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My PS is awesome. I immediately felt at ease and...

My PS is awesome. I immediately felt at ease and comfortable from the moment I had my first consultation with him. He has an amazing talent and I'm so fortunate to have had him be my surgeon.

I forgot to tell everyone a little about my...

I forgot to tell everyone a little about my history. I am 25 years old and have two boys, one is 5 and one just turned a year old. =) Luckily I have an amazing husband who has completly stepped up to the plate and taken over the house for my recovery. My height is about 5'7 and I weighed before surgery 155lbs. Before photos and more after to come! =)

Photo Update

Finally here are my before surgery pictures....

Finally here are my before surgery pictures. Hopefully these can help other women who are considering these procedures. =)

I can't figure out how to add my surgeons name...

I can't figure out how to add my surgeons name to my profile but it is Dr. Ralph Garramone of Fort Myers, Fl. Not only is he a fantastic surgeon but he is a wonderful person as well. While in the waiting room you can view photos of children with disfiguring birth defects in impoverished countries which he operated on from the kindness of his heart, which yielded dramatic life changing results for these children. I highly recommend him to everyone considering plastic surgery in Southwest Florida.

I will be 8 weeks post op in two days and today my...

I will be 8 weeks post op in two days and today my hubby and I went shopping! I tell you what, I am now VIP at Victoria's Secret! I also bought my first pair of new jeans in 2 years! I'm super excited, and shopping feels great. This past Saturday I took the kids to the beach and I wore a 2 piece bathing suit for the first time in 6 years! It felt great and I am so glad I did this. 4 more weeks and I get my official after pictures taken at my PS's. I will update them then. For anyone thinking about this, or in the early stages of recovery, everyday gets better and more exciting!

I posted my before and after surgery photos today....

I posted my before and after surgery photos today. I hope these help others that are now looking into these procedures. I'm so glad I did it. I started using mederma on my stretch marks this weekend. I have hopes that it will help them fade. I will take pictures in a month and two months so we can see if there is any difference. =)

So I have been working out pretty hard for the...

So I have been working out pretty hard for the past week. Got a new gym membership and am loving it! I will post some new pics next month to see if my lower half improves much.(Want to be nice and hard eventually) I feel like until I had this surgery I didn't even bother with working out because I knew I would never get the results I wanted until now. If you're thinking about doing this just do it! ;)
Fort Myers Plastic Surgeon

