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I've been wanting to do Invisalign for probably 8...

I've been wanting to do Invisalign for probably 8 or so years now and finally decided to take the plunge (at age 27). My parents thought my teeth weren't bad enough to warrant braces, but I've always wished they were straighter (we're our own worst critic, right?). I've done plenty of research in the past 8 years, so I'm pretty confident I know what I'm getting myself into. This website in particular has proved to be a really helpful resource for me and so I've decided to add my experience to the bunch in hopes to aid others in their Invisalign decision.

Back in January, I went to the orthodontist to have the scans and photos taken and today I went to have the attachments placed (11 total, 8 top, 3 bottom) and to receive my first 10 weeks of aligners. I have 30 on the top and 39 on the bottom (whew, that seems like a lot!) with 3 aligners tacked on at the end in case of any needed refinements. So far, I've just had the attachments on (without the aligners) and they really aren't bad at all; they are hardly noticeable and don't hurt or scratch my lips. I'm waiting until bed time tonight to start wearing my first aligner, as advised, and will update later this week with how my first days went.

Here are some specifics about my case: The cost is $4640 and my insurance will cover $1500. The total treatment time will be 78 - 84 weeks, so approx. 1 year 8 months. I'm seeing an Elite Invisalign provider, an orthodontist (not a dentist), who comes highly recommended. As of right now, my treatment plan doesn't show any IPR. As I update my review, I'd be more than happy to answer any questions you might have about the process.

I'm pretty exciting to begin this journey and am anxious for the final results. I hope it goes as smooth as possible!! So far, so good : )

I've had my first trays in for two days now and am...

I've had my first trays in for two days now and am experiencing some pretty tender teeth. The pain isn't terrible, just a lot of pressure and soreness. I've been able to get the aligners in and out alright, but it definitely hurts a bit while taking them out. Brushing and flossing 4-5 times a day is going to take a while to get used to, but I assume it will eventually become routine and won't be too big of a deal. This will definitely be the cleanest my teeth have ever been!! As far as the aligner itself; it hasn't scrapped the inside of my mouth or caused any sores. I produce more saliva than normal and have a tiny bit of a lisp. I was actually expecting the lisp to be a lot worse, but luckily it's not bad at all. I will post a picture of what my teeth look like with the aligners in when I get a chance. I think the attachments are more noticeable with the aligners in, than without, but still MUCH less conspicous than metal braces.

I'm about at the end of my first set of trays. I...

I'm about at the end of my first set of trays. I change to my 2nd trays on Wednesday. The trays were pretty tight for the first 10 days or so, then they began to loosen up a bit in the back. They are still tight where I have attachments, but no pain and no sensitivity when eating. The hardest thing with Invisalign thus far has been the inability to snack before dinner and in between meals and constantly feeling like I have to rush. I've been super strict with myself and have kept the aligners in for exactly 22 hours each day, which can be quite difficult, but I don't want my treatment to be any longer than it needs to be! Overall, it hasn't been too tough getting into a routine and I like my teeth feeling super clean all the time. I've managed to keep my aligners clean by using an Efferdent tablet once a day (while the trays are out for a meal), followed by light brushing and then brushing the trays with water all other times. I always floss then brush after each meal. I will post progress of my teeth after I've completed a few more trays, not many visible changes after just one tray!

My second set of trays has been much easier than...

My second set of trays has been much easier than the first in terms of pain and sensitivity. I'm slowly starting to forget I even have aligners in my mouth, which is great! I'm also to a point where it feels better to have them in, than out, which is also a testament to how much I've gotten used to them. The only real problem thus far is that in the past day I've developed a sore in the corner of my mouth (lips) and I'm not sure if this is because of the Invisalign making my lips so dry, the production of excess saliva, or the fact that I'm opening my mouth up wide to put the trays in and out and to floss? Or it may not be related to the invisalign at all, but seeing that I've never had this problem before, I thinking it's because of the invisalign. Has anyone else experienced this?

