Back to work and its all about swelling, swelling and some swelling

Where do I begin. Im 40yrs old, married, mother of...

Where do I begin. Im 40yrs old, married, mother of 2, a 23 and I9 yrs old. Ive been battling with my weight ever since I had my 2nd child. Ive gone up to 190lbs down to 130, im now 155. Needless to say I have fat loose skin everywhere. So I figured I'll start with a TT, flank lipo and muscle tightening. Im nervous about tomorrow but excited all the same. I am bkessed to have both. Reading everyone's reviews has been very helpful. Thank you all for sharing your stories. .

Ok so PO day 2..I can say that its worse than I...

Ok so PO day 2..I can say that its worse than I imagine. Trying to get up from either bed or recliner is very painful. I went to see my PS for my follow up. He said everything is looking good..he took 5lbs off, hopefully I can work on another 10lbs.

Ok so POD 3, still in pain, cant wait to get my...

Ok so POD 3, still in pain, cant wait to get my drains out. I havent been able to post pics..not sure why... maybe I need to do it thru my laptop instead of my phone. Ttyl

So... I had my 1 week PO appt... drain is out,...

So... I had my 1 week PO appt... drain is out, retapped scar, stomach still swollen so I cant really tell if im hapoy yet or not..I mean compared to how I started (need to figure out how to get pics up) I do look better but I cant tell how good I truly look. I guess time will tell, im just anxious plus my thighs are swollen so that doesnt help either...anyway

I want to find out from you all what CG do you all suggest is best. Im having a hard time gauging size to due all the swelling. Please help...thank you all for hearing me vent and for sharing your stories.

Ok so I bought a brazilian girdle which I need to...

Ok so I bought a brazilian girdle which I need to people to put on, it had snaps at the bottom which I couldn't reach to snap on and off to use the bathroom. Coukdnt take off on my own OMG it was terrible. It was a large which felt like it was a small. Ok so yea this is no bueno. I need a new CG, crotchless is possible...any suggestion on brands or any good websites??

Ok So wk 2, feeling better about things. Was able...

Ok So wk 2, feeling better about things. Was able to finally get a faja that FITS..I've lost 9 lbs since surgery, 3/11/13. Just anxious to see the end results not to mention I cant wait to get back to Kickboxing....I know Dr. saids to wait 4-6 weeks before resuming exercising but im not sure about Kickboxing, any thoughts on that my TT sisters?

Oh yea, so im back to work tomorrow...OMG, not...

oh yea, so im back to work tomorrow...OMG, not sure how thats going to go, I have a desk job, my days are anywhere from 10-13 hrs a day, since its my 1st day back since I had my surgery on 3/11 I will make sure to work just 8hrs but even then.............i dont know how I'll make out.. we'll we shall see

Ok so 1st day to work just didnt pan out the way I...

Ok so 1st day to work just didnt pan out the way I hoped for. I work in a office that requires me to sit at my desk anywhere from 8 to 13 hrs, yes, I do stand and walk around periodically. I habe to pick up files to work on tjar are extremely thick, needless to say I did not pick up any files today but every time I stood up to walk around the office I felt worse and worse, I was slower and slower and hunched over more and more, not to mention all eyes on me as if I was some sort of "show". Sooo I worked 8 hours called my husband on my way home and started crying as if the world was coming to an end....why I ask myself....besides being in pain I think I was more emotionally stresses because I thought I could do so much more and I just cant..I hate that feeling. I hate feeling helpless and just not myself!!! I know I know we have been warned and was told what to expect I just thought for some reason that I was exempt. Yea well thats not the case...Now I have to contact my job and tell them that im not quite ready to come back and hope to get something from the Dr to back me up to give to my boss....anyway ladies, im sorry to vent, it just wasnt a good day..

Ok so im taking a few more days off from work...

Ok so im taking a few more days off from work after yesterday's attempt. The issue im having is trying to understand why ar times I can walk straight and then a while later im hunched over like a little old lady. My body playing tricks on me?

I have a columbian CG but im thinking of getting a...

I have a columbian CG but im thinking of getting a spanx one. Seems like alot of girls get the spanx as their CG...theres so many different ones that im wondering what is everyone's preference....hope to get alot of feedback as im looking into getting one soon.
Happy Healing all..

Went to PS yesterday and all seems to be ok other...

Went to PS yesterday and all seems to be ok other than the constant swelling between my BB and scar area..I know patience is the key but gosh, feels like it just doesnt want to go away. The morning its puffy but by mid afternoon it looks like i have a kangaroo pouch...I really hope this is just swelling and not permanent..
Im going back to work on Monday the 8th, that'll be 4wks po exactly. I tried to go back at 2wks PO but after 1 day back, I had to take additional time off.
I've lost 10 lbs so far on a positive note.. Actually all is positive except for the pouch. Will start scar treatment this week, I have mederma and bio oil, not sure which one i should go with or both.. I have started putting and massaging with cocoa butter especially since my skin starting drying up. Im still in search of a good comfortable CG, I have a crothless columbian one from fajas by Diane but its so hard to get on and I havent been able to do #2 (excuse my french) with it on, not sure why, but i just can't so i need something to give me the compression that i need but also allow me to do what i need to do when nature calls.. Anyway my sista's if anyone has any tips on any of my complaints, please share.... If I had to do this all over again......I wouldnt think twice, I would do it over and over again..I know the recovery process is extensive and long but I have faith its going to be all worth it at the end of the day.
Happy Healing to all!!

