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So I'm going to my breast implants very very soon....

So I'm going to my breast implants very very soon. My doctor decided to go under the muscle 450cc and 475cc. Ones slightly smaller than the other. Anyways I'm a little nervous.. But they should be awesome. He's work looks good, and he seems by confident about what he's doing. I'm looking for a D. I was a small C but lost weight and now I'm a deflated b.. Very sad. My boyfriend is very support about it. I'm 23 years old. 128 lbs. no kids. I think this will be great for my job as I'm a bartender. :) but I'm just afraid of the pain. Can anyone tell me anything I should know?


Welcome to RealSelf! When is your surgery?

You might want to check out this list of things to get before our surgery and this article by Walnut Creek called 10 Things I Wish I'd Known Before My Breast Augmentation. I hope this helps!

Please keep us updated on your progress.

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Congrats Yellowfishbluewater!! I was 23 when I got my first set of girlz.. It is life changing. Make sure you rest don't lift any thing to soon or exercise. But do try to get into shape now because you will need your stomach muscles to sit up and move around. 480cc is what I started with then went to 550cc 580cc it was to big my back killed me i wore them for about 8 years then I had a reduction.../ lift ... Then I missed the size and went bigger a couple of years later.. Now I have had an Implant leak last month and just got them removed Wednesday. 10 weeks before I put new ones in. Doctor recommends Gel and over the muscle. Dont go to big 450 is perfect... Good luck
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So I went back to the doctor Monday. The gave me...

So I went back to the doctor Monday. The gave me prescriptions, and some vitamins I should start taking. My friend went with me, and was playing with the implants.. I think she was having a good time.but besides that everything went well. I asked a bunch of questions and than they took before photos.. 5 days.. And coming soon

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So almost 24 hours ago I went for surgery . I felt...

So almost 24 hours ago I went for surgery . I felt very drugged, and a lot of pressure on my chest .besides that I didn't feel much pain . I could walk around ..I can't get out of bed to myself .. I think that's the only problem..I've been taking medicine ...I'm leaving ice packs on my chest .. my doctor said it would help. I'm posting pictures ...that's why I didn't take any before photos from my doctor took them for me .I'll post them as soon as I get them .. these are the after photos.


I'm not to bad. I get can out of bed by myself finally. There hurt a bit in the morning but nothing to crazy. Its hard for me to get use to sleeping on my back.. So uncomfortable... I got my stitches out yesterday and they taped me up again. The left was a little bigger but the my doctor said it was just fluid and my body will absorb it. They still sore he said because the implants were big. But everything going well. No one seems to really notice anything. Just looks like I got a push up bra..haha
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Oh man, I know what you mean about sleeping on your back!! I'm a side sleeper myself, so last night, I used my backrest pillow, and used one or two pillows to prop up on my side. It helped a little, but at least I was able to sleep some!
I'm worried about having to sleep on my back when the time comes too. I'm a stomache sleeper. I ordered a 10 inch wedge pillow but I'm thinking I may need a body pillow on either side of me just to keep me in place.

So far so good. It's been two weeks now.. Sleeping...

So far so good. It's been two weeks now.. Sleeping is still a pain.. But I'm slowing making it to my side.. Lol I went to Victoria's secret yesterday and brought two bras. I need something to wear to work when I bartend. They said no wire but I got a wire one, won't be using it yet and one wireless. They have this new awesome wireless bra which is in the picture above. U would never think it was wireless. And it makes my boobs look awesome.. They are still swollen a but, but I needed a bra. Im measuring a 34 DD right now and they was absolutely no way I'm fitting in a D.. Even when the swelling goes down, I don't see them fitting. But I'm pretty happy with them right now. Kind of hope they still this size. What sizes are you guys wearing now .. I'm 450 and 475 Ccs. Im happy there's like no pain and my boyfriend is finally touching them .. He was afraid for bit... only pain is in the morning for five mins.. But I'm good to go after that..


U look great! I'm excited and scared for mine
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I bet bra shopping just got a lot more fun! Thanks for keeping us updated.

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Wow! They look great!!
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