Just started tray 8 - Progress Pics Posted

I just started tray 8 and everything has gone very smooth so far, no major problems to mention! I've been extremely happy with the ease of use, comfort, and ability to take the trays out whenever I need to eat. My teeth are significantly whiter and both my teeth and gums seem healthier in general. I have not been as uptight with sticking exactly to the 2 hour rule, but am always very close to it. Out of the 14.5 weeks of wearing trays thus far, I've only added 4 days onto my treatment time because of bigger events where I needed to have the trays out longer than 2 hours. Oh one big thing to mention - I'm almost 13 weeks pregnant. Yep, pretty much got pregnant a few weeks after starting my treatment. So, I'm anxious to see how well invisalign and pregnancy go together! I'm thinking I won't gain as much weight because of the no snacking in between meals. This may be tough... I've also heard that it could move the treartment along because my gums will get softer because of the increased blood; not sure if that is true or not. Anyways, will keep everyone posted! I've added a few photos to show my progress after finishing tray 7; there are a few minor improvements, but nothing major as of yet.

Just finished Tray 15 - Progress Pics Posted

Haven't updated in a while because there isn't really much to report. I just finished tray 15 and everything has gone as well as I could have expected. No setbacks of any kind and the orthodontist says my teeth are right on track, so YAY, I'm really happy. I've been in treatment for 7 months and have just about a year to go. Looking back at beginning photos I can already tell big improvements, which is really exciting!! I'm quite anxious for the final results. I posted a comparison pic of Tray 1/Tray 15 so you can see the difference.

It's been a little tough having Invisalign while pregnant because of the need to eat several small meals a day instead of my normal 3 meals, this means my trays are out more like 2 - 3 hours a day instead of just 2. Oh well, as long as my teeth stay on track like they have, I guess it's not too big of a deal.

All in all, I'm really happy with Invisalign thus far and am already impressed with the improvements I see! One more year to go!! I'll update again after I've completed another several trays. Please let me know if you have any questions.

1 year anniversary of starting Invisalign!!!

Hi All! Just thought I'd update with a photo to show everyone my progress during the past year! First though, I must let everyone know that I welcomed my beautiful daughter, Juliet, on December 6th!!!!! As you can tell from the photo, my teeth have come a looooong way. I'm very happy with my progress thus far. I'm currently on tray 23 out of 29 for my bottom and 39 for my top, so my bottom teeth are almost done! Yay! My top teeth still have a while to go; I estimate I'll be completely finished within the year (hopefully sooner). Overall, the Invisalign process has been relatively easy (even during 9 months of pregnancy) and I would recommend the treatment to anyone wanting to straighten their teeth. Please let me know if you have any questions!

Done with BOTTOM teeth - 4.5 months to go on top!

Hey everyone! It's a good time to update because I just finished tray 30, which means I'm done with my bottom teeth - WOOHOO!! I'm really happy with how they look, because as you can tell, they were SUPER crowded at the beginning and a couple of teeth really needed to make some major rotations. Now, I am supposed to wear "passive aligners" on the bottom teeth while my top teeth continue their course of treatment, which is another 10 trays. So, I'll continue getting new passive aligners every two weeks with my top trays and I am only supposed to wear the bottom trays at night (something about my back molars needing to come down a bit). I've already been wearing them like this for a few days and I must say, it takes a little getting used to! Has anyone else been instructed to just wear one tray during the all day while the other only at night?

I cannot wait until my top teeth are done, I am soooo anxious. This whole treatment process hasn't been bad, but I'm just so close to being done that I'm getting antsy. Plus, with breastfeeding a little one and not being able to snack, I'm losing too much weight, ahhhhh! I know, I know, some would kill to be in my situation, but seriously I don't want to look sick! I will be glad when I can snack at will and not have to think twice about whether or not I feel like going through the whole routine of brushing and flossing, lol.

