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Expecting to do this procedure Dec 16. I'm totally...

Expecting to do this procedure Dec 16. I'm totally thrilled as my doctor was my original doctor so I feel very comfortable with him.. My nerves aren't ticking yet but I'm more excited than scared. I weigh about 147.5. Gained 20 lb after my tummy tuck 5 years ago. Feeling excited.
I've got the rolls on my back from the bra down. My hips are wide as is, 41". Stomach 37.5". Waist 33".

Countdown 25 days..

It's seems so far away. Hopefully will come sooner than later.

Spanx ?

What's people wearing for garments.. .? Best reviews and feedback.

Hi there, welcome and thanks so much for sharing you experience with us!

Good luck for your procedure, it's not that far away now! I've put some links below to a couple of forum posts that talk about compressions garments, hopefully it will help answer your questions!

Compression Garment Forum 1

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Please do keep us updated with your progress!


Pre op today

Ok I thought if putting an update. Today I went. Went thru the picture taking process. Paid. And now just waiting. I had bladder surgery last Tuesday. Trooper indeed. I'm doing fine tho. I dropped off my prescriptions. Just to have gem ready. I got my spanx which they told me to wear after three weeks from the garment I get the day of surgery. I'm totally thrilled. Happy to say countdown less than 2 weeks.

Before pics pre op

The other view


Getting closer. Blood work today

Excited to get the blood work over and done with.

Countdown 4 days till surgery.

Just counting down my days till surgery. I'm excited. I need your support ladies. I'm getting nervous.

Update 1 day left.

Ready for this ? I'm not trying to think about it cuz I may get Quezy. Nervous but anxious .. Wondering what to have for dinner ?
Good luck tomorrow, try not to be nervous!

Time is here

On my way to the hospital. Pray for me y'all .. God bless.
To those having surgery today best of luck to you also.
Thank you I'm excited. On my way to the hospital. Keep you posted.

Operation day 1

Honestly I could not write yesterday .. That much pain..
I went in at 11 or 12 can't remember. Got out of recover around 6:30 pm
I'm in my white zippered compressed garment. I have spots of blood on my sides and inner legs. I can't even go to the bathroom alone. Need help getting up, almost like the tummy tuck 5 years ago.i feel better today tho . I'm forcing myself to get up to pee although I need help. Been eating light foods, graham crackers, saltines. No nauseating thank god. I had nauseau before and it's awful. My doctor was excellent. His office followed up, but I wasn't available probably sleeping but my hubby told me they called. I'm sleepy mostly. I did wake up a few times last night.

Motion stimulater legs chi machine?

Has anyone used this?


Butt hurts

Geez I can't stand sitting all day sleeping and peeing on a pan. My legs are sore and stiff. Anyone experience this?
Hey Hun, I just stop by to check on you and see how you are feeling. I know it seems like a ways away, but in just 1 week I feel a huge difference and I wanted to pass on that encouragement. Remember, you are a trooper…now you are just an even sexier trooper!! LOL hugs and feel well!
Thank you. What were you able to do after a week, I'm planning christmas dinner.
If your Christmas dinner is anything like ours then I honestly would not tackle that this year (and I love cooking/hosting holiday dinner)...Mainly because of the fatigue. While I can do a whole lot more than I could just a week ago, I still get tired faster than normal and I can't lift anything heavy even though my upper body seems to be healing the fastest. I was able to drive myself to my 1 week post op doctor visit. I was sore so I drove like a granny but I did it. I was mainly concerned with being off the meds before I drove. And since I am off the meds and my draining has stopped I felt fine. I can shower, take off and put on my garments without help. I can now prepare my own food. Not any major cooking but at least make my own plate and smoothies for the whole house of we want. ;) But I haven't actually cooked anything at all. I cannot stay on my feet for a long time. So I would be cautious with starting to cook a dish that may require you to stand a while and/or mix a heavy bowl of stuff. The longest time I have been out and about (just walking around and lunch with my nieces) was a total of 5 hours. I was going stir crazy and just wanted to get out of the house. We left home at 3p and I was home by 8p. I thought I was going to drop dead like I had been out all day. So take it easy and only do what you FEEL ok doing. No rush. It does get a little better every day.

Post day 2

Still in pain. Taking Meds. Mom lent me a walker and portAble toilet, what would I do without my mom.. Anyways that seems to help me take shorter steps.

First shower

Took off the cotton from the suctions and oh boy does it hurt. My stomach feels skinny but weird. Hard to explain.
yep…same here. I thought I was going to pass out from the shower. It literally took my breath away. Like someone had been chasing me around the shower or something. lol My doctor gave me two sets of garments so I already had one to put on when I got out of the shower but it didn't matter because it took a while just for me to get enough strength to try and put it on. I just sat there, then I laid there, then I said…OK. Guess I gotta do something or just lay here and drain all over the place. Not to mention I actually felt better IN the garment than without it on. So I wanted it back on. Weird???


Does massage help? I have so much bruises and my legs fall asleep on the couch.

