as the skin is starting to turn white,as in albino white, so wondering if hypo pigment is an issue..I have to start dinner now, so when I have a few extras minutes tonight, I'm going to sit down and read your post's. Thanks for swinging by my page!! Crystal
Hope you are feeling better and the swelling take time to go down. I still get swelling at almost five most out. There are days where my tummy is so flat an on the other hand I get swelling after beening on my feet or sitting to long. It does get better just takes time

Hi everyone!

Sorry I haven't been on here in a little while, I'm dealing with issues from my breasts.
They are both infected from the breast lift, and both very painful. I'm still on antibiotics and now an antibiotic ointment to try and heal them.
I'll be 4 weeks post op tomorrow, I'll try and take some pictures.

I just hope that once things are healed, that I look half way decent... My tummy is swollen and the breasts are .. uuugggg.... But I'm going to be optimistic and do everything that I can to make sure that all this pain and infections are worth it.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!! ~ Crystal
Awww I'm sorry you're through that! It may not seem like it now, but it will all be worth it in the end! Hope you feel better hon!
So sorry you have gone through hell with those boobs...I hope he helps you in any way he can...he should!!! I am finally healed up with wound care...I still have swelling around the incision daily, I just ignore it now...I know it's a good 3 to 5 months before things are better...no pain, just achy now and then...I am using a new cream on my scars, so will post pics to see if over time it helps!! Feel better!
Hope you feel better.... You look great thou.

It's been a while since I updated...

Let's just say, nothing has really changed. I've undergone, Acid treatments, to kill the infected skin, and I'm now seeing a different plastic surgeon.
I have abscess in both breasts and my tummy tuck incision is opening in 3 different places.

Hopefully, with the new surgeon, I'll be on the road to recovery very very soon. Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, and have a happy New Year!!
Hi, your review popped up on the weekly newsletter and I decided to read it. I wanted to cry for you. I know it has been awhile since you last updated, but I hope your healed and happy with your results. I would love to know how things turned out. Prayers!
Thank you for your updates. Sending you positive healing vibes!
I have been thinking of you. I hate that you have had such a bad experience. Hopefully you will be on the road to a full recovery very soon. Thoughts are with you!
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