I'll update again around tray 35 and then again at the end of my entire treatment!! In the meantime, let me know if anyone has any questions!

First little snag in treatment : (

Well, I ran into my first little bump in the road. Hopefully it doesn't turn into a big bump and we can get the issue fixed quickly. My back molars have intruded (is that the word?) and now my bite doesn't touch in the back of my mouth. I went into the ortho yesterday and he decided to cut off the back of my remaining top trays in hopes that this will cause my teeth to naturally extrude back into a position where they touch. I am still only wearing my bottom passive trays at night since those teeth are finished and that should help as well with extruding the molars. The doctor didn't seem concerned and said that this is fairly common with invisalign. I only have 5 trays left (on tray 35 of 39) until I'm finished unless this bite issue doesn't correct itself, then I will likely need a refinement. I am sooooo anxious to be done! The doctor also mentioned that I can wear the last 5 trays for 10 days each instead of 14, so that was a nice surprise. I go back October 30 to see if the bite has corrected; time has been allotted to do refinement impression if necessary.

Does anyone have a similar experience with their back molars not touching? And did it correct itself okay? Thanks for the input.
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As Ceclarlinetlo said, it's very common.  I got it during my treatment, and still get it whenever I wear my retainers for too long.  Having equilibration done helped, so that I can still eat without having to wait several hours after taking out my trays, but before the equilibration I had to wait 6 hours before I could approximate well enough to eat.  Most of us here on RealSelf who complain about it talk about it as a "posterior open bite", so if you see someone referring to that, it's the same thing you're going through.  I wrote about it in my review too and I know others have.  

So the short answer is yes, it usually resolves itself relatively well.  If you get it because of clenching, you may never get rid of it completely, but my doctor has told me that it's not dangerous, just annoying.
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I am not sure I complete understand the intruding and extruding but it's very common to have an open bite during treatment. I had a very open bite until just recently and it's starting to resolve itself.
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Did you ever have to deal with morning sickness while having Invisalign?
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I was a little nauseous here and there, but I was lucky in that I never actually threw up. I'm sure it would have been much more difficult if that were the case. I can't imagine suddenly having the urge but needing to rip out my aligners first! Are you pregnant?
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No, I was asking because sometimes we have community members who wonder, like Pocahonta12 who reached out to you, but I haven't seen anyone write about it their review.  It's good to know people who've gone through things so I can help refer people in the future.  I waited until my twins were 1.5 before starting, but I had terrible morning sickness and threw up literally everything.  I turned into a skeltal wraith and they had to put me on medication, so there was no way I could have done Invisalign in that state.
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I'm on my second tray and I have just found out I'm pregnant . I'm so scared. How did you cope sickness and lack of snacking? I'm constantly hungry and have 3 meals a day. As soon as I get hungry sickness comes and I need to just bite something. Getting trays in and out at work is not comfortable . I'm worrying trays will ale me sick even more
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Hi Pocahonta, I was lucky in that I did not really have any morning sickness. It was hard getting used to not snacking, I just ended up pigging out whenever I had my typical 3 meals a day and towards the end of my pregnancy I had to keep my trays out longer so that I could eat several smaller meals a day. It wasn't the easiest, but I made due. You'll get used to removing your trays and will only experience discomfort the first day or two of each new set. Hopefully the trays won't add to your morning sickness. It you feel terrible, I would just leave the tray out but make sure to wear it longer than two weeks to make up the time.
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Your teeth look amazing. . I have just looked at your pictures before and after. It is a massive difference. I hope I can be as strong as you and keep up with it
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Thanks so much! Yes, my teeth have come a long way and I am quite pleased with how they are turning out. I'm almost finished, just a few more months. Good luck with your invisalign journey and pregnancy! If you have any more questions, feel free to ask and be sure to post pics of your progress!!
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Congrats Lady! I know that anxious feeling when you see that finish line..Im on my second week of Vivera retainers and very happy. Enjoy your new families addition!
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Thanks Saun!! I appreciate it! I don't know much about the Vivera retainers, is it an Invisalign product?
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Yes it is. You have options for your retainers. They are a harder non flexible material (compared to Invisalign) A lot more substantial. Definitely harder to get out. I choose these just because I was used to wearing the Invisalign. At the beginning you need to wear them all the time for the first few months then just nites. I found that each Doc is a bit different as far as timing for wear.
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Congrats!! I just started two days ago and I am getting more comfortable with it. How often did you change trays? Once every two weeks? Did you use acceldent? Also, how do you handle getting the aligners out in a public restroom if you wer eout on a dinner?
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Hi! I change my trays every two weeks sometimes a day or two longer if I have them out for more than 2 hours a day. I did not use acceledant as it was never mentioned to me by my orthodontist. And as far as dinner goes, at first I would go to the restroom and take them out at the sink and rinse them off, but as I became more comfortable I started discreetly removing them at the table. It really depends on who I'm with and how comfortable I am. If I don't want to brush in the public restroom, then I rinse real well with water and wait until I'm home to brush. Good luck with your treatment!!! Hope everything goes smooth for you!!
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Thank you for your reply. I have been extremely self concious removing my aligners in a public restroom. I wonder if it would gross others out!! I am very anxious about the process and intimidated by the discomfort I felt the past two days. But your story gives me hope and I believe I will get used to having them in my mouth!!
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Oh I totally understand, but trust me, people don't really pay attention and with what goes on in a public restroom I wouldn't worry about grossing anyone out lol. You will definitely get used to the retainers and that anxiety will fade away. It was the exact same for me in the beginning. It will all become second nature. Some trays are more painful than others but at least you know that means progress is being made!! Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns, id be happy to reply.
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Thanks again!!
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Hello, As you move forward with this process you will most likely find when you change your tray's you look forward to that discomfort because you will associate that with teeth moving. You will also find that some trays initially will not ache at all. This whole process will become second nature with you in the forth coming weeks. Reaching out in this forum is very comforting and reassuring. Enjoy the process and keep reaching out to us!
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Thank you.. Do you have any idea when the LISP will go away? It's day 5 for me and I still have a lisp particularly with the letter "S". I see that many people have stated that it eventually goes away but I am a bit skeptical. In my profession, I need to speak a lot and I am really bummed out...Any ideas to handle this?
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Congratulations again! :D  

I was never in one aligner at a time, but at the end of my treatment, I was told to not wear my aligners full-time in order to allow my molars to re-erupt.  I had gotten an open bite from clenching with my aligners in.  So for 6 weeks I was only allowed to wear retainers for 8 hours max per night.  I never got that full 6 months of full-time retainer wear to really solidify my results, and I'm sad about that, but I also couldn't deal with the open bite anymore, since I couldn't chew food.  After the 6 weeks, we tried a bunch of different things, but one of them was cutting the bottom tray so it didn't cover my molars anymore and wearing them that way.  It helped a lot, but now I put the full tray back in because my other teeth were moving and I couldn't stand knowing that ;).

I hope things work better for you :).
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Thanks!! Yeah. Hopefully I won't run into that problem! I have 10 trays remaining for my top teeth and I'm hopeful that my bottom molars will be good to go by then.
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Yes, congratulations!!!!!  And your progress is beautiful!  Thank you so much for posting an update! :D
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Congratulations on the new addition to your family!! You're progress is awesome....looking good!
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Congratulations on baby girl Juliet! Happy to hear from you.....Your teeth look like they are on track and aligning beautifully..
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Welcome back and I hope you are having a uneventful pregnancy. Your teeth look beautiful. This is my 14th tray and now my bottom teeth are shifting. Getting so close..just clear sailing till the end. Good luck to you and of course stay in touch!
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