Post day 3

All bruised up, as expected. My experience with my doctor has been phenomenal. I'm in post 3 days after and I'm good. Yes in pain. Sore, very bruised. All expected. I do feel like getting a massage only because I feel tight and sore and the doctor has okay it. I also am considering alternative compression garments. Just to alternate so I don't have the little bulges from sitting all day.
Yea. I felt the same. I felt naked without it on. It actually supports really good. I gotta tell you the bruises hurt like crazy. I expected it but still pain is pain. No hot shower or hot blanket helps. I wonder if ice will help?
I'm posting updates just catch up .. How are you doing?

Post day 4

I'm very constipated today .. To the point where I push and I feel it coming but won't come out. I already developed hemroids. Very anxious to have #2 done .. No progress and I'm taking the awful liquid my first doctor recommended. Any suggestions?

Post day 5

Ok I had an awful night. Too much constipation that it hurts. Nothing coming out, just gases. At first it's funny. But having gases for a 24 hour period isn't fun any more. I took a probiotic 2 pils this morning to see if it helps. I bought tea from whole foods called easy move. I've been taking lactulose solution in gulps of 2 tbsp only. Any help for those that have experienced this?
Did I mention ice works temporary for the bruise pain? It does. Pain still there but it alleviates it.
Yes and still am. Can't believe the day came and went. And I underwent two surgeries in a month time. Never the less I also had cool sculpting done to try it before deciding on surgery.

Day 6

Better today. Not sleeping all night tho. Trying not to miss the pain med. I'm taking flexeril 10mg. Muscle cramping and lortab for pain.
My legs hurt really bad tho. Is there any cream or ointment I can massage my legs with?

Bathroom issues

Since Friday I've had bad cramping to go #2 but nothing comes out. Finally ended up having hemroids from pushing. ???? yesterday finally I contacted my doctor (gosh he's the best) having colace, mineral oil, and milanta. Problem solved. This was absolutely the best advise ever.

Weight on scale daily habit. Not happy about the scale weight!

Funny I weighed 128 from my first surgery. I weigh 145-150 now. Bounce up or down I'm in that range. I had 4.1 liters out. Why do I weight 147? Shouldn't i weigh 9 pounds lighter if that 4.1 is converted to pounds 9 lb?

Day 5 pics post op

Still very bruised

Summary of before and up till today

Question? Has anyone tried Arnica cream for treating bruises?

Please answer
Yes, Ive been using arnica cream and tablets and it has worked wonders! All of my bruises have completely disappeared within 10 days
Wow ok. I just ordered it on amazon! Thanks!

1 week 1 day post op

Yesterday doing cleaning and shopping for christmas my knees are sore.they got fat. I almost felt like the balloon in tire kingdom lol!
I had to elevate my legs. Today I woke up and they are better.
Hope your recovery is nice and speedy :)

Post 1 week 2 days

I feel good today. Still burden with muscle leg pain when I sit mainly. When I stand too long my knees get super inflated puffy.cheated yesterday a little for dinner. No dessert tho I'm proud there. But I did have a spoon or two of everything. Cheesy mac, cheesy asparagus and green bean, and sweet potato. 6 layer dip and chips. Not too excessive but I had some. No liquor which I love to drink.

Elsa girdles rock!

I will update you with a picture ... Must say I got this in medium. I feel tucked in. Less bruises this morning 100% better. Wow. What a change in a day.
I ordered the cream. Thanks. I look forward to obtaining and using faith fully.

Post day 10

Feeling tired, itchy. Told the doctor I had elephant knees ... I exhausted myself between shopping and cooking.

Overdid myself

Guess I wasn't relaxing enough.
You look good! But i think your body was nice even before the procedure.
If you are done draining then schedule a lymphatic massage. It will hurt! Take a pain pill before you go. BUT it will loosen up your body, help with the circulation you need in your legs, and rub out that scar tissue.

2 weeks 2 days post op - stitches off

Feeling good. No pain killers for a few days now.
Really happy I got some nice comments yesterday at the party. I'm really in need of a restart for the new year eating clean and losing weight. I went for my 2 week appt - dr really says I'm doing good for two weeks. Posting pics now.
You are looking amazing! Thanks for sharing your journey.
You look great!!
I think u look great and are doing very well with your progress.

Week 3 feeling great!

I had a massage this weekend and a body scrub ( a little treat for me I purchased way before as a gift to me) I just have to say I feel amazing. I do need to educate my mine and body to eat clean. These holidays don't help and my pantry is full of sweets and not healthy eating. Need support in that area. I am using the elsa curve girdle and it's amazing. Keeps me on point. I highly recommend it. I'll post some pics now.

Question out there.. How long do you have to wear girdle? For those with the experience.

Need feedback
it says everything that you went back to Dr. R! I'm consulting with him now, hoping for MM early next year. Scared about traveling but after each review I get more confident. thanks for updating!
Thanks ! Checking in on you today.
Fort Lauderdale Plastic Surgeon

Revis is an amazing doctor. He's god send and a true caring doctor. He did my previous surgery as well. Right away he is confident about my outcome. Being a previous client helps indeed but I will tell you when I did have surgery with him the first time. Not only is he patient, he listens and he cares. He's a work of art in rebuilding bodies. Me going back to him says it all.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
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