Finally Have a Date! Removing implants with a lift!

Hi Ladies!!! Where do I start? I've read so many...

Hi Ladies!!! Where do I start? I've read so many of your reviews. I can't even begin to explain how much you all have helped me.
When I was a young 22, I decided that I needed implants to make my body more proportioned. I felt a bit insecure and thought implants were the fix. From about the month after my BA, I felt my breast were too large. I wanted to be a C cup but ended up a giant D. To start with a 34A and end up at a large D was pure shock. I cried and felt hopeless. I eventually adjusted and stopped thinking about it. I dressed to hide the giants instead of show them off. It has always been clear to my friends and family that I'm unhappy with the attention I get. So, now at almost 31 and a married/ mother of two, I've finally it's time to bid these fake and toxic bags good bye. I'm ready for natural me. I want to be able to run and play with my kids and not be in pain.
So, I've done months of research and I've decided on a doctor and a date! I couldn't be any more excited.
*Pre BA I was a 34A and now I'm a 34 full D. My implants are submuscular, Mentor high profile, 500cc's. For my 5'6 frame,122lbs, they're too big!

October can't get here soon enough!

The days can't go by fast enough! I'm so anxious to be implant free. I feel like a stalker on this site but reading all of these stories keeps me excited and optimistic.

My PS office mailed me the paperwork for my labs so that finally made this feel real and like the ball is rolling! I'm going to try and post pics in the next day or two.

New date possibly- ready to pay!

Hi Ladies! All right, well, I now have the funding in line and it appears I may be able to get the procedure done sooner than my Oct 27th date. I'm thinking about Oct 6th. All of the sudden, I am nervous! I was cool, calm and collected up until the idea of a sooner date and now funding is ready. I'm very excited but boy, these nerves!!! Also, how am I to tell my boss about needing the time off? My boss is a male and I'm not wanting to give too many details... How much notice should I give?

Nerves setting in already!!!

Happy Tuesday! Ok, well over the holiday weekend my nerves set in. The anesthesia is what is scaring me. I was told my procedure would be done under twilight sedation. I don't want any complications. Has anyone had their procedure done under twilight? Someone pllllease help me in calming my fears...

Pre-op reminder call

3 weeks to go and I'm very excited. I received my reminder call today that my pre- op is next week. That call made it just that much more real for me. I'm incredibly excited but anxious as well. The twilight sedation is worrying me. After hearing about Joan Rivers, my nerves got all shaken up. I just want to wake up and have NO issues with the twilight.

OH YEAH... I need good recommendations for zip up sports bras. PS said I will need to be in it for almost a month. How do I know what size? Once these implants are removed... I don't know what size I'll need to accommodate ?

I posted more pictures of my giant implants... I'm so over them and ready to get rid of them. What was I thinking?!?!?

Pre-op appointment today!

Today is my pre-op appointment. I'm very excited and feel like today's appointment will reassure me and calm my anxiety. I've printed pictures of what I consider my "preferred size". I'm having a lift so that's why I feel my pictures will help my doctor. I will write more after my appointment. I hope it goes well!

Had my pre-op

Well, next up is surgery! Pre-op went great this morning. Dr. Brueck couldn't be any nicer. He was very kind, straight forward and reassured me. I have all of my prescriptions to fill. I felt all of my anxiety fade away while I was there but as soon as I left, I was instantly paranoid of the twilight sedation. I wish like anything I would stop worrying.
Fort Myers Plastic Surgeon

I quite honestly met with doctor Brueck first. He and all of his staff were just amazing. I told him that I was tired of the back aches and had become rather self conscience of my implants. Dr. Brueck offered to down size my implants but I told him that after becoming a mother and meeting my husband, I'm comfortable with the natural me. I've grown up and I feel my health and setting a good example for my daughter is top priority. He was very supportive and said it would still look great without implants. Due to how large my implants are (500cc's), he said I may or may not need a lift. I'm thinking to be safe I should have a lift... ( have you guys had one with your explant?)

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I was nervous too even though I waited to have it done like a child waiting for Christmas Day! I had mine done under local, no sedation and it was about 40 minutes total. It was truly one of the easiest things I've ever done. I know everyone's experiences are different but I'm sure yours will go well too. Congrats on your decision to explant. You'll be thrilled when your done, and suprised at how good you look. Keep us posted! Very excited for you!
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*you're no your and surprised not suprised.
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its normal to have anxiety prior to your ex plant I did big time. Just keep thinking of why you wanted to get that done in the first place. once you get there it's over and done before you even think about it and then you feel so refreshed afterwards. Good luck girl keep us posted up until the day of the explant
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I was super nervous about anesthesia too. It was what kept me from getting them removed much sooner! I was excited to find out that I could have local with sedation which I found out from my surgeon is twilight. So should be easy!! I am with you. Can't wait to get these out!!
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Awww thank you! I had my pre- op today and I felt better after seeing the doc again. Now that I've left, I'm worried again. I'm very excited to get this things removed.
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You're going to do fine. I am having the same problems with nerves (as you know). You are going to be SO HAPPY when it's done!
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Aww thank you!!! It means a lot to me. We will keep each other sane! LoL
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You soo lucky to only have to go under twilight! That's a super light form of anesthesia. Should be very easy :) Also I'd just tell your boss your having some dental work? Or maybe that a certain close family member is going in for surgery that day, and you have agreed to be their care giver?
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Aww thanks so much! I guess now that I have kids, surgery is a bit more scary. I'm praying for an easy surgery. I think I will just tell him that I'm having an out patient procedure and will need the week off. I'm hoping he doesn't ask too many details.
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You are going to look amazing! Your figure is already great and soft, natural breasts will just complete your look. Congrats to you and keep us posted as you go!
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Hi there, I'm happy that you have found the site too!! I also felt like a stalker!! When I requested time off for work I just said that it was necessary "female" surgery. Most men don't like to talk about that so hopefully it would end the discussion of why. I don't believe it's any of their business why your requesting time though.
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Hi - all the best - I'm explanting 17 th sept 2014 & I can not wait to be a natural girl again - wishing you Lots of success xxxxxx
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I just had mine out 9 days ago after only having them 17 weeks. My dr. gave me an internal lift with the explant (because he wanted to make sure the lift he gave me with the implants held up) and honestly I look like I have teen breasts! SO excited! They look completely different and so much better than before implants!! BUT they are smaller than they were before, because with my implants, I also had a reduction on one side (because my left was always 1cup size bigger than my right). My dr. did tell me before hand that I would be pretty sore after the explant because of getting the internal lift, and I was. But now at day 9, I'm feeling great! Good luck!!!!
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Thanks so much for the feed back. I'm definitely getting a lift. I'm feeling very confident with my decision. I'm nervous over the pain but it will be worth it! Congrats on your amazing outcome! I'm thrilled for you.
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I've seen great results without lifts, your breast will contract back and a lift may cause more problems I would see how they healed first.
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I'm glad you found a supportive doctor and have started this journey back to the natural you. It sure sounds like you're ready for it. Please keep us posted!
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