So Monday was my 4wk PO and I also went back to...

So Monday was my 4wk PO and I also went back to work. So when I leave in the morning im pretty flat, some swelling but you can see my shape...when I get home from work after a 11hr day I look like im 3m pregnant. WTH. I have my CG on 24/7. I do sit at a desk all day but OMG. How can I avoid this from happening? I started drinking pineapple juice to see if it helps, I hope so because its very depressing...what if the swelling never goes away...I dont know what to think. I havent updated my 4wk PO pics, I will if and when my swelling goes away....has anyone experience this too?
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I had a tummy tuck in late January, my stomach still swells from time to time, remember to take it easy. These are major core muscles and it will take some time before they completely heal. I have not resumed my exercise routine yet because there is still pressure and some numbness. For your scars, ask your PO if you can try silicone treatment, it helped me tremendously. I didn't share my tummy tuck experience but my recent breast reduction I've been updated periodically. I still use heating pads here and there on my stomach and message the areas daily. Best of luck, before you know it you will be healed
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I know ur frustrated w is really a tough part of recovery for most of us. Some days u feel so flat and others ugh.....anyway Im 7 months post tt and Did have vaser lipo 4 weeks ago. Just stopped wearing cg during daytime but usually by early evening need to.put it on. I'm def seeing improvement in my trouble areas but being in cg again, swelling, pain all over again is not fun! I will post pics soon....
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Hi there! I feel ya in the swelling! So frustrating! I don't know if this will work for you but I had a lymphatic massage on thurs and my swelling has been way down since then!! I was amazed since I wasnt sure if it really works or just a false hope:) worth a shot and was at the very least relaxing! I have also been doing smoothies with lots of anti inflammatory foods etc in it like turmeric, pineapple, blueberries, parsley etc. don't know if that's your thing but it may help or at least feel healthy:) I am almost 4 wks po by the way. Good luck and hope we all deflate soon;)
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Hi Healthri. Ive thought about the lymphatic messages but Ive been giving myself massages to help my pocket with all the other expenses between buying over counter meds, CG's (3 to be exact, lol) etc. But I may have to bite the bullet and get one done. How often should we get it done? I actually have tried doing some smoothies with fruit so ill keep that up. Im pretty much open to anything at this point. I just want the swelling to just go away as im sure we all do..other than that im pretty happy so far. Good luck to you and your journey. Hope to see some pics soon.
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I know, everything is $$$ with this surgery:( hopefully it will be worth it in the end! I am thrilled so far ( except for swelling) so will just get better from here! I bought a cg on They had a good selection. Good luck!
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You look great! I went back on bromelain because even after 3 months i'm swelling still. Stay away from salt and doing to much. This is a long recovery but i have seen in person what people look like after a year and it is so worth it. Happy healing!
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I started with a crotchless Marena 2xl which was the most comfortable one and I can go 1 and 2 with it on!! Lol i'm ordering my smaller one this week. You look great!!! Your story sounds like mine, I thought I was also exempt! Lol girl was I wrong. Ima big wimp!! Happy healing to you!!
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I'be heard about Marena. I will see if theres any local retailers..I jaye ordering online, I've already returned 2 CG that I ordered online, no luck with that.. but thanks for the tip. I
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I use a Asset garment from Target..It hooks in the crotch and works well for me.. Congrats on the weight loss...keep up the happy healing
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Thanks Sara.. I will definitely look in Target, I have one walking distance from my house..thanks for the tip
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Ohhhh and just wear your cg until you are healed enough to be pulling up garments. I got one of those 6$ exercise belts from Walmart to wear over the binder. Or I wore it by itself with a t shirt underneath cause it's designed to make you sweat.
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Hiya... everyone heals different. It took me over 5 weeks to stand up. I went back to work in 6 weeks. I still wanted to hunch over even at 7+months I find myself hunching over. But look in the bright side you look great and it gets better everyday. So don't be too hard on yourself.
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I went with a really expensive version of spanx (design Veronique) and I'm glad I did. Super supportive, helps me have less pain.
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Thanks fxy. Im going to look into that one too. Hopefully I can find one that I feel comfortable in.. Happy healing
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i do the same type of job. i too am taking off 2 weeks i hope i will be able to go back to work, keep your head up GF . its will get better with time as they say
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Thank you so long flab for being so positive. One day at a time is all I can do. Happy healing
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Hi! I am supposed to go back to work 2 weeks post up but do not know if that is realistic!
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I guess it will all depond on what your doing at work..Good luck and happy healing.
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Hi may need a few more extra days everyone is different but it wouldnt hurt if you can take some extra time.
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I was gonna go back the 15 but am going to go back the 18th. I should be ready by then!
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Hope you feel better i am on day 2 of work had my surgrey on the 12th in the morning I am standing straight but when I sit like u the worst I get by 12 my head is on the floor thank god I have a small office an I told everybody that I had a Tt so I Am getting treated so good everyone is getting my copies my feet are up but it's not easy like u I read about the long recovery but in my head I thought I would feel better guess not dont push urself I am working part time to I get my strength back happy healing !!!!
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Thank you Apple. I will be waironf about another week or so bwfore attempting to go back to work. Happy healinf to you
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So sorry your first day back was not good... Call your PS they should give you a note for at least one more week...I would ask for 2 if you can swing it...
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Thanks Sara. I hope thats the case, ill go see him tomorrow and see what they have to say.
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Hope you first day back at work goes great!!
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