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Well I decided to take my 34H to a C I;m 5;7 144...

well I decided to take my 34H to a C I;m 5;7 144 lbs and I Have dense lumpy breast.
so we are cutting out the bottom half and give a lift , Well very nervous it looks like the pain will be unbearable as I don't take narcotics so not sure yet what to take , a lot of PRAYER , and the feeling that my lovely boobs are gone hasn't been easy , and the idea of not wanting anyone to ever see the scars ,

set apt for sept

just set my reduction apt for Sept. 6. 2013/ I've been watching a lot of video's and ouch, does anyone know how bad is the pain and avg, it last. I'm one who can't take pain pills , so alieve only. and i'm due back to work 2 weeks after surgery pushing a broom mopping ,


well just got the orders to go get lab work done wow 200 for blood test uggg,,, 5weeks and counting


well it's 3 weeks to go just stopped all my vitamin's per dr. and he suggested I start to rub the Vitamin K on the surgery spots so it will help reduce bruising , so I start that Sunday. doc said I should be fine with just Tylenol so I have to go get that I'm still undecided between a full B or a C with my body size being big structured I am a 34g now so anything is smaller LOL . my dr. is so caring he has already called me to let me know if I have anymore questions to not to hesitate to call him .


WELL 2 weeks to go all meds and vitamin's stopped. I can only take my lifevantage, my Dr. approves, helps keep the swelling down and less bleeding my Dr. said it cheaper to use white wash clothes so washed them up in bleach put in bag. great idea for all I'm getting ready to get this done , I'm so excited my best friend will be here in a week to help me ,


WELL its the big day, so pics I take. and no food or drink after 6m . I'm excited and nervous a lot of prayer, today went to mass this morning , and my priest has already called me to check in , see if im ok . I picked up my pain pills just incase I need them .


WELL just eating some light carbs pain is ok I have only had 1 reg Tylenol fri and today , I also had lipo that's what hurts the most the back flanks the breast feel ok, however calling my dr to see when I change my gauge, he called last night to check on me (I was asleep) well he brought me to a full B however time will tell . I will post pics later, I want to say I didn't need to go get a script , the power of prayer and healing oil has been the best medicine so far for me. my church is bringing me communion Sunday and my priest is coming over to check on me this week he has already called . IF U HAVE LOWER lipo , and have to ware the girdle with the hole put a cup paper 32oz size works good up to it you pee a lot better standing up . then trying to go up and down ,

2 days out ,

well a lot of sleep still look like a truck ran me over , bloated look like I did before all the lipo. however the breast are a lot smaller the pain not bad reg Tylenol so far , and up walking around house to get rid of gas, no BM yet and that's ok . and the cup is working out great . I go to Dr. Monday for 1st post opp and bandage change ,


took off bandages and now using sterile wash cloths my dr. said cheaper then gauge, so those are on . stiches off Monday


Well got out for an hr. today got a new ZIP SPORT BRA fro HANES store . was out for an hr. had a Godiva shake, and home , feeling better Dr. said I will peek swelling Thurs or Fri , UGGGGGG , boobs are doing good, and my thighs and abs are still bruised and sore from Lipo . however all is well. I cant wait till I can just move around , I go back to work the 22nd so I'm enjoying my time off ,

1 week . post opp.

well my boobs are so BIGGG and swelling , Dr. told me i'd peek today boy I did , had a hard time getting sport bra on , after changing my wash cloths . I hope ya all try the wash cloths a lot cheaper and easier 1 covers both breast and don't stick ,

wash cloths to use as bandages

get a pack of thin white wash cloths , wash and bleach them I stored in big zip lock baggy till I use so much easier no sticking 1 goes across the whole breast a lot easier when your all swelling , and oh I use 1 bar towel for breast and 2 thin whites , so while so I alternate , between the 2 different sizes


back to work this weekend slowly went well little seepage, the rt boob started to drop. a lot bigger then lt. boob it will even out in long run.


