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I am 19 years old and have been suffering from...

I am 19 years old and have been suffering from severe hyperhidrosis for the past 7 years. I have tried all of the over the counter products and the special deodorants, even being prescribed special topical ointments, but nothing was stopping the amount of sweat I was producing. I always kept another shirt in my bag because I knew I would have to change my clothes after sitting in an air conditioned room watching T.V...that's how bad it was. My closet all throughout middle school and high school was limited to black and white, because those were the easiest colors to mask the stains---and white shirts would go quicker than the black ones because of the nasty yellow stains that would develop after only a few wears. Shopping for a prom dress was a nightmare because I needed to find a cut of dress that wouldn't be in my sweats way as it would run down my arm just when putting my makeup on. I didn't talk about my problem because I just thought people would associate me with being fat and disgusting, and out of shape--therefore I sweat profusely to show my lack of cleanliness and fitness. After sharing my story I hope to encourage others to speak up about their problem with hyperhidrosis, and hopefully contact a doctor who supplies MiraDry, it is the best investment you can make. I had my first procedure about 5 days ago, and it has been worth it and I cannot wait for my second treatment three months from now. I haven't had a bead of sweat come from my underarm area, and I can't believe what a self-confidence booster that is even after only 5 days! I start nursing school in a few months, and I can't wait to proudly raise my hand in my light blue scrubs and not have to worry about my fellow students staring at the hellacious amount of sweat that has seeped through my scrubs. I will wake up every day and thank the creators, the representatives, the nurses, and the doctor I worked with who changed my life forever by introducing me to MiraDry.

The procedure itself wasn't bad at all. I had extra injections of the numbing medicine because I didn't numb up as quickly as they thought I would. And then I sat back and let the machine do its job. I had one or two uncomfortable bouts of the MiraDry machine, but it is only a few seconds, so in my head I knew it was worth it! Great product! All I can say is ICE ICE ICE ICE ICE ICE ICE your pits!---it will help in the long run!

Hello!- I just went for my second MiraDry...

Hello!- I just went for my second MiraDry treatment yesterday (09-07-12) and it went very smooth! I upgraded to a level 3, and everything went as planned. Prior to my second treatment, I would say my underarm sweating decreased about 85-90%. It was amazing. It still amazes me of how something that I have dealt with my whole life is fixed thanks to advanced medicine!

The routine of the procedure was the same, about 50 injections to numb the area after template was placed on my arm. Then KY Jelly rubbed on and then the MiraDry machine. It felt like it went a lot quicker than the first time. I did not swell as much as I did the first time, but I am still swollen. Not painful, just uncomfortable. Contact if you have any questions! I will try to post some treatment 2 pictures!

Thank you~!

~2 years later and....

I am completely thrilled with my results. My hyperhidrosis is essentially cured! I only sweat when a normal person sweats, ie working out, really hot outside but it doesn't even go through my shirts. I hope everyone had success with this!
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If you have the opportunity to make your appointment with Dr. Brueck, jump at it. Dr. Brueck and his staff were so compassionate and his nurses stood by my side throughout the entire procedure and kept making sure I was at ease and comfortable. They talked to me about my problem, and you could see it in their faces that they were excited to be a part of my story, and excited to be a part of the team that was going to change my life forever. After my procedure, Dr. Brueck personally called me to see how I was doing and if I was to have any questions that I was to call him directly. Dr. Brueck and his staff are extremely personable and it was clear that each one of them loved their jobs. 5 stars all around!

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Can we get an update on your results.... Im considering this and would lilke to know if it ever wears off Thanks
I had the procedure done last July and last October and so far, so good!!! It has changed my life for something I suffered with for 25 years!!! I can wear clothing I could never wear before and feel confident about it!! The only thing I have found is that I feel like I sweat other places more, i.e. face/neck/head, and bra line, although that may be something that comes with getting older!! Overall, I am extremely pleased and am still baffled that it worked and continues to still be working!! Best money ever spent!!!
@babsinmichigan - I haven't had problems with sweating elsewhere but I must say I love the product and am so happy with results!
Absolutely. Results are still fantastic- loving every minute of it! No sweating, and no compensation sweating either :)

Dear LTretolo, I'm 17, and I have been dealing with excessive underarm sweating since the age of 12. I always assumed it was normal until I was teased and could no longer wear any color T-shirt without having on a jacket over it, even in the summer. Sometimes I'd even sweat through the jackets, depending on what material they were made of. My dad is a very skeptical man, and when I've brought up this issue with him in the past he's simply told me that if I was fitter I wouldn't sweat so much. (I'm 5'9" and 135 lbs, not exactly out of shape...) It got to the point that I'd spend what little money I had to my name secretly buying all kinds of clinical strength antiperspirants, and none of them have worked. I'm turning 18 in August, have found a doctor near me who does the procedure, and I plan on saving up until then so I can have miradry done as soon as I'm legally old enough. Reading your story inspired me. I thought I was the only younger person dealing with this condition and all of the anxiety and stress that comes with it. I know it's months away, but I hope you'll wish me luck with my procedure. I've never been more sure of anything in my life.

