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I was a bit surprised at the cost of the 6 Rxs I...

I was a bit surprised at the cost of the 6 Rxs I was told to buy, and this will be in addition to hotel room expenses for two nights.
As for the procedure, as well as having earlobes 'adjusted', I am very apprehensive though feel for the most part confident with surgeon and staff.
For success I am sure there will be other filler procedures needed after healing.
Hi Tantoes, I lived on the west coast of Fl. for 24 years and worked in Bonita Springs. May I ask you the name of your doctor?
I answered in a private message so wonder if you got it. I am not real techie here.
Hi Joanne, what a SMALL world it is... I lived in Ft Myers almost 35 years until I moved to Boynton Beach 4+ years ago. I still go back about 2x a year to stay on Ft Myers Beach which is the only thing I miss over there! Tantoes.... who is your PS? When I lived in Ft Myers I had my breast augmentation with Dr. Mandraccia who did a wonderful job but I just could not go thru with a face lift with him after seeing his main medical assistant who had the look that every woman does NOT want... So I waited until last December and all is wonderful.


Still getting ready, and the miscellaneous costs are at nearly $1,000 extra now. Not fun.
Most worrisome is that THREE times I have emailed the dr. As he TOLD me to do ( I am hearing impaired) and not one reply. I had three or four questions. Praying his surgical skills are better than his communication skills.
Very distressing....very. I will trek the 40 miles with my little dog and a few days clothes, sundries, and all of the Rxs and supplies outlined in the papers I was given.
Note: The office was put out that my bank's debit withdrawal limit caused them to have to break it down into three days. All they have contacted me about it getting paid. Sad.

Distraught but praying for the beat

Early the morning of Sept. 10th....and not a word from the doctor or his staff except about debit withdrawals. Being impatient with people with a handicap is not nice but still hoping for the best. At this point I would change surgeons from the worry I have been through as well as the miscellaneous expenses. BTW....the EKG and blood work that took 10 seconds is not $175,,, closer to $500.


That should read 'tantoes'
I sure hope you have heard from your doctor. Good luck to you!
Sorry! At this point you should be just waiting for the surgery day without worries :(
Sadly so. He was the third I had tried to evaluate and see his thoughts on what would be best. My clues should have been when I asked if ten year old photos of my face would help and he blew me off very fast as if I had insulted him. Also he made the snarky off hand comment (I am a pretty well preserved 57) " This is not going to make you look 20 years old, you know'. I don't have the IQ of a jelly bean, but he must have assumed it. Be sure if I have bad results, more condescending remarks, etc., his name will be here in caps.

What I was NOT told by the dr. or nurses

Since I was told much of nothing, could not see or hear either (no glasses, hearing aids or a MIRROR) I have used common sense such as turning body and not neck and head. Most of all, even if you had better pre and post op instructions than I had it would be good to check out the following and google around from there. http://www.shahfacialplastics.com/patient-surgery-instructions.html

Hope this helps those who were rushed through as I was. Lots to read and videos for at least facelift post op care and I assume for other cosmetic and needed procedures.
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