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May 16, 2013 I have a son who is almost 5 and when...

May 16, 2013
I have a son who is almost 5 and when I got pregnant I thought I was given free reign to eat whatever I wanted and my body suffered terribly. I went from 145 to 188 at the time of delivery (I'm only 5'2''). I started to really exercise and be as healthy as possible. I go to the gym 5 or 6 days a week and I weight about 135 now. I love my new body except I don't want to show anyone due to severe stretch marks and loose skin on my tummy and saggy boobs from breast feeding. A lot of my friends and family do not agree with me having the surgery so this is kinda my outlet. They all tell me I look great, but of course with clothes on it hides a lot of my little blunders. I have been to my 1st consultation and after speaking with the doctor we have chosen to use textured silicone Implants above the muscle to fill in volume that was lost. I was always a D cup but after the baby I'm a C that has to wear a push-up D to fit all the skin in. So instead of having more scaring from a lift he is doing a small incision under the breast so it will be easily hidden, a tummy tuck, and liposuction of my love handles and under my butt. My procedure is scheduled for July 5th and I am nervous and excited. I really don't like to be in pain and narcotics make me very nauseous. But my doctor assured me it would be okay and he would also prescribe some anti-nausea medicine. I will post before pictures when I get closer to my surgery date so they are as accurate as possible. Thanks for reading.

I'm so glad you found us and posted your story. It can be a great outlet and way to get support and information from others who are going through the same journey. Also, awesome job on that weight loss! That is quite an accomplishment.

I hope you'll keep us updated throughout your transformation.

Congratulations! I'm scheduled for June 12th. I'm also 5'2 and having Lipo, Mini TT and Breast Aug. I have only told my mom, sister and that is it, No one else. I would rather not add stress with anyone being negative. Good luck.
Sounds like we are about the same height and close to weight! First of all, congrats on your weight loss! That is so fantastic but like you I was also left with saggy skin and boobs. It was great to lose the weight and I could hide it easily under my clothes but under was a mess! You are going to do great! Can't wait to see your before /after pics.

Day before surgery

It's the 4th of July and my surgery is tomorrow. I had a great visit with my surgeon last week that really put me at ease. I have prepared meals, took before pictures, bought cough drops ( bc a friend told me you can't cough with the tummy tuck bc it hurts so bad and it's hard to talk after being intubated). I'm really nervous about the pain, sleeping ( I usually sleep on my stomach), going to the bathroom, getting out of bed, and vomiting. I really don't do we'll with pain pills and they make me very sick. Praying all goes well and that I will be in a bikini in no time.
Good Luck with your surgery. You will be fine. I'm 5'2 and was 164lbs before my tt with lipo, and a ba- now I'm 136 at 3mo po. Please keep us posted. Again Good luck.

Day of surgery.

Woke up early this morning to go in. When I got there I was greeted by the doctor. I took a pregnancy test, then got changed and he came in with a sharpie to draw the lines. IV was started then I was wheeled back to the OR. The anastesiologist gave me a sedative followed by the mask and I was out. I woke up in the recovery room feeling great but tired.... My boobs were not painful but my stomach was stretched to its limit. I waited to fully wake up, about 45 minutes. They sat me up and I could feel every little movement in my stomach. They dressed me and helped me walk to the car. Told me not to close my eyes or I might get dizzy. The ride home was fine until the last 5 minutes where I was fighting to keep my eyes open, I just wanted to sleep.
My throat is very dry and raw. I found it impossible to get in bed so I settled for the couch recliner with pillows stacked. Using the bathroom is not too difficult, but getting up and back down is a real challenge. My fingers a swollen and tight but my doctor called to check on me and said that's normal due to the fluid injected for the lipo. My back is pretty swollen from lipo and I dont really know about anything else because its covered up. Will update more later.

Feeling sore

Feeling sore but able to walk a little easier... Kinda short of breath. My back hurts the worst (surprisingly). Yesterday was the worst as far as pain. I have to cough but it hurts so bad to. I go to the doctors tomorrow for my follow up. Don't know if this is TMI but I haven't had a BM yet and it's starting to hurt my stomach.
Are u taking any stool softeners or anything? I think it too about 4-5 days before I finally pooped! Ughhh I took a dolcolax and ate some prunes. I hope u he some relief soon (((hugs)))


I attempted to take a shower but as soon as we unzipped the girdle I got extremely dizzy,pale, and nauseas. I felt like I was going to throw up. So we quickly zipped me back up and got cold rags on my neck and head. I was able to undo my breast support and sponge bathe those bad boys. But I have this horrible mucus thing in my throat and my body keeps trying to cough and clear my throat. It's like I have no control over the cough. It hurts so bad that I had to go lay down and go to sleep because the cough took so much energy out of me and the dizzy spell I just had to go lay down. I don't know what to do about the cough... I tried cough drops and hot tea with honey. I don't know what else to do.
I'm also taking dolcolax. Lots of gas, but still no BM. It was the same after giving birth.. It took my 5 days to go to the bathroom. Thanks.