After seeing his before and after photos of previous patients, and actual staff members showing me their results as well, I felt fully confident in my decision to choose him as my surgeon.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
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You have my wish boobs, oh my gosh ;)
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Holy Hot Mama!!! Your results are amazing. Congrats on your results both from the surgery and your subsequent work outs.
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Hi Faith congrats on your results you look FABULOUS as well!!!! I was reading you were kind of discouraged about the scar? I started using Mederma scar gel last week and I am NOT KIDDING I already have seen an improvement! My scar looks thinner and paler.. it's crazy! I'm sure it's far less expensive than those silicone sheets you are/were using as well. Give it a try, you have nothing to lose. ;) Congrats again, you look fab!
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You look great! Thanks for sharing and keeping us updated!
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Yeah, I second that. I even showed your pics to my husband last night. Hoping I turn out half that well!
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you honestly look perfect--I want to bring your picture with me to consults!~
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OMG! ;) Thank you so much! I seriously could cry.. you are all so sweet. I wish you the best of luck!
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Wow, you look amazing. Your results are just outstanding!
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Thank you so much!! I am super excited about it! I actually wore a bikini this summer for the first time in over 5 years... I must say it was pretty nice to feel my age. Good luck, when is your big day? =)
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Oh my lands you look amazing! Thanks for sharing your journey i only hope you have a before and after like yours I am 9 days po and feel a little hopeless at the moment~ All these stitches~ I had my legs done first with my tt and then my second surgery will be my BL/BA~ I just think you look like perfection!
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OMG you are one brave woman! From what I understand from reading your page, you had an incredible weight loss! That is so amazing.. and you are such a beautiful woman! I can't wait to see your transformation unfold. It does get better, I know this is a really hard time, and its nearly impossible to see the light at the end of the tunnel.. but I promise you, give it another two weeks, it's truly amazing how much your body recovers in just a couple of weeks. I know it's hard, but you will be so happy you did this in the end! Congratulations on going through with this, you so deserve it! ;)
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I think that helps. I'm a 34a/32b. Looking to go to 34c/32 d. Anything smaller than a C will require more padded bras. Want to get away from padding forever!
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Looks great! You're about my height & weight. I'm trying to figure out my implant size I want. Is saline smaller than silicone or is if the other way around?
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Hi, Thanks! As far as the sizing goes, I have no clue.. I love my breasts I am a 32ddd or a 34dd now after the 480cc, if that helps? Sometimes I wish they were a little bigger, but that might be ridiculous based on my bra size already! lol.. Could be hard to find bras that way?! Good luck, and as far as the sizing, I kinda just guessed what I wanted, seemed like I couldn't get anyone to just tell me how many cc's to get... haha
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You look Amazing I know you went with 480 but do you know if they were High Profile's or not? I think they look Fabulous I want mine to look like yours! My surgery is next week! thanks
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Hey there!! How are you?? Are you 10 weeks now?? Amazing how time flies!! So you did have swelling at 6 weeks? I am going to start measuring too! Just to see how many inches I loose :) For some reason I am swelling more now than earlier...I think it's because I am starting back with my workouts.
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Hey girl! I'm good! Thank god I'm back to normal now! lol.. Oh yes my swelling was the worst for me at 6 weeks... I still wake up flat and by late afternoon feel bloated, and I'm almost 12 weeks out! You will def be swollen when you resume your normal activities. It stinks, but is inevitable. I just looked at your pictures and you look completely amazing! I'm so happy for you. ;) Congrats on your new body girl.
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awww!! Thank you so much!! You are one of my most favorite afters! I remember seeing your pics thinking I hope I look half as good as her :)
Thanks for telling me that the swelling was bad at 6 least I know it's normal! I am thankful for spanx..they keep my tummy looking flat in clothes! Because when I take them off...oh my!! haha!
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Wow semperfirym your results are awesome! You look super FLAT!! Are you still having swelling? I noticed you said you don't wear a binder you wear some sort of compression garment? I am 7 weeks post op and feel if I am not wearing mine (just a spanx) that I am more swollen??
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Hi newme, I am 10 weeks post op now and yes I still feel swelling in the aftenoons.. I can feel my skin getting taut when it happens.. so wierd. ;) the swelling is NOTHING like it used to be, I will give you an example. I was so swollen at 6 weeks I measured my stomach to see just how swollen I was, and when I felt the swelling go down at about 8 weeks I remeasured and I had lost 4 inches of my waist! Start measuring yourself because it's pretty cool to actually see the measurements change. ;) I stopped wearing the binder at about 8 weeks for good, and I admit that at first it was so wierd, I felt naked.. i tried stopping wearing it at about 6 weeks but yes I felt more swollen without it for sure. It's unbelieveable two weeks makes such a huge difference. Hang in there cuz you won't have to wear those things forever! ;)
  • Reply there is light at the end of the tunnel! LOL..Gosh I can imagine not wearing a compression garment...seems to keep me in!! I am going to start measuring guess gotta go buy a real measuring tape because I went to do my measurments because I am starting my diet today (want to loose about 10 lbs) and I can't find my measuring tape from my sewing my 3 yr old hands me his "measuring tape" from his "home depot toy" tool set! Silly thing only goes up to 15" so...ya gotta buy a real!! How about ur scar!? How's that healing? Mine is RED RED but flat! Guess I just need some patience like I always tell the kidos!hehe
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Haha that's too cute.. I have two boys, love 'em to pieces! My scar is JUST now starting to not be so red, mine is super flat too! My surgeon had me wear mefix tape over it night and day for 3 months, but I started to develop irritated skin in some spots where the tape was recently, so last week I bought that silicone scar zone liquid tape stuff and have been using that. i swear since I started using that stuff my scar has gotten ALOT less red!
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Oh and by the way... You look AMAZING! I just looked at your pics.. You look great girl.. and I'm so jealous you fit into your jeans at 5 weeks! lol.. Took me 6, and at 10 wks I am just now feeling comfortable in them, before I didn't like the way they felt on my incision. Oh.. how time changes everything. ;)
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Thanks girl! Makes me feel better..having one of those sad..don't like my tummy days! Two boys to huh! What ages? Both of mine just had birthdays (when I was @3 weeks post op) but my youngest is now 3 and my oldest is now 7! what is the name of the stuff you got for the scars? My PS gave..well it was 70 bucks so not gave..but its a gel that forms a silicone sheet that I rub on 2 times a day! Doesn't help with the redness though! Girl you gotta post some updated pics! Lol...I wanna know what 10 weeks post op looks like!hehe..I took some today that I will post but its hard to take a pic of myself with only a camera touch screen phone!! I am a single mommy but when my sis comes this weekend I will have her take more!
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aww.. why? I haven't had any of those yet! lol.. I'm too excited with how much of an improvement it is! ;) Gotta think that way. My boys are 5 and 1. Yeah my PS metioned that stuff at my last appt but he said I didnt need it because my scar is already flat. This scarzone stuff from regular grocery stores is 25 bucks and it does the same thing, it's like a liquid that forms a thin sheet over the scar, like that new skin band aid stuff.. I swear it has lightened mine. I know, I know, I totally need new pics up.. I had befores up and I took them off because I when I googled tummy tuck my before picture was on the first page for images! lol.. I got all freaked out.. So I will make a before and after this weekend and hae them in one split picture. ;) Can't wait to see your updates! You look Fab!
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