@Nellbell17 - I am SO sorry for not seeing this sooner, I feel like a jerk! I absolutely support your decision 100% and wish you the best of luck with your procedure. I cannot wait to hear about your story. :)
@scrappy37, things are going GREAT! I am sweat free, and really couldn't be happier. I have started school, and wear blue uniforms and prior to miraDry, I would not have been able to wear them and keep them dry...thankfully though, they are dry as a bone after class. I think it is important for everyone to know that depending on how long you have dealt with hyperhidrosis, there could be what I call the psychological side of the disorder. Granted I have had the procedure and am not sweating, I still find my self subconsciously checking my under arms for wetness, and I am still hesitant about buying clothes that I would have never worn prior to being treated. It is a learning process, and everything heals with time, so that will go away soon I am sure. But other than that silly point, everything is wonderful, and I really couldn't be any happier with my results! :)
Well I wouldn't mind have the psychological issue! lol It would be nice to wear anything that fits and any color or material. Cotton and satin is my foe, and button up shirts are the worst! Not sure when I will do it, but I am glad it is available and working for everyone! Yay! Right now, the only thing I have to help with it is Certain-Dri. Ever try that before?
Yes, I literally have tried everything. I have been on all the topical a out there (for both women and men, lol) rx drugs, etc. I did not dive into Botox bc of $$ and not loving the time frame of effectiveness. (I was told 3-8 months). I hope certain-dry is doing more for you than it did me!
Certain-Dri helps, but only if I put it on right- like at night, keep my arms up, let it air dry, etc. Maybe I am lucky that it has helped to any degree. I agree about the botox, too expensive for the duration. I think I was quoted $1,000 for 3 months. Seriously??? I'll use my Certain-Dri. I looked at the surgery, but that looks a little scary, so I am glad just about everyone says this is working. I'd be happy if it reduced it by 50%, ecstatic for 80%, and hopefully it will also be good for the rest of our lives. Once I can afford it, I am def. going to go for it!
Yes! It is worth every penny. Let us know how it goes! You're so lucky certain-dry works! :) the surgery is scary, I looked at that option out of desperation haha. Good luck! :)
Last question- how long did they say its supposed to last?
I was told at least 80% - 90% permanent decrease. Which is nice. Lol
You may want to try Kiehl's deodorant. It comes in a tube like lotion and it is odorless and doesn't leave a residue. It dissolves into your skin like lotion. I have used it everywhere, my groin, back and face. It's amazing. I learned about it from other people on a hyperhidrosis website called It's a bit pricey, but I think it's absolutely worth it. When I put it on, I wash my hands because it's so drying. You can get it online at or Nordstrom. Try it, I think you will be pleasantly surprised. I have had the miradry procedure and have been sweat and odor free for months. I love it! But I do understand it's expensive for most people. Hopefully the price will come down as time passes. Best of luck to you.
So happy to hear of your success! How are things going at this point?
@EveCiotti, I would say as long as you have parental consent you should be able to have the procedure done. I don't see a doctor performing the procedure without it. Check into it though, I know I had to sign a waiver saying that I was at least 18 years of age. Good luck!

@Megan P, I still am having wonderful results. My arms believe it or not are still a little tender, but I guess it comes with the procedure. Nothing that would lead me to regret my decisions though!

I'm so glad to hear your second treatment went well!! Since you had pretty good dryness after your first treatment, are you noticing any changes, or are you still about 85-90% decreased (which seems great!)?

Hey guys I to have HH and was wondering if there was any way to get around the age requirement (parental consent??). I’ll be 16 in a few weeks and I’m sure some of you know how it is to be a teenage girl with HH. Please help. Thanks 
Thanks for such a lovely review. Your story sounds a lot like my life except my worst place I sweat is on my face which is super embarrassing. I take a prescription medicine to counter that aspect. Good luck in nursing school. Your life experience is going to make you an extraordinary, compassionate nurse.
Hi--not sure if ill get a response since this was from last June, but if you see this, can you please share the prescription medicine you use for your face? I too have that very issue!! Thank you!!
It's Oxybutynin CL 5 mg. Don't get the extended release, it doesn't work. It's basically the generic for ditropan. It does dry you up so it's important to stay well hydrated. Some people need eyedrops as well, but I don't. I have to take it as soon as I wake up on an empty stomach for it to work well. Then I typically take a 2nd dose midafternoon. My Doctor said I can take it at night, but I typically don't as I live in California and it's pretty cool here at night year round. Good luck - it saved my life. I can be in public without embarrassing facial sweating.

Thanks for commenting. The pictures are scary looking, and it is swelling, but pain was not associated with that believe it or not. Majority of the swelling came from the injections, not the MiraDry. I had 47 injections in one arm and around 50 in the other. I am due back the end of August for my second treatment --- I have not noticed ANY sweating and I have been at the gym working out and going to work...5 days out.
Will keep everyone updated!

Oh my gosh!! I have read about how swollen the underarms become, but holy cow!!! Thank you so much for posting those photos. I really think that will help a lot of people going in for the treatment to know what to expect. I think if that happened to me & I hadn't seen your pictures I would panic thinking something had gone wrong.

You story is so sweet & heartfelt. It made me feel so bad for you that you had to pick your prom dress out keeping the sweating in mind. I hope you found one that made you feel gorgeous & comfortable!!

So glad this is working well - please keep us updated if you need to have more treatments or if the sweating seems to stay reduced from here on out.