1st Follow up appt

Doc says everything is looking good. The drain will come out Thursday (yay!) I have been walking around a bit more but it's funny how my back hurts more than my surgery... Any ways this compression garment is making my skin itch like crazy. Not in too much pain unless I stand up too straight or lay down too flat. I am a little more tired just bc simple tasks take a lot more effort and time. I was able to make myself lunch and put the silverware away. Trying not to be too useless. Will post pics soon.
Im 2 weeks today and ive been strugling with those back pains alot hope you feel better soon!!
I had the exact same thing happen to me with the coughing. A lot of mucus came out too! I thought my insides where being ripped apart each time I coughed!!! I think it has to do with the tubes they put down our throats.. Owie! I too have had quite minimal pain thoughout the whole thing. I got dizzy once and broke into a major sweat the first time my binder came off,, and threw up once (ouch!!!!), but other that that, it's been a great recovery! I am so thankful! I'm 10 DPO, and it went by so fast!!! I spent just about every moment of everyday laying down on my back - resting!!! In my bed, Pillows stacked up against butt raising legs, and pillows under head (like a u shape) It's so important to rest and let the body focus on healing. It also keeps the swelling less as the fluids can disperse around to your backside rather pool in your tummy. Get up and do your walks to keep the blood from clotting, sit up to eat your small meals, get up to go potty, but focus most on rest and you will be surprised how your body will react! I know I surely am!!! My body has been a healing machine, and my swelling has been very little to none! Drink plenty of fluids, keeping lower carbs and sodium has helped me too. Exercising can come after the body is healed, and I'm not going to rush it.. Leg lifts and stretching works for now lol.. - of course until I get back to work lol- then ill be up and at it 10-15 hours again.. Moving alot more- but eventually getting back into exercise routines.. And, its Right around the corner... Poo! I've been liking this rest!! I've needed it for more than this physical healing lol! I'm happy you've made it to the flat side, and hope to see some great results soon!! Happy healing!!
You are just a day behing my recovery. How do you feel about your results wo far? are you excited?

Back pain

Felling better. Able to sit up in my own now. But I have horrible low back pain. No one else has mentioned this so I'm gonna have to attribute it to the fact that I already have low back issues and this just made them worse.

Feeling good

Finally feeling more myself. Have not had to take any pain meds anymore. Back still hurts a little but I was able to sleep in my bed last night which helped a lot. I am able to get myself in and out of bed. Walking is easier. Incisions on my belly look kinda gross espically my belly button. I have my 2nd follow up appt tomorrow morning and I can get my drain removed. Yay!
I think you will get amazing results : ) I can't wait to see pics!

Pic added 5 DPO

Drain is out

Drain came out today, along with the stitches from the liposuction incision. Next week the belly button stitches come out. Still have intense back pain and a little swelling around the belly. I put ice on it and my back it seemed to help a little. I stopped taking the pain pills and seem to get out of energy with the more walking I do but I'm trying to push myself to not just lay around. Doctor told me to buy silicone sheets for the scars. Has anyone used these with good results?

New pics. Plus update

Everything is healing well I was able to do a little ab exercising yesterday. Nothing crazy just kind some flexing and very small crunches. Able to have a unassisted shower now. My belly button is oozing a little discharge kinda like a white mucus, they said to use peroxide and let it air dry. Still swollen where the lipo was done and around the TT incision.
You look awesome! Congrats!
Congrats!!! your dr. did a great job on you! Your breast look AMAZING!!! in hoping for somewhat of the same outcome since i just to fill my deflated mommy breast. happy healing!
Looking great!!!! Very nice- and looks like you are already getting some drop n fluff. :). Yay!
Fort Myers Plastic Surgeon

He has been excellent, very professional, knowledgeable, understands what my goals are and has a good reputation from previous clients. I have a friend who went to him for breast and they look very nice and natural and I would have never know she had implants had she not told me.

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