Turkey Neck Fixed

I am very happy with my results. I'm 57 so didn't...

I am very happy with my results. I'm 57 so didn't need much done, but I believe it's better to get this procedure earlier rather than later so that the changes aren't too drastic. I have gotten lots of compliments, but I think this procedure mostly makes me look better and refreshed and people don't know why. For that, I'm happy!

Thanks for the info. Your scars must be minimal if your hair is short they can be seen? Or does your hair cover? Was there much discomfort during the procedure? A week is not too long to have to hide inside!
My hair is short - cut around my ears, etc. My scars are fading and barely show, but I do apply makeup just in case. My worst day from the whole procedure was the 2nd day. After that, I got better each day.
The second day after any surgery is always the worst.
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I got the results I wanted with just a few days of being pretty uncomfortable. I ventured out in public in less than a week. Stitches still showed plus the swelling, but the black and blue went to my chest rather than staying in the face/neck area.

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