WOO HOO the rest of my stiches go out today , I have to say that's the most uncomfortable there is. OUCH!!! I have been very grateful for the power of prayer with Lipo, and breast done no pain meds needed I did take reg, Tylenol and MY Dr. and his Nurse are the best, going over everything , even though I have asked the same question twice before, and I have more today , and using the washcloths and bar towels saved a lot of money on gauge and tape and it just falls off not untape, and how nice just 1 cloth across my breast, lol that's a change, I cant wait till I see some lipo results, I do in my abs not hips or thighs yet ,


week 4 boobs

woohoo a month has passed already , hard to believe , only 3 more to go before I really start to see results , boy my rt nipple starting to get its feeling back ouch, feels like stabbing some days dr said its ok , that's good ,


well another week some days I feel like I didn't go down in size im so swelling lol I know I did, some days the rt nipple feels like someone is sewing it , I started my lymphatic massage this week that was nice

my before bra and my new bra

still swelling this fits so I may go down a little bit
Dr. Brueck

there are no words that can say how I feel . Dr. B is beyond the best , the care and time he spends with you , He has been touched by God hands , he gave me money saving tips to use wash cloths not gauge, awesome , ideas and his work says it all . I recommend him to everyone , he is truly in my daily prayers,

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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Ouch, I know what you mean about the nipple pain. To all those gals out there who are afraid they will lose sensitivity after the procedure, not to worry. The last few days, every time a cool breeze blows or I feel a chill, my gosh, the nipples erectus - ouch! But it's a good ouch.
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You are looking good and healing so well!! Thank you for updating your healing process! Can't wait for all of us to be at 3 or 4 or 5 month Post Op!! LOL!
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Wow, it's amazing to see where the tattoo started and has ended up, because it really clarifies how big of a change it is! You look like you're healing well, and I find the washcloth idea very interesting. Congratulations!
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thank you
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Congrats girlie...you are on the other side...thank the Lord it all went well...you look great and you will feel so soon.
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And I hope you are doing ok! Please keep us posted. :)
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Ok love, I would not use washcloths, I think they would stick. My doc told me to use maxipads or pantiliners, and they work great, but if the cloths are working for you...
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no they don't there awesome get the thin white wash cloths they don't stick fit nice over all the breast , and sport bra , wash in bleach first then store in a baggy . before use ,
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Oh ok, I was just picturing terry cloth ones! Scared me!
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good luck tomorrow waitn to hear from u after ur surgery.prayn for u....
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Will be thinking of you tomorrow.
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Good luck tomorrow.
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You will do great! The Tylenol extra strength should cut some of the pain. The swelling was the worst part for me. At two weeks, provided no complications, you should be feeling a lot better. I would check with your doc about mopping though. You can't push/pull more than 5 pounds for several weeks. You don't want to hurt yourself in the healing process. Good luck, these three weeks will fly by! :)
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I am interested to follow you in your journey as my surgery is slated for the 26th and the breasts are similar in size! My PS had said that she would take me to a B cup though. Maybe it all depends on how much she needs to take out to meet the minimum for it to be covered by health care? I would be fine with a B or C, but would like to stay out of the rest of the alphabet if I can!
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Hi there I had my surgery two months ago - awoke in the recovery room about 3:00 and would have said my discomfort level was a 4 out of 10 - home by 3:45 and stopped taking the serious pain meds by midnight. The nurse who came by to take out my drains gave me very little notice so I didn't have pain meds for that and it was fine. Tylenol and Aleve were fine and to be perfectly honest I didn't take much of them either. Everyones pain tolerance is different but if you have made it this far in life without narcotics you probably won't really need them. No doubt about it - I was uncomfortable for sure but it was not agonizing by any stretch of the imagination.
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Hi there. I had my surgery a month ago and was taking pain medication as a precaution only, and not frequently - I didn't experience any pain at all. I think i could have done without pain medication. And I went back to work after a week :) You will be fine!
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Hi there! I'm rather new to this community, but the ladies who are on here are amazing! Very supportive and encouraging :) I have not had my reduction yet, but I have been doing so much research! It seems that people have very individual results, with pain, and scarring, and when they are ready to go back to work, or be active. I think that if you take all the proper precautions, you will do just fine. There are many reviews on here to check out, and maybe the results will help you make peace with your decision. I'm not too sure you'll feel up to pushing a mop after 2 weeks. Would you be allowed any more time off just in case? Best of luck to you!!!
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Welcome to the community.  I found that I did not have so much pain with my surgery.  Mine was more tightness from swelling and just super sore and tender.  Stay on top of the pain meds as prescribed and you will do well.

The scars will heal and are well concealed under the breasts.  Proper scar care and all